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HP A6795A Installation Manual

Fibre channel mass storage adapter
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A6795A Fibre Channel Mass Storage Adapter

Installation Guide

HP-UX Networking
Edition 3
Manufacturing Part Number: A6795-90006
Printed in the US
© Copyright 2004-2005 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.



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  Summary of Contents for HP A6795A

  • Page 1: Installation Guide

    A6795A Fibre Channel Mass Storage Adapter Installation Guide HP-UX Networking Edition 3 Manufacturing Part Number: A6795-90006 E0305 Printed in the US © Copyright 2004-2005 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
  • Page 2: Legal Notices

    The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Hewlett-Packard makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this manual, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Hewlett-Packard shall not be held liable for errors contained herein or direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this material.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    EMI Statement (European Community) ........
  • Page 4 Contents...
  • Page 5: Hp-Ux Installation

    “Interpreting Hardware Paths” Thank you for purchasing HP I/O Cards If you are installing an HP I/O card as an add-in device, please review this document before attempting installation. If this card was factory installed in your server, you can skip to the Verifying Installation section.
  • Page 6: Superdome Installation

    Verify the cabling requirements: — Cable map (optional) — A 50 micron fibre optic duplex M/M cable terminated with a SFF (small form factor) LC connector • Locate the part number and the Worldwide Name for each port on the Fibre Channel adapter and record them.
  • Page 7: Installing Driver Software

    13. Click the OK button on the Note window to reboot. The user interface disappears and the system reboots. 14. Once the system comes back up, log in as root and view the following files to see any error or warning messages that may have occurred during the installation: /var/adm/sw/swagent.log...
  • Page 8: Installing The Adapter Online

    HP-UX operating system support, to enable these features. OLAR or OL* may not be supported on the system you plan to install an A6795A adapter in. See the HP Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter Support Matrix, at, to confirm if OLAR or OL* is supported.
  • Page 9 In these servers, use PCI slots 5 through 12 for OLAR. CAUTION The optical port protector is used only to protect the adapter port when it is not in use. Do not use the protector as a diagnostic tool. To install the A6795A Adapter offline (all systems except Superdome): 1.
  • Page 10 HP-UX Installation Installing the Adapter Offline Figure 1-1 A6795A Dual Port Fibre Channel Adapter Chapter 1...
  • Page 11: Attach Other Devices

    1. Be sure you have removed the Fibre Channel host bus adapter’s optical port protector (if included). 2. Be sure you have attached a connector cable to the Fibre Channel host bus adapter. Align the slotted plug with the keyed connector. Push the connector in until you hear it click.
  • Page 12: Verifying Installation

    Channel Mass Storage Adapter 3. If the correct driver is installed, but the adapter does not show it in the ioscan output, the driver is not recognizing the adapter. Contact HP for assistance. NOTE If the td driver for an installed Tachyon adapter (A6795A) does not display, verify that the adapter is securely seated before taking additional action.
  • Page 13: Interpreting Hardware Paths

    HP-UX Installation Interpreting Hardware Paths 3. HP Fibre Channel Mass Storage installation is verified if the ioscan output lists all mass storage devices attached to the adapter. If any attached devices are not listed or appear as UNCLAIMED, see the Troubleshooting and Maintenance chapter of the HP Fibre Channel Adapters Support Guide.
  • Page 14 LUN addressing For LUNs with Logical Unit Addressing, the value is the Bus Number method used. field of the Logical Unit Number. For LUNs with Volume Set Addressing (Flat Space Addressing), the...
  • Page 15 N_Port ID. Direct Fabric Attach devices do not have an AL_PA and the least significant byte of their N_Port ID is usually 0. This is dependent on the switch implementation and not all switches adhere to this scheme.
  • Page 16 HP-UX Installation Interpreting Hardware Paths Chapter 1...
  • Page 17: Regulatory Information

    Canada Warning: This Class A digital apparatus meets all requirements of the Canadian Interference-Causing Equipment Regulations. Cet appareil numérique de la classe A respecte toutes les exigences du règlement sur le matériel brouilleur du Canada. EMI (Australia and New Zealand) This product meets the applicable requirements of the Australia and New Zealand EMC Framework.
  • Page 18: Vcci (Japan) (Pci Card Only)

    This equipment complies with the Class A category for information technology equipment based on the rules of Voluntary Control Council for Interference by Information Technology Equipment. When used in a residential area, radio interference may be caused. In this case, the user may be required to take appropriate corrective actions.
  • Page 19 There are no user serviceable parts nor any maintenance required for the optical transceiver. All adjustments are made at the factory before shipment to customers. Tampering with or any attempt to modify the optical transceiver will result in voided product warranty. It may also result in improper operation of the network card circuitry and possible overstress of the laser source.
  • Page 20: A6795A Declaration Of Conformity

    Regulatory Information A6795A Declaration of Conformity A6795A Declaration of Conformity Appendix A...