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Receiver with UltimateTV


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   Summary of Contents for Sony SAT-W60

  • Page 1 DIRECTV ™ Receiver with UltimateTV ® Service USER GUIDE...
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  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Welcome Service options Signing up Upgrades Getting help Getting Around On-screen Keyboard TV Home Watching TV Zooming to full-screen size Changing the channel Displaying program information FINDING SHOWS The DIRECTV Advanced Program Guide ™ Customizing the Guide Creating a list of favorite channels Restricting Access Search TV TV Reminders...
  • Page 4 CONTENTS – continued RECORDING Recording a program to your receiver Recording a program to your VCR Watching Recorded Shows My Shows Erasing a recorded program TV CONTROLS Pause Play Instant replay Reverse Forward Jump ahead Slow motion Getting back to live TV Picture-In-Picture (PIP) Displaying a PIP window Controlling the PIP window...
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Picture-In-Picture. In addition to letting you record shows, your Sony UltimateTV Service lets you control how you watch live TV. If you’re watching a ®...
  • Page 6: Service Options

    INTRODUCTION – continued SERVICE OPTIONS Your Sony ® -DIRECTV ™ Receiver with UltimateTV ® Service lets you choose among several service plans. A brochure that accompanies the receiver describes each plan, including pricing information. Please refer to the brochure for details.
  • Page 7: Getting Help

    GETTING AROUND To get from place to place while you’re watching DIRECTV need to know just one simple rule: When you see something on your screen that looks interesting, you tell your Sony ® -DIRECTV select-and-go technique. from the TV Home...
  • Page 8: On-screen Keyboard

    ON-SCREEN KEYBOARD When you’re using certain TV features, you’ll need to enter information into on-screen text boxes. For example, you might want to search for a TV show by title or phrase. If you are using the wireless keyboard, you can simply start typing when you see a text-entry box on your screen.
  • Page 9: Watching Tv

    TV Home was the last BACK screen you viewed.) WATCHING TV When you tune to a channel using your Sony -DIRECTV ® UltimateTV ® Service, you can view information about the program that’s showing on that channel.
  • Page 10: Changing The Channel

    WATCHING TV – continued CHANGING THE CHANNEL You can change the channel from the TV Home screen, or while you’re watching TV at full-screen size. To change the channel: Use the buttons on your remote control or keyboard to move CH-/CH+ up or down one channel at a time, or use the number buttons to type a channel number.
  • Page 11: Finding Shows

    WATCHING TV – continued • Channel number, network name, and call letters • Rating, if any • Time remaining until the program is over Symbols may appear as well: • A postmark indicates that you have unread messages in TV Notices A locked padlock indicates that you’ve configured the lock settings in Locks &...
  • Page 12: Customizing The Guide

    ADVANCED PROGRAM GUIDE ™ – continued To view the listings in the Guide: Use the up and down Arrow buttons to move through the list of channels, one channel at a time. The list scrolls when the yellow rectangle reaches the top or bottom of the screen.
  • Page 13: Creating A List Of Favorite Channels

    ADVANCED PROGRAM GUIDE ™ – continued Remove the checkmarks from the channels you do not want to list in the Guide. To remove a checkmark, select an existing checkmark and press Use the buttons to scroll to the right, or enter a channel number using Arrow the remote or keyboard, and unmark more channels if you wish.
  • Page 14 ADVANCED PROGRAM GUIDE ™ – continued A checkmark appears beside the selected channel. Add as many channels as you like. (Use the Arrow buttons to scroll the screen left or right to see more channels; or, if you want to add a specific channel, enter the channel using the number buttons.) If you want to give your list a name, select Rename List...
  • Page 15: Restricting Access

    RESTRICTING ACCESS If you have children, you might want to restrict their access to certain channels. You can remove those channels from the Guide, as described in “Customizing the Guide” on page 15, but they can still be accessed using the remote. To prevent access to certain channels or types of programming, you can use the DIRECTV Locks and Limits feature.
  • Page 16: Search Tv

