Cub Cadet 6284 Operator's Manual

Cub cadet compact tractor operator's manual 6000 series.
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Operator's Manual
MODEL 6284
: This unit is equipped with an internal combustion engine and should not be used on or near any unimproved
forest-covered, brush-covered or grass-covered land unless the engine's exhaust system is equipped with a spark
arrester meeting applicable local or state laws (if any). If a spark arrester is used, it should be maintained in effective
working order by the operator. In the State of California the above is required by law (Section 4442 of the California Public
Resources Code). Other states may have similar laws. Federal laws apply on federal lands. A spark arrester for the
muffler is available through your nearest engine authorized service dealer or contact the service department, P.O. Box
361131Cleveland, Ohio 44136-0019.
CUB CADET LLC P.O. BOX 361131 CLEVELAND, OHIO 44136-0019 []
FORM NO. 769-01158A

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  • Page 1

    Resources Code). Other states may have similar laws. Federal laws apply on federal lands. A spark arrester for the muffler is available through your nearest engine authorized service dealer or contact the service department, P.O. Box 361131Cleveland, Ohio 44136-0019. CUB CADET LLC P.O. BOX 361131 CLEVELAND, OHIO 44136-0019 [] PRINTED IN U.S.A. FORM NO. 769-01158A...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    The dealer has trained service personnel familiar with the latest servicing information, is equipped with the latest tools, and has a complete line of genuine Cub Cadet service parts which assure proper fit and high quality.

  • Page 3: Recording Model And Serial Number Information

    ROPS Information Plate: ROPS Serial No. TRACTOR MODEL PLATE XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX Model Number Mfg. Date CUB CADET LLC P. O. BOX 361131 CLEVELAND, OH 44136 DEALER LOCATOR PHONE NUMBER: 877-282-8684 Mfg. Date (Serial No.) Serial Number TRANSMISSION SERIAL PLATE...

  • Page 4: Important Safe Operation Practices


  • Page 5: Slope Operation, Operating The Pto

    • Maintain the weight balance of the tractor. Install front end weights to counterbalance heavy implements attached to the three point hitch. Do not operate the tractor with a light front end. • Any towed vehicle with a total weight exceeding that of the tractor should be equipped its own braking system that is operational from the tractor seat.

  • Page 6

    • To prevent injury, do not adjust, unclog, clean, or service PTO driven equipment while the tractor engine is running. • Make certain all PTO shields are always installed. 5. SAFETY FRAME (ROPS) Your tractor is equipped with a rollover protective structure (ROPS) which must be maintained in a fully functional condition.

  • Page 7: Safety Labels


  • Page 8

    SAFETY LABELS (Cont.) To avoid personal injury, keep PTO shield in place. Pull only from draw bar. pulling from any other point can cause rear overturn. Disengage PTO and stop engine before servicing tractor, or implements, or attaching or detaching implements. FAILURE TO FOLLOW ANY OF THE INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE CAN CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY TO THE OPERATOR, OR OTHER PERSONS.

  • Page 9: Section 1: Controls And Features

    SECTION 1: CONTROLS AND FEATURES FLOORBOARD AND DASH PANEL MOUNTED CONTROLS Steering Wheel PTO Switch Throttle Handle Ignition Switch Brake Pedal Forward/Reverse Pedal * Steering Wheel and Seat Phantomed For Clarity GLOW WATER PLUG TEMP. FUEL x1000 HOURS 1/10 Figure 1 Seat Adjustment Lever Differential Lock Pedal Parking Brake Lever...

  • Page 10

    NOTE: References to LEFT and RIGHT indicate that side of the tractor when facing forward while seated in the drivers seat. Reference to FRONT indicates the grille end of the tractor; to REAR, the drawbar end. A. Steering Wheel The steering wheel is centered on the dash panel. It is used to change the direction (left or right) of the tractor while driving.

  • Page 11

    H. Differential Lock Pedal Diff. Lock Pedal Symbol Figure 6 Located at the rear of the left floor board, the differential lock pedal engages the transmission differential lock. The differential lock is used to gain additional trac- tion when operating the tractor on wet or loose soil. When the pedal is depressed, the rear axle differ- ential is locked and the rear wheel cannot rotate independently of one another.

  • Page 12

    If the oil level is within the operating range, but the light remains on, contact your Cub Cadet dealer. NOTE: The oil pressure indicator will illuminate when the key switch is turned to the on position, but should turn off when the engine is started.

  • Page 13

    FENDER MOUNTED CONRTOLS AND FEATURES Fuel Fill Cap PTO Reverse Override Switch PTO Selection Lever Hydraulic Lift Lever Trans. Hi/Lo Shift Lever Cup Holder Hand Holds A. Fuel Fill Cap The fuel fill cap is located on the left fender beside the operator’s seat.

