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Craftsman 136.748270 Operator's Manual page 5

Electric lower/vac 225 mph blower/375 cfm vac
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from Vacuum to Blower
1.. Remove the vacuum bag and the
vacuum tube assembly from the blower
Install the blower tube and then the
inlet cover onto the blower housing.
The blower will not run
unless the bottom inlet cover is locked
in place.
This blower is intended for
outdoor, residential use only Do not use
it indoors or for commercial or industrial
to a Power Source
To reduce the dsk of electric shock, this
appliance has a polarized plug (Le, one
blade is wider than the other). Use only
a polarized, UL listed extension cord
recommended for outdoor use.. A polarized
plug wilt fit in a polarized cord only one
way. if the plug does not fit fully in the
cord, reverse the cord
If it still does not fit,
purchase a polarized extension cor& If you
have a polarized extension cord and the
extension cord phJg does not fit fuily into the
wall receptacle, reverse the plug. if it still
does not fit, contact a qualified electrician
to install the proper outlet
Do not change
the appliance or extension cord plug in any
Use only an extension cord recommended
for outdoor use.
If you do not fully seat
the extension cord on the inlet plug, or
if the plug and cord do not fit firmly, the
loose plug could lead to overheating
and cause a fire, possibly
burning you
or others.
Ensure that you fully seat the cord on
the plug.
Check the connection regularly to
ensure that the cord is firmly attached.
Do not use a worn-out or loose
extension cord.



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