    RESTRICTING ACCESS – continued Type a 4-digit password, then move the yellow selection box down and enter the password again to confirm it. I M P O R T A N T Make a note of your password and store it in a safe place. You’ll need the password if you decide to change viewing limits later.
  • Page 17: Tv Reminders

    SEARCH TV – continued Type a word or phrase to search for. Previous search terms appear here. Type the name of the program you want to watch. Alternatively, you can type a descriptive word or a phrase: an actor’s name, show topic, or other text that describes what you’re looking for.
  • Page 18: Pay Per View Programs

    TV REMINDERS – continued Check if you’d like the receiver to Tune to channel when program begins automatically tune to the right channel when the program begins. When you’re finished, select , then select Continue Done A reminder message will scroll across the bottom of your screen one minute before the program starts.
  • Page 19: Recording

    To see a list of the Pay Per View programs you’ve purchased: Select from the bottom of the TV Home screen. Purchases RECORDING RECORDING A PROGRAM TO YOUR RECEIVER Your Sony ® -DIRECTV hours of programs onto its built-in hard drive. N O T E being recorded.
  • Page 20 RECORDING – continued To stop recording: Press the button on your remote control. A message scrolls across the bottom of the screen, asking if you’d like to stop recording the program. Select and press Stop Recording The program stops recording. In addition to recording live programs, you can instruct your receiver to record a program that will be on in the future.
  • Page 21: Recording A Program To Your Vcr

    RECORDING – continued Select and press Done The show will be recorded when it comes on. SHORTCUT: If you don’t need to see the Program Info screen before you record a show, you can simply select the show in the Guide and press the your remote control.
  • Page 22 RECORDING – continued In the Settings screen, select and press Hooking up The Setting Up a VCR screen appears. In the Setting Up a VCR screen, select and press A series of screens appears, with instructions for setting up the receiver to communicate with your brand of VCR.
  • Page 23: Watching Recorded Shows

    WATCHING RECORDED SHOWS MY SHOWS When you record a program or a portion of a program to your Sony Receiver with UltimateTV ® Service, it’s saved in an area called My Shows. To see a list of the programs you’ve recorded:...
  • Page 24: Erasing A Recorded Program

    I M P O R T A N T subscribe to DIRECTV Instant Replay is only one of the TV controls offered by the Sony Receiver with UltimateTV • Pause •...
  • Page 25: Pause

    TV CONTROLS – continued PAUSE Let’s say you’re watching your favorite show and suddenly feel the need for a snack. You don’t need to miss anything. You can pause the program, get your snack, and resume watching where you left off. To pause a program: Press the button on your remote control.
  • Page 26: Instant Replay

    TV CONTROLS – continued INSTANT REPLAY Have you ever watched a program and seen something you wished you could see again? Maybe you just witnessed a spectacular sports play, or perhaps you couldn’t hear a line of dialog in a movie. Your receiver gives you your own Instant Replay.
  • Page 27: Jump Ahead

    TV CONTROLS continued – JUMP AHEAD If you want to skip ahead 30 seconds at a time, you can use the Jump Ahead button instead of FORWARD. To skip ahead 30 seconds in a paused or recorded program: While the program is playing, press the Jump Ahead button remote control.
  • Page 28: Picture-in-picture (pip)

    Picture-In-Picture, or PIP, lets you simultaneously view one channel at full-screen size and a second channel in a small window. N O T E To make full use of the PIP feature, you must have two satellite cables connected to the back of your Sony ® -DIRECTV ™...
  • Page 29: Switching Between Pip And Full-screen View

    PIP – continued To change the channel in the full-screen view: If the PIP window is selected, press the WINDOW button. Control returns to the full-screen view. Press the button or use the number buttons to change the channel. SWITCHING BETWEEN PIP AND FULL-SCREEN VIEW Let’s say you’re watching a program in the PIP window and decide you’d like to see it in full-screen view.
  • Page 30: Interactive Tv

