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Craftsman 139.53225SRT Owner's Manual

For residential use only.
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For Resldentla
Read and follow
aH safety
rutes and operating
use of this product_
Fasten the manuat
the garage
door after
Complies with UL 325
January 1, 1_3
E Safety
m Assembly
m Installation
H Adjustment
Care and Maintenance
s Troubleshooting
PaRs List
Sears, Roebuck
and Co. Hoffman
Estates, IL 60179 UoS.A.

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  • Page 1

    Model 139.53225SRT 139.53325SRT 139.53425SRT 139.53628SRT 139.53629SRT 139.53635SRT 139°53637SRT 139.53824SRT For Resldentla Read and follow aH safety rutes and operating instructions _fore first use of this product_ Fasten the manuat near the garage door after Complies with UL 325 _egulati_s effe_ve...

  • Page 2

    H_ng _e opener ... Ins_JI t hewall _ntro[... by review!.ng When you see th_s Safety Symbol on the following to your garage door anNor the garage door opener if you do eot comply instruct_onso Read the instpacdons This garage door opener is designed...

  • Page 3

    Dudng assembly, installation and adjustment of the opener, instructions will call for hand too_s shown befowo An unbalanced garage door might not reverse when required and someone under could be seriously injured or killed, If your garage door binds, sticks balance, call professional...

  • Page 4

    Before you begin, su_ey your garage see whether any of the conditions Based on your particular requirements, there are severaI installation steps which might call for materials and!or hardware not included in the carton. ,_Step 1 page ! 2 - Look at the wail or ceiling above the garage door.

  • Page 5

    Based on your particular requirements, there are several insIailation steps which might _l materials @qS_or h ardware not included in _e _&£on Step I, page 13 o Look at the wafl o{ ceiiing above the garage door. 'The header bracket must be securely fastened to structural suppo_ls * Step 5_ page t7 o Do you have a finished ceiling in your garage? If so, a suppo£...

  • Page 6

    Opener Your garage door o2_ner is packaged in two ca_ons which contain at_pa_s illustrated b@[ow, _fanylhing is missing_ carefu!!y check the packing matedaL PaAs may be "stuck" in Me foam_ Hardware for assembly and installation is shown on page 7 5_25 ('9, 5_5 Model e¢_y...

  • Page 7

    Separate all hardware from the packages shown below, for the assembly T_o_ey ThCe_d_ ,,.-'_1¢* _8 _ _o;b_ _ (4) Hex _¢_w i/_-20 _ 11_" in the rail carton and installation procedures. AssembLy Hardware (1 } Installation Hardware H_,_d_ NL4 _ _8i6t Safety Reversing...

  • Page 8

    Assembly To avoid installation d:mcu[ties, , Align _e 3 Torai_se_ons on a fiat suRace exactty as shown° The end sections are identical Make sure the "arrow labet ° on the center se_ion is pointing toward the door.. , Inse_ the carnage bolts so the square bolt necks seat in the square holes in the T-rai! end sections and pass through the round holes in T_rait center section.

  • Page 9

    Assembly Step 2 Install the Trolley on the T_ra# - Attach the threaded sha_ to the trotley wi_ the I_xckwasher and nuts as shown Assembly Step 3 Fasten T-rail to the Opener Place the opener on packing material to protect the cover.

  • Page 10

    Assembly Step 4 Install Chain/Cab@ & Attach the Sprocket Cover Detach the came loop from the capon and fasten it to the tro!fey with a master link from #Be hardware bag See master link procedure, Figure 'I, WiSh the trolley against the serewdnvec dispense the c_>_e around the pu_tey, , Pro@_edback around the opener sprockeL Figure 2.

  • Page 11

    Spir_ theinnernutandiockwasher d ownthe threaded shaftawayfromthetrolley Totighten thechain, t urnouternutin thed#ection shown. A s you turn the nut, keep the chain from Misting. - When the chain is appm×imate_y 1/2" above the base of the T-rail at its midpoint, re-tighten the inner nut to secure the adjustment.

  • Page 12

    installation installation Step 1 Determine Header Bracket Location installation procedures van/according garage door bjpes_ Follow the instructions which appty to your door, Open your door to the highest point of travel as shown Draw an intersecting hodzanta_ line on the header wat/2 above the high point.