  • Page 14

    E. Transmission Hi/Lo Range Shift Lever The Hi/Lo range shift lever is located on the right fender. The lever has two speed range settings and a neutral position. The lever must be shifted into either the high or low range prior to depressing the forward/reverse pedal to drive the tractor.

  • Page 15: Section 2: Operation

    • In the event of an accident, have the ROPS carefully inspected and, if necessary, replaced by your Cub Cadet dealer. Do not attempt to repair the ROPS. FOLDING THE ROPS The foldable ROPS feature allows the operator to quickly lower the ROPS to operate in areas where there is low overhead clearance.

  • Page 16

    SAFETY INTERLOCK SYSTEM This tractor is equipped with a safety interlock system for the protection of the operator. If the interlock system should ever malfunction, do not operate the tractor. Contact your authorized Cub Cadet Dealer. The safety interlock system prevents the engine from cranking or starting unless the brake pedal is fully depressed, and the PTO is “OFF”.

  • Page 17

    Have the tractor inspected by your Cub Cadet dealer. COLD WEATHER STARTING Ensure that the correct viscosity grade of lubricating oil is used for the ambient temperature range in...

  • Page 18

    • Turn the ignition key to the “OFF” position and remove the key from the ignition switch. NOTE: Always remove the key from the ignition switch to prevent accidental starting or battery discharge if the equipment is left unattended. DRIVING THE TRACTOR WARNING: Avoid sudden starts, exces- sive speed and sudden stops.

  • Page 19

    BRAKE PEDAL PARKING BRAKE LEVER Figure 15 WARNING: The forward/reverse pedal will not operate when the parking brake is engaged. Do not attempt to force the pedal when the parking brake is engaged; this could cause premature wear or damage to the drive linkage. USING THE HI/LO RANGE SHIFT LEVER WARNING: tractor...

  • Page 20

    USING THE HYDRAULIC LIFT LEVER The hydraulic lift system provides power for raising and positioning three point hitch and belly mounted equipment. The system’s position control feature maintains the selected height or depth of the equipment. When the hydraulic lift lever is moved to a higher or lower setting, the system repositions the equipment and maintains that selected position.

  • Page 21

    THROTTLE HANDLE Figure 20 • Push the bottom of the switch downward to disengage the PTO. IMPORTANT : Normally the PTO will not operate when the tractor is driven in the reverse direction. The PTO reverse override switch must be depressed to operate the PTO while traveling in reverse.

  • Page 22

    The male and female hydraulic couplers, located beneath the right running board, are marked with color coded washers that should match the color coded hydraulic lines of Cub Cadet equipment. See Figure 23. IMPORTANT: If color coding is not present, note...

  • Page 23

    Front Weights To counterbalance three point hitch mounted equipment, a weight bracket/bumper kit and cast iron weights are available from your Cub Cadet dealer. When mounting optional Cub Cadet equipment on the rear of the tractor, such as a rotary tiller, rotary...

  • Page 24: Section 3: Adjustments

    SECTION 3: ADJUSTMENTS ADJUSTING THE SEAT For the comfort of the operator, a single lever adjustable seat is provided to set the fore to aft position of the seat. Adjust the seat to the most comfortable position that allows you to operate all controls and pedals.

  • Page 25

    • The length of the upper hitch link is normally determined by the design of each implement. To adjust the upper hitch link, loosen the lock- ing lever and turn the adjustment tube as shown in Figure 28. After the appropriate length is attained, tighten the locking lever.

  • Page 26

    Because of the precise nature of the feedback rod adjustment, it is recommended that any adjustment be per- formed by a qualified mechanic at your Cub Cadet dealer. If a high pitched squeal continues to emit from the...

  • Page 27: Lubrication Table

    CF-4 w/Filter 22°Fto122°F Hydraulic Transmission Fluid Approx. 26 Qts. (6.5 Gal.) Approx. Use Cub Cadet Gear Lube 82 Oz. (2.5 Qts.) Needed 737-3034 (14.5 Oz. Cartridge) Use High Quality Permanent Type Antifreeze Approx. (Ethylene Glycol with corrosion and rust 5.3 Qts.

  • Page 28


  • Page 29: Lubrication And Maintenance Chart

    LUBRICATION AND MAINTENANCE CHART Ref. Operation to be Performed Check Engine Oil Level Check and Clean Air Cleaner Check Engine Coolant Level Check and Clean Radiator Screen and Oil Cooler Fins Change Engine Oil and Replace Oil Filter Retorque Front and Rear Wheel Bolts Check Transmission Oil Level Replace Hydraulic and...

  • Page 30

    ACCESSING THE ENGINE COMPARTMENT WARNING: If the tractor has been recently operated, engine surfaces (including the radiator) will be HOT. Allow the engine to cool before open- ing the hood, or use extreme caution to avoid burns when the hood is open. To raise the hood, locate the latch release lever in the hood notch at the front of the tractor.

