Craftsman 11551 Operator's Manual
Craftsman 11551 Operator's Manual

Craftsman 11551 Operator's Manual

3/8" 19.2 volt cordless drill variable speed/reversible


3/8 in., 19.2 VOLT CORDLESS
Model No.
To reduce the risk of injury,
the user must read and understand the
operator's manual before using this
Help Line: 1-800-932-3188
Sears, Roebuck
and Co., 3333 Beverly Rd., Hoffman
Estates, IL 60179 USA
Visit the Craftsman web page:
06-13-08 (REV:02)
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Summary of Contents for Craftsman 11551

  • Page 1 Customer Help Line: 1-800-932-3188 Sears, Roebuck and Co., 3333 Beverly Rd., Hoffman Visit the Craftsman web page: 987000-008 06-13-08 (REV:02) ® DRILL Estates, IL 60179 USA Save this...
  • Page 2: One-Year Full Warranty

    SEARS STORE OR PARTS AND REPAIR CENTER OR OTHER CRAFTSMAN OUTLET iN THE UNITED STATES FOR FREE REPAIR. If this Craftsman tool is used for commercial or rental purposes, this warranty applies for only 90 days from the date of purchase.
  • Page 3 WARNING! Read and understand aii instructions. Failure to follow all instructions result in electric shock, fire and/or serious personal injury. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS WORK AREA [] Keep your work area clean and well lit. Cluttered benches and dark areas invite accidents. [] Do not operate power tools in explosive atmospheres,...
  • Page 4 SERVICE [] Tool service must be performed only by qualified repair personnel. Service or maintenance performed by unqualified personnel may result in a risk of injury. [] Hold tool by insulated gripping performing an operation where the cutting contact hidden wiring. Contact with a "live" wire will also make exposed metal parts of the tool "live"...
  • Page 5 _1_ WARNING!READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL INSTRUCTIONS. Failure to follow aii instructions listed below, may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious personal injury. [] Before using battery charger, and cautionary markings in this manual, on battery charger, battery, and product using battery to prevent misuse of the products and possible injury or damage.
  • Page 6 Some ofthefollowing symbols maybeusedonthistool.Please studythemandlearn theirmeaning• Proper i nterpreta- tionofthesesymbols willallowyouto operate thetoolbetterandsafer• SYMBOL NAME Volts Amperes Hertz Watt Minutes Alternating Current Direct Current No Load Speed Class II Tool •../min Per Minute Wet Conditions Alert Read The Operator's Manual Eye Protection Safety Alert No Hands Symbol...
  • Page 7 Thefollowing signal w ordsandmeanings a reintended to explain thelevels ofriskassociated w iththisproduct. SYMBOL SIGNAL DANGER: WARNING: CAUTION: CAUTION: SERVICE Servicing requires extreme care and knowledge and should be performed only by a qualified service technician. For service we suggest you return the product to your nearest SEARS OR OTHER QUALIFIED SERVICE CENTER for repair.
  • Page 8 PRODUCT SPECiFiCATiONS Chuck ... Motor ... Switch ... VSR (Variable Speed Reversible) Gear Train ... No Load Speed ... 0-400/0-1,400 ADJUSTMENT RiNG TORQUE KEYLESS CHUCK SCREWDRIVER BITS BATTERY PACK SHOWNIN CHARGER Clutch ... 3/8 in. Keyless 19.2 Volt DC Torque ... Charger Input ...
  • Page 9: Know Your Drill

    KNOW YOUR DRILL See Figure 1. The safe use of this product requires an understanding of the information on the product and in this operator's manual as well as a knowledge of the project you are attempting. Before use of this product, familiarize yourself with all operating features and safety rules.
  • Page 10 WARNING: Do not allow familiarity with tools to make you careless. Remember that a careless fraction of a second is sufficient to inflict serious injury. WARNING: Always wear safety goggles or safety glasses with side shields when operating tools. Failure to do so could result in objects being thrown into your eyes, resulting in possible serious injury.
  • Page 11 CHARGING A HOT BATTERY PACK When using the tool continuously, the batteries in the battery pack will become hot. You should let a hot battery pack cool down for approximately attempting to recharge. When the battery pack becomes discharged and is hot, this will cause the green LED to come on instead of the red LED.
  • Page 12 WARNING: Battery tools are always in operating condition. Therefore, switch should always be locked when not in use or carrying at your side. DIRECTIONOF ROTATION SELECTOR (FORWARD/REVERSE/CENTER LOCK) REVERSE VARIABLE SPEED SWITCHTRIGGER SWITCH TRIGGER See Figure 4. To turn the drill ON, depress the switch trigger. To turn it OFF, release the switch trigger.
  • Page 13 TWO=SPEED GEAR TRAIN See Figure 6. The drill has a two-speed gear train designed for drilling or driving at LO (1) or HI (2) speeds. A slide switch is located on top of the drill to select either LO (1) or HI (2) speed. When using drill in the LO (1) speed range, speed will decrease and unit will have more power and torque.
  • Page 14 INSTALLINGBITS See Figures 9 - 10. [] Lock the switch trigger by placing the direction of rotation selector in the center position. [] Open or close the chuck jaws to a point where the opening is slightly larger than the bit size you intend to use.
  • Page 15 LEVEL__ Fig. 11 LEVEL Fig. 12 WOOD DRILLING For maximum performance, use high speed steel bits for wood drilling. [] Select normal drilling mode. [] Begin drilling at a very low speed to prevent the bit from slipping off the starting point. Increase the speed as the drill bit bites into the material.
  • Page 16: General Maintenance

    WARNING: When servicing, use only identical Craftsman replacement parts. Use of any other part may create a hazard or cause product damage. WARNING: Always wear safety goggles or safety glasses with side shields when using compressed air to clean products. If the operation is dusty, also wear a dust mask.
  • Page 17: Chuck Removal

    CHUCK REMOVAL See Figures 13- 15. The chuck may be removed and replaced by a new one. [] Lock the switch trigger by placing the direction of rotation selector in center position. [] Insert a 5/16 in. or larger hex key into the chuck of the drill and tighten the chuck jaws securely.
  • Page 18: Parts List

    CRAFTSMAN3/8 The model number will be found on a plate attached to the motor housing, Always mention the model number in all correspondence SEE BACK Number 6613402 690033030 940045028 940203007 1425301 130279003 or130279005 6782106 6782405 987000008 * Can Be Purchased At Most Sears Stores/Sears.corn/Parts in., 19.2 VOLT CORDLESS DRILL regarding your DRILL or when ordering repair parts,...

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