    INTERACTIVE TV As the popularity of the Internet grows, more and more TV shows are creating Web sites that give you information about their program, and in some cases let you interact with the program as it’s in progress. For example, there are game shows that have Web sites where you can play along with contestants, and sports programs with Web sites that give you play-by-play updates and analysis.
  • Page 31: Going To A Web Site

    INTERACTIVE TV – continued GOING TO A WEB SITE To go to a TV-related Web site: When you see the w symbol on your screen, press the remote control or on your keyboard. RETURN The following panel appears: Select Go To Web Page and press You’ll be taken to a Web site related to the program or commercial you’re watching.
  • Page 32: Going To An Interactive Web Site

    INTERACTIVE TV – continued GOING TO AN INTERACTIVE WEB SITE Interactive TV is more than viewing Web sites that relate to programs or commercials. Interactive TV lets you participate with the program you’re watching. For example, you can play along with TV game shows, participate in a poll regarding a breaking news story, or otherwise actively engage with TV programming.
  • Page 33 INTERACTIVE TV – continued Select near the bottom of the screen, and press Entertainment, The Entertainment screen appears. Select Interactive TV from the right side of the screen and press A list of Interactive TV programs appears. Use the buttons to scroll up and down the list. INTERACTIVE TV –...
  • Page 34: Internet

    INTERNET When you use the Internet features of your Sony -DIRECTV ® UltimateTV ® Service, you’ll start at a screen called Web Home. From Web Home you can get to e-mail, chat rooms, Web sites, on-line shopping, news, and other Internet areas.
  • Page 35: E-mail At A Glance

    E-MAIL E-MAIL AT A GLANCE When you send e-mail, you get to write messages, check your spelling, and send them to anyone who has an e-mail address. You can send e-mail anywhere in the world, anytime! And people can send you messages at your WebTV address anytime, from anywhere.
  • Page 36: Writing A Message

    E-MAIL – continued WRITING A MESSAGE To send an e-mail message to one or more people, all you need to know is their e-mail addresses. Here are the basic steps: From the Web Home screen, select , then press Mail Select from the left side of the page, then press Write...
  • Page 37: Correcting Spelling Errors

    E-MAIL – continued CORRECTING SPELLING ERRORS You can check messages for spelling and typing mistakes before you send them. Select Spelling (left side of the Write a message page), then press If there are words in your e-mail that are misspelled, they appear one at a time at the top of the spell-check screen.
  • Page 38: Cut, Copy, And Paste

    E-MAIL – continued To address a message using your address book: Here are the steps to follow to use the address book to add an address to an e-mail message you are writing: From the Web Home screen, select , then press Mail Select on the left side of the screen, then press...
  • Page 39 E-MAIL – continued Inserting text you have copied You can only insert text into an e-mail message that you are writing. Here’s how: Go to the message you are writing. Using the Arrow keys on your keyboard, position the typing cursor where you want to insert the text that you just copied.
  • Page 40: World Wide Web

    WORLD WIDE WEB WEB HOME Web Home is the starting point for all of your World Wide Web activities. If you are already using Web features, press the HOME control or keyboard. If you’re watching DIRECTV programming, press the ® remote control or keyboard, or choose Web Home The Web Home screen appears.
  • Page 41: Going Directly To A Web Site

    WORLD WIDE WEB – continued Type a word, phrase, question, or Web address for Search to look up, then press RETURN Search looks for Web sites that match the words you typed. It lists the matching sites on a page called Search Results. Look at the Web sites listed on the search results page.
  • Page 42 WORLD WIDE WEB – continued T I P The wireless keyboard has a GO TO the Address panel. You can use this shortcut instead of the Web Options panel to go directly to a Web site. The Web Options panel provides shortcut buttons to many Web features. Here’s a quick overview.
  • Page 43: Favorites

    Favorites WORLD WIDE WEB – WATCH TV WHILE SURFING THE WEB With your Sony ® see the Web on your TV, you can see the Web and your favorite TV shows at the same time. Watch a game on TV while you look at related sports Web sites.
  • Page 44: Shopping On The Web