  • Page 31

    BATTERY REMOVAL WARNING: Battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds. Wash hands after handling. The battery is located at the front of the tractor beneath the hood, just forward of the radiator. To remove the battery: •...

  • Page 32

    If the electrical system does not func- tion, check for blown fuses. See Figure 39 If you have a recurring problem with blown fuses, have the tractor’s electrical system checked by your Cub Cadet dealer. HOUSING HAZZARD SOCKET HAZZARD...

  • Page 33

    Checking/Replacing Fuses The main fuse in the tractor wire harness protects the tractor’s entire electrical system. A blown main fuse will prevent battery current from passing though the harness. If all the tractor’s electrical functions are disable, check the main fuse. The timer fuse protects the glow plug timer from amperage spikes.

  • Page 34

    TAPE on the dipstick (See Figure 44). WIRE • If the oil level is low, add Cub Cadet hydraulic HARNESS oil. Loosely position a funnel in the fill hole so that there is enough clearance around the fun- nel to allow the transmission to vent while the oil is poured into the transmission.

  • Page 35

    SYSTEM transmission. FILTER (723-0405) NOTE: Always use Cub Cadet hydraulic oil and filters to ensure correct formulation and filtering capacity. Substitute oils and/or filters could affect performance and may cause damage to the transmission.

  • Page 36

    (See Figure 46). • If the oil level is low, add only enough Cub Cadet Gear Lube to bring the level to the full mark on the dipstick. NEVER overfill the axle housing.

  • Page 37

    Reinstall the drain plug after draining the oil. See Figure 48. FRONT AXLE • Fill the axle with Cub Cadet Gear Lube until the oil level reaches the full mark on the dipstick. Do not over fill the axle housing. FILL PLUG •...

  • Page 38

    Cub Cadet 251H EP grease. LUBRICATION OF FWD DRIVE SHAFT Lubricate both ends of the FWD drive shaft with Cub Cadet 251H EP grease after every 50 hours of operation. The FWD drive shaft can be accessed from beneath the tractor.

  • Page 39

    • DO NOT place any part of your body beneath the tractor or start the tractor engine while the tractor is raised off the ground with a jack. TIRE INFLATION CHART Tread Position Type Tire Size Front Turf 23 x 9.5-12 Rear Turf 31 x 12-15...

  • Page 40

    SECTION 5: ENGINE MAINTENANCE WARNING: Use care when servicing any component in the engine area. If the engine has recently been operated, components will be hot and could cause burns. Allow the engine to cool before servicing. WARNING: Before servicing the engine, place the tractor on a level surface, stop the engine, engage the parking brake, and remove the key from the...

  • Page 41

    ADDING ENGINE OIL WARNING: Never overfill the engine crankcase. The engine may overheat and/or damage may result if the crankcase is below the “ADD” mark or over the “FULL” mark on the dipstick. For best results, fill to the “FULL” mark on the dipstick as opposed to adding a given quantity of oil.

  • Page 42

    • Remove the filter by turning it counterclockwise using an automotive type filter wrench to loosen. See Figure 55. FUEL FILTER FILTER Figure 55 • Reinstall the drain plug in the engine and clean up any residual oil. Refer to Figure 54. •...

  • Page 43

    • Start the engine and allow it to run for a short period. Stop the engine. • Recheck the coolant level in the overflow reservoir and refill as needed. Reinstall the reservoir cap. INSPECTION OF COOLING SYSTEM HOSES Check the cooling system hoses and fan belt for any cracks or deterioration after every 100 hours of operation.

  • Page 44

    • Pull the air cleaner element from the housing. See Figure 58. CLEANER ELEMENT Figure 58 • Lightly blow or brush loose debris from the air cleaner element. Clean any debris from the housing. • Inspect the paper pleats of the cleaner element for damage and dirt.

  • Page 45

    The engine breather should be changed after every 2000 hours of engine operation. Contact your Cub Cadet dealer. FUEL INJECTOR NOZZLE SERVICE The fuel injector nozzles should be checked and serviced after every 2000 hours of engine operation. Contact your Cub Cadet dealer.

  • Page 46: Section 6: Specifications

    Transmission Capacity (Includes Hydraulics) ......6.5 gal. (24.6 L) Front Axle Oil ......Cub Cadet Gear Lube-135 H.E.P.(85W-140) Front Axle Capacity (Includes RH and LH Final Drives) .

  • Page 47: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Hydraulic Lift System Type ............Auxiliary Pump-Gear Control .

  • Page 48: Section 7: Optional Equipment And Accessories

    SECTION 7: OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES When purchasing your tractor, you probably had it equipped for your particular needs at that time. You may later wish to obtain additional equipment or accessories to perform other tasks. Refer to the chart below for a list of optional equipment and accessories currently available through your Cub Cadet dealer.

  • Page 52: Warranty

    This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Cub Cadet LLC reserves the right to make changes in the design and other changes in its products at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation to product previously manufactured or purchased.

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