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Sanyo VW-SF10CA - Professional Air Purification System Brochure & Specs page 3

Professional use air purification system
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SANYO's electrolyzed water technology is already at work in swimming pool sterilization systems and in SANYO's zero-
detergent cycle washing machines. Now this same air washer plus technology has been used to create an air purification
system that is capable of using the 'power of water' to clean the air in large spaces where people gather. This sytem
removes airborne germs, bacteria and mold, as well as removes odors, smoke, VOC's, pollen and allergens caused by
tobacco and pets.
Quickly and powerfully purifies air in
spaces as large as 1050 sq.ft.
Controls airborne germs by circulating electrolyzed water through the
disinfectant element. Indoor air is then actively passed through the
element "washing" away airborne pathogens and other toxins.
Suppresses germs
room size
215 to1050 square feet
Clog-resistant honeycomb
Disinfectant element
Indicates the treated air volume.
One LED lights for each 10,600 cu.ft. of air
that has been purified. (Displays in 5 steps,
and returns to zero when the unit is turned
Sensors and variable airflow
controls prevent over-humidification.
Humidity control
Trap pollen and house dust.
Supplied pre-filter +
high-efficiency filter
The pre-filter works with the high-efficiency
filter to increase effectiveness against pollen
and to prevent clogging of the disinfectant
element by dust and other particles. A high-
performance micro-particle filter (purchased
separately) capable of trapping finer pollen
and dust particles is also available.
SANYO believes in a Think GAIA vision.
We set our sights on the invisible -
the air for the health of the children and
future generations.
More than 99%
reduction in germs after
a single passage through
the element.
Intake air
Purified air
Adjusts the airflow direction and
prevents dust intake.
Auto louver
The louver opens when the unit is turned on,
and closes when it is turned off, to prevent
dust from entering. When the airflow
direction is adjusted, the position is
automatically stored in memory. The louver
swings in a range of 0 to 23 degrees.
Simple and easy to use.
Control panel
Includes a child lock function to prevent
children from tampering with the system.
Allows about 10 hours of
continuous operation.
1.5 gallon water supply tank
The tank allows about 10 hours of use at the
standard airflow. A lamp lights and an alarm
sounds to indicate when the water needs to
be replenished.
Simplifies water drainage.
Automatic salt water dispenser
Provides a 6 month supply of salt water which is
automatically added in the electrolyzing process.
Disinfectant element method
Airborne germs are suppressed by
circulating air through an element
containing electrolyzed water.


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