    WORLD WIDE WEB – continued SHOPPING ON THE WEB Shopping on the World Wide Web is fast and convenient. You can find online sources for just about any product you need, from books and music to toys, gardening equipment, clothes, outdoor gear, financial services, anything! Shopping on the Web is like shopping anywhere: most of the people you deal with are trustworthy and reputable, but there are exceptions.
  • Page 45: Editing An Existing Web Page

    WORLD WIDE WEB – continued Select , then press Page Builder RETURN The Page Builder screen appears. Select , then press Create RETURN Select a style for your Web page (there are six pages of styles to choose from), then press RETURN Follow the on-screen instructions to add pictures, video captures, a title, and text to your Web page.
  • Page 46: Online Conversation

    ONLINE CONVERSATION DISCUSSION GROUPS AND CHAT ROOMS While chat rooms and discussion groups are both ways to use the Internet to contact people, they are different in important ways. Here is an explanation of each communication tool: Discussion groups: public Internet forums where people post messages about a specific topic.
  • Page 47 ONLINE CONVERSATION – continued There are three ways to join a discussion group. You can: • choose one of the Featured discussions • choose to see the complete list of available discussions, All Groups • or you can search for a group on any topic that interests you using the box at the bottom of the screen.
  • Page 48: Chat Rooms

    ONLINE CONVERSATION – continued CHAT ROOMS Chat rooms are forums for “live” discussions. Messages you send to a chat room are read immediately by everyone in that room. You can join existing chat rooms or create your own chat rooms. To enter a chat room and join the conversation: From Web Home, select , then press...
  • Page 49: Your Account

    YOUR ACCOUNT See the brochure that came with your Sony Service for information on service options, including features and pricing. Call 1-800-DIRECTV (1-800-347-3288) for additional information on DIRECTV programming and the UltimateTV Service.
  • Page 50: Account Options

    YOUR ACCOUNT – continued ACCOUNT OPTIONS Account option on the Web Home screen provides you with a way to get detailed information about the WebTV service, your billing options, and your account information. This provides you with a convenient on-screen way to check into things like when you are billed, how much you owe on your account, etc.
  • Page 51: Adding Users To Your Account

    YOUR ACCOUNT – continued ADDING USERS TO YOUR ACCOUNT You can have up to six users on your account at no extra charge. This includes the user who signed up for service initially—known as the primary user—plus five additional, “secondary” users. Each secondary user can have his or her own e-mail address, password, a separate list of Favorites, a separate name to use in Chat rooms, and other personal settings.
  • Page 52: Using An Isp To Connect To The Webtv Service

    YOUR ACCOUNT – continued USING AN ISP TO CONNECT TO THE WEBTV SERVICE Most people can connect to the WebTV service using a local phone number. In some areas, however, local WebTV service access phone numbers are not available and your receiver must dial a long distance number to connect to the service (which would result in charges to your phone bill each time your receiver connects to the WebTV service).
  • Page 53: Index

    INDEX DIRECTV programming, signing up for 2 ® discussion groups 82-85 account, viewing information about 89-95 address book 62, 65-66 Advanced Program Guide. See “DIRECTV e-mail 60-69 Advanced Program Guide ™ ” address book 62, 65-66 All-Day Ticket symbol 12, 27 copying text 67-69 alternate audio 12 correcting spelling errors 64...
  • Page 54 11-12 reverse button 37, 42 Info panel 11-12 TV/WEB button 70 WINDOW button 47 restricting access to selected programming ratings 21 20-22 receiver. See Sony ® -DIRECTV ™ Receiver with RETURN key, selecting items using 5 UltimateTV ® Service...
  • Page 55 INDEX – continued text-entry box 6 playing videotape on 35 ticket symbol 12, 27 recording programs to 33-35 TV channels browsing in Guide 14 changing 10 channel banner 10 w symbol 51 creating list of favorite 16-19 Web Home 59, 70. See also World Wide displaying frequently viewed channels in Guide 15-16 Web Options panel 73-74...

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