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Appendix C Troubleshooting - TRENDnet TK-1602R User Manual

8-/16-port cascadable ps/2 type kvm switch with osd control
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TK-802R_TK-1602R Rack Mount KVM Switch


Keyboard and Mouse problems
Problem: Keyboard/mouse won't move the cursor on the screen, or mouse
movement becomes erratic or flips around.
Check the following points to troubleshoot your keyboard/mouse problem:
(1) Connect your keyboard and mouse to the KVM Switch only when the PCs are in
powered-off state. Otherwise, you have to reboot your PCs.
(2) Verify that your keyboard/mouse and the computer are all properly connected to
the KVM Switch. If not, connect them properly and reboot the computer again.
(3) Make sure you have installed the proper mouse/keyboard driver on the
computers for the type of your mouse/keyboard. If not, install the driver and then
reboot your computer.
(4) After you have checked that all the above requirements for a proper
keyboard/mouse connection are met, then reset your KVM Switch again by
pressing the hotkey sequence: ScrLk + ScrLk + End (or push the last port button
for over 2 seconds). Then reboot the computer and check if the keyboard/mouse
activities could be recognized by your connected computer.
(5) If the above procedures still fail to troubleshoot, try to plug off and then plug on
the Keyboard/Mouse cable to the console port of your KVM switch, and try to
reboot your computer again.
(6) Also refrain from plugging the keyboard/mouse cable while the PC is still running.
Once it comes unplugged, even if you plug back the connection again in short
time, you might have to reboot your PC to resume the normal keyboard/mouse
(7) Also check the specifications of your KVM Switch to see whether it requires
special KVM cables for connection with computers. If so, use the cable that is
required by your KVM Switch.
If you have checked all the above and still your mouse/keyboard does not work,
please contact your local technical support.
According to feedbacks from customers and also our own service experience, most mouse
failures are caused by inadvertently switching to other PC port while a specific PC port still
undergoing the booting process. The cause of the mouse failure over that specific PC port lies in that
port switching to other PC port, while a PC port has not completed its booting process, sometimes
will cause the mouse emulation for the latter to be interrupted and hence fails. Therefore, try to avoid
switching port while a specific PC port has not completed its booting (specifically mouse emulation
during booting process). Wait until it has completed booting to the OS environment, and then
perform the port switching to other PC ports.
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Appendix C Troubleshooting


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