  • Page 13

    Read the Safety instructions ,Ciose #_e d_r and ma_'kthe inside veRicai centerline of your garage door. E_end the line onto the header wall above door tf headr_m c{earance {s minimal, you can instai_ the header bracket on the ceiling. See page 14. header bMcket on a 2x4 (on wall or ceiling), use lag _rews (not suppti_)

  • Page 14

    Fasten o Center the bracket on the veAical guideline with the bo_om edge of the bracket on the hodzonta[ tine as shown (with the arrow pointing toward the Fasten , Extend the ve_icat guide{ine onto the ceiling as shown, - Center the bracket on the ve_ica_ maP_ no more than 6"...

  • Page 15

    installation Step 3 Attach the Torafl to the Header Bracket o Position the o_ner header bracket, Use packing material as a If the door spring Is in the way you'l! need help, Have someone tem_ra_ suppoA to allow the T-rail to clear the o Position the _b_e puiley bracket against the header bracket Align the bracket holes and ioin with a clevis p_n as...

  • Page 16

    Installation Step 4 Position the Opener Folow instructions wMch apply to your door type as l_ustrated. A 2×4 [aid fiat is convenient for setting door4o-T-ra/distance° Raise the opener onto a stepladder, You will ne_ help at this point it the ladder _a +Open the door a/the way and place a 2×4 _aid flat on the top section beneath the T-ra/...

  • Page 17

    installation Step 5 Hang the Opener Two represen_gve installations are showo. Yours may be different, Hanging brackets should be &qgted, Figure 1, to provide rigid support finished ceilings, Figure 2, a_ach a sturdy metat bracket to st_Jctural supports before installing the opener.

  • Page 18

    Installation Step 6 InstMt the Wall Control , Stdp 1/4° of [ns@ation from one end of the be{{ wre; connect the wire to the two screw terminals on the back of the Wail Centre/: white to 2 and white!red to 1 Locate the Wall Control within sight of the door at a minimum height of 5 feet where small...

  • Page 19

    Installation Step 7 Instafl the Light and the Lens Instal| the lights - Install a 75 watt me_imum light bulb in the stoker. The light will turn ON and remain lit for approximately 4q/2 minutes when _wer connected. Then the light will turn OFF. , If the bulb bums out prematurely due to vibration, replace it with a standard neck "Garage Door Install...

  • Page 20

    To prevent eiectrocufion, remove the garage door opener and from the circuit you plan to use for the permanent To make a permanent oannection through the 718_ diameter hole in the top of the opener (according to I_l...

  • Page 21

    (particularly children) could or killed by a closing garage door. small children, Install the safety sensor so that the beam wi[[ be no above the garage fi_ro power to the garage door opener the safety reversing sensor. a_3ve f;c_...

  • Page 22

    Figures 2 and3 showassembly o fbracke_ and °C" wrap based on the recommended instafiation of the sensors as shown on page 21 However, Figures 4 and 5 are variations which may ins_i_ation requirements baser Make sure the wraps and brackets are align_ sensors will face each other across _e garage...

  • Page 23

    '_ Center e achsensor u nitin a "C_wrapwithlenses pointing toward eachotheracross thed_r (see Secure sensors w iththehardware shownFinger tighten thewingnutonthe receMng eye to allow for final adjustmenL Securely tighten the sending eye wing nut, , Run the wires from _th sen_rs to _e opener_ Use insulated stapJes to secure wire to walt and...

  • Page 24

    Installation Step 11 Fasten Door Bracket Foliow instructions which apply to your door type as illustrated beiow or on page 25° Center the door bracket on the previously marked vertical guideline used for the header bracket installation - Position the bracket on lhe face ot the door within the following limits: A) The top edge of the bracket 2°4 '` below the top edge of the door.

  • Page 25

    P_ease read and comply with the warnings They apply to oneopieoe doors * Center the bracket on the top of the doer, in fine with the header bracket as shown. Mark hotes. Drill 5/16 _ pilot holes and fasten _e door bracket with hardware supplied_ _fthe door has no exposed framing, drill 3/16"...

  • Page 26

    Installation Step !2 Connect Door Arm to TrMley Fotlow _nstructtons which appy type as illustrated below and on page 27, Make sure garage door ts fully c_o_d. from the inner trolley, Slide the outer trolley back (away from the door) about 2" as shown _n Figures I, 2 and 3.

  • Page 27

    Assemble the DoorArm: ,, Fasten the straight and curved door am_ secl,ions toge_er to lhe longest possible length (with a 2 or . With the door closed, connect the straight door am s_tion to the door bracket with a c_evis pin , Secure with a ring fastener.

