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Haier HSU-12CR03-Y Installation Manual page 8

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1.Power Source Installation
The power source must be exclusively used for air conditioner. (Over I0A)
In the case of installing an air conditioner in a moist place, please install an
earth leakage breaker.
For installation in other places, use a circuit breaker as far as possible.
2.Cutting and Flaring Work of Piping
Pipe cutting is carried out with a pipe cutter and burs must be removed.
After inserting the flare nut, flaring work is carried out.
Flare tooling die
3.On Drainage
Please install the drain hose so as to be downward slope without fail.
Please don't do the drainage as shown below.
It becomes high
Please pour water in the drain pan of the indoor unit, and confirm that drainage is
carried out surely to outdoor.
In case that the attached drain hose is in a room, please apply heat insulation
to it without fail.
Check for Installation and Test Run
Please kindly explain to our customers how to operate through the instruction manual.
Check Items for Test Run
Gas leak from pipe connecting?
Heat insulation of pipe connecting?
Are the connecting wirings of
indoor and outdoor firmly inserted
to the terminal block?
Is the connecting wiring of indoor
and outdoor firmly fixed?
Lean Damage of flare Crack
The end is immersed
It waves.
in water.
Put check mark
Is drainage securely carried out?
Is the earth line securely
Is the indoor unit securely fixed?
Is power source voltage abided
by the code?
Is there any noise?
Pipe diameter(
Liquid side
Gas side
Gas side
Less than 5cm
The gap with the ground
is too small
in boxes
Is the lamp normally lighting?
Are cooling and heating (when
in heat pump) performed normally?
Is the operation of room temperature
regulator normal?
) Size A(mm)
Too outside
There is the bad smell
from a ditch



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