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Frigidaire FAK104R1V - 10,000 BTU Slider Installation Instructions Manual

Slider casement air conditioner
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  • Page 3 Height measurement must be of a clear height opening above mounting platform. In some cases, 39 / inches due to a variety of stop and track arrangements, the maximum Height above dimensions may vary slightly. If necessary, installation can be made by alternating window jambs.
  • Page 4 Choose a window that allows the cooled air to flow freely and directly into room(s) you wish to cool. Remember, it is difficult to move air around corners. Also, choose a window that is within 6 feet of an electrical outlet. (See Meeting Electrical Requirements/Receptacle wiring needs.) Do not use an extension cord.
  • Page 5 4. Peel off protective backing from track seal. Apply Apply track seal to window side seal to room side of window track. Center of seal strip of track. should coincide with the line marked in Step 2. The two screw holes drilled in Step 3 should be directly above seal strip in the inner track.
  • Page 8 If the window cannot open far enough (more than 15-1/2 inches) for the cabinet to clear the window, remove the window entirely by drilling out the rivets. Bolts can serve as the pivots in the future. To avoid crank handle and window clearance problems, the unit can be installed in a stationary sash section.
  • Page 9 8. Clamp the plastic window panel between a subtract board and a work table, and cut along the cutting line 20 / inches. with a fine tooth saw. Remove any burrs with a file. 9. Fasten the side channels to the sides of the unit using three screws (Item 17) per channel.

Table of Contents