  • Page 28: Adjust Up & Down Limits

    Adjustment Adjustment Step 1 Adjust the UP and DOWN Limits Do not make any i{mit adjustments safety reversing sensors are completely installed° Limit adjustment settings regu{ate the points at which Lhe doer will stop when moving up o_ down, The door will stQo in the up direc_on # anything intederes with door t_avel The door wil_ reverse in the down direction if anything intederes with the door trave_ (including binding or unbalanced doors)_...

  • Page 29: Adjust Force

    Force adiustment controls areiocated ontheback panel o f theopener. F orceadiustment ee_ings regulate theamount o fpowerrequired to openand dosethedoor Thedoorwill stop in the up direction if &%_hing intederes with its travel The door will reverse in the down direction if an_hing intederes with its travel (including binding or unbalanced doors).

  • Page 30

    Prdessional se_Jce is required ctoses the door when the safe_y reversing sensor is obstructed. The garage door opener wH! not ctose from a remote control if the indicator light in either sensor is off(aleAing you to the fact that the sensor is misaligned or obstructed).

  • Page 31

    Repairs to _bles, assemblies and other hardware 7. Discoenect the e{ectric power to the garage door opener before making any repairs or removing covers. s.SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS° Limit and force adjustment...

  • Page 32

    Operation A_ivate the o_ner with ar_y of the fo_lowing_ l. T_heRemote Control 3-Funetion and Compacb Hold large push button down until the door starls to move, Sing,_ function Hoid push button unti! the door starts to move, 2. The Wall Control Hold push bar or button down until the door sta_s to move.

  • Page 33: Receiver And Remote Control Programming

    Garage Door Openers (With "SRT" Bu_on) Your "SRT ° garage door opener will operate with as many as four "SRT" po_le remote controis and one Mufti_Function Key_ess Ent_ To Add A Remote Control 1 Se/e_ a remote contro_ push button to operate the receiver 2.

  • Page 34: Troubleshooting

    Probable 1 Does the opener have electdc power? Plug a _ampinto the outlet. _tit doesn't light, operate from either check the fuse box or Me @rcuitbreaker (Some outlets are centre/ted by a w@I switdq,) the Waft Cent,rot or 2. Have you d sabred all d_×_rk_ks? Review installation instnsction w_onings on Page 11. the remote control: 3.

  • Page 35

    ,settings is normal in particular can affect door travel. Use a standard neck garage door opener t,5e o_nero on the first operation of the opener, dc_r may be k_kc_£ DL_sbte If the chain was removed and reinstaIl_J, the motor may be out of phase.

  • Page 36

    Rail AssemMy Pa£s installation PaNs PART DESCRIPTION 4 !A4086,,i Lighted _nsole wai controt 41A4t66 Lighted push bu_on wail control 41A4086A Deiuxe lighted wa_l control 41A_8i Singie,otune_ oh remote contro_ hous ng & screw enly(nockcu_t [ _ard) 41A3888 3,°functiOr_remote cont_o_ housing & screw only 41A3592 34unction compact remote cofltrel housing &...

  • Page 37: Repair Parts List

    Opener Assembly Pa_s PART DESCRiPTiON 310380 Spr_Pket cove_ 41C4220A Gear and sptc_:ket a,ssy. Complete with: Spdng washer _rust washer Ro# pins (2} Ohve gear and wom_ gear Hei_a! gear wlretainer 41A2817 Ddv¢_worm gear kit w!grease 41B4245 Line cerd 41A4352 175B88 Ught s(_ket 108048 Lens...

  • Page 38: Accessories

    Controls interior Iights Piugs into a wall receptacle 53_5 to c_en fusty, 53779 3-Function Remote Controi: includes visor clip. Compact Remote Mu_ti Function Key_ess EntPj: Enables homeowner to operate garage door opener from outside by enter eg code on speeialIy designed keyboard. Standard Size...

  • Page 39

    Access DoodOutstde Key Release Chain Tension Electrical Safety Warnings Garage Door Testing for balance, binding and sticking Determining high point of travel: Secflo_l door On@piece door Disabling existing locks Door cbaranee brackets (for garages with low headroom) Force controls Adiustment proe_ures Problems that might require force adjustments Safety warP_ngs Door hardware...

  • Page 40

    OWNER'S MANUAL Model 139°53824SRT The model numbe_ iabe! is located under the _ight lens on the front end panel of your opener. When requesting service or ordering pa_s, always provide the following s Product Type Model Number n Part Number Pa_t Description Sears, 114A1903...

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