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Selection Of Installation Place; Power Source; Outdoor Unit - Haier HSU-12CR03-Y Installation Manual

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Floor fixing dimensions
of the outdoor unit
Fixing of outdoor unit
Indoor Unit
Place, robust not causing vibration, where the body can be supported
Place, not affected by heat or steam generated in the vicinity, where
inlet and outlet of the unit are not disturbed.
Place, possible to drain easily, where piping can be connected with the

outdoor unit.

Place, where cold air can be spread in a room entirely.
Place, nearby a power receptacle, with enough space around. (Refer
to drawings).
Place where the distance of more than lm from televisions, radios,
wireless apparatuses and fluorescent lamps can be left.
In the case of fixing the remote controller on a wall, place where the
indoor unit can receive signals when the fluorescent lamps in the room
are lightened.
Before inserting power plug into receptacle, check the voltage without fail. The power source is the same as the corresponding name plate.
Install an exclusive branch circuit of the power.
A receptacle shall be set up in a distance where the power cable can be reached. Do not extend the cable by cutting it.
To this unit, both liquid and gas pipes shall be insulated
as they become Iow temperature in operation.
Use optional parts for piping set or pipes covered with
equivalent insulation material.
The thickness of the pipe must be 0.8 mm at least.
Fix the unit to concrete or block with bolts( 10mm) and nuts firmly and horizontally.
When fitting the unit to wall surface, roof or rooftop, fix a supporter surely with nails
or wires in consideration of earthquake and strong wind.
If vibration may affect the house, fix the unit by attaching a vibration-proof mat.

Selection of Installation Place

Power Source

Selection of pipe
Place, which is less affected by rain or direct sunlight and is
sufficiently ventilated.
Place, possible to bear the unit, where vibration and noise are
not increased.
Place, where discharged wind and noise do not cause a
nuisance to the neighbors.
Place, where a distance marked
in the above figure.
For 09
Liquid pipe(
Gas pipe(
Outdoor Unit
is available as illustrated
For 18



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