Craftsman 636.796912 Owner's Manual

37.7cc gas power blower
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Co., Chicago,
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  • Page 1 MODEL 636.796912 37°7 cc (:;ASPOWER BLOWER CAUTtON: Read Rules for Safe Operation and Instructions Carefully 6619501201 6619501201 iV88 I:RRF[$MRtl o Assembly • Maintenance oOperation • Repair Sears, Roebuck Co., Chicago, Parts IlL 60684 U.S.A. PR|NTED IN JAPAN...
  • Page 2 This warranty gives you spectflc legal rights, The Sears Power Blower, Model 636.796912 gasoiine powered blower, which is designed for autumn leaves, driveway and sidewalk sweeping, gutter cleaning, light snow and debris removal. The blower brooms. Excellent balance, a vibration damping and fatigue-free operation.
  • Page 3 (2) Before Storing, drain fuel tank and carburetor. (3) Wash air cleaner element with neutral detergent and dry it well. (4) Remove dust from blower, (5) Tighten bolts further if they are ioose, (6) Replace damaged parts, (7) Always use proper parts for replacement°...
  • Page 4 I1o COMPONENT IDENTIFICATION Fuel Tank Cap, Recoil Air Cleaner Thro_le Lever Model 636.796912 recoil (385 cu,fto/min,.) hours, use the mixing ratio of between 15 Spout Pipe-- _Straigh% Pipe Straight Pipe Jr-L_ )ark Plug _Wing...
  • Page 5 Figure 2 Attach shoulder straps to the machine Note: Adjust the straps to fit your Figure Assemble blower pipes, (Fig Note; Assemble pipes securely while operating. IV. PREPARATION FOR USE Ensure again that all parts are assembled...
  • Page 6 The velocity breeze to a high-speed Select the best speed for each application of the blower, Example: low speed for blowing dry leaves from lawn and high speed for moving gravel or dirt from driveway, (Fig. 8 & 9)
  • Page 7 V!II, CHECK MAINTENANCE Air cleaner (Fig, 10) Remove cleaner cover Accumulated dust on the air filter efficiency and increase fuel consumption.. Wash air filter and dry it wett_ CAUTION Do not use gasoline and inflammable filter, Air cleaner Air cleaner cover Figure 10 Fuel strainer...
  • Page 8 X_ TROUBLE SHOOTING Refer to the chart to locate the problem and take the appropriate Table 1 "_ z_ = "o L_ ° Store the unit Blower for extend- is important essential fuel system fuel hose_ or tank that alcohol b_ended...
  • Page 9 Table Engine overheated Firing defective Carburetor defective Other troubtes lrn ro er fuel used Spark plug defective ------- (burnt) As cooling fi_s clog, air --" does not pass well Excessive deposits L-.--_ combustion chamber Plug damaged or fouled F---- funcdon L.--- Combustion poor due to...
  • Page 10 SEARS POWER BLOWER PARTS LIST - MODEL 636.796912 Figure t5...
  • Page 11 SEARS POWER BLOWER PARTS LIST - MODEL PART QTY. OESCRIPT!ON Muffler mounting NF04S-0150A Volute case (frontl NF04S-1101 Voluse case (rear) N F04S-! 102-RB N F04S-1104F Ben I tube Screw (MS x 67) N F04S-1107A F L40-11098-PB Engine cover NF04S. 1114...
  • Page 12 SEARS POWER BLOWER PARTS LIST-MODEL 636,796912 Figure 16 _:_1516 38-39 20 •21...
  • Page 13 A60503210000 A57120950000 A57202700000 EC04-0378 EC04-3122 00433 0520 0 F L40-910512A EC04-0718A 11100100100 SEARS POWER BLOWER PARTS LIST - MODEL Figure DESCRIPTION Crank case ass'v (Incl. 2 Ihru Oil seal (front} Oil seal (rear) Ballbearing Crank case packing Bob (socket head)
  • Page 14 SEARS POWER BLOWER PARTS LIST- MODEL 636.796912 Figure t 7...
  • Page 15 Gasket VMI51348 Filter VM13/210 CW2"0414 Spring we=her cross screw EC04-O335B Air cleaner oss'y (Incl. 33, 35, 36) Labe_ 0736 36998 Screw ass'y (M4 x tO) 00436 0410 0 EC04-3304A Air cleaner cap Element EC04-3305 636.796912 Figure (Incl. 2 thru 31}...
  • Page 16 SEARS POWER BLOWER PARTS LIST - MODEL 636.796912 Figure I8 °\...
  • Page 17 FL40-9012 FL40-9014 0717 04999 6619501201 0700 00994 0 0715 06999 07t3 21999 07t 0 08999 ..& SEARS POWER BLOWER PARTS LIST - MODEL Figure 18 DESCRIPTION Wing hose band (big) Shou|dor band ass'y Wing hose band Corrugated pipe Straight pipe...
  • Page 18 OWNER'S MANUAL MODEL 636.796912 TO ORDER REPAIR PARTS 6619501201 Sold by Sears, Roebuck and Co,, Chicago, IL60684 SEARS POWER BLOWER The model number of your power blower located on the label on recoil starter of the engine. serial number of your power blower located on the label on the fan housing.