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Samsung VR5140C Owner's Manual

Samsung vr5140c: owners manual.
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Cassette Recorder
Owner's Manual


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  • Page 1

    Video Cassette Recorder Owner’s Manual VR8140C VR5140C...

  • Page 2: Features

    To prevent damage which may result in fire or electric shock hazard, do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture. As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Samsung Electronics America, Inc. has determined that this product or product model meets the ENERGY...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Troubleshooting ......23 VCR Functions ....11 Specifications .

  • Page 4: Front Panel And Display

    STOP EJECT POWER 4 6 5 POWER F.F (FAST FORWARD) Press to turn the VCR on and off. Press to fast forward in stop mode or forward search in play mode. EJECT PLAY Press to eject a tape. Press to play tape.

  • Page 5: Vcr Setup

    VCR Setup Rear Panel Use the jacks on the rear panel to connect the VCR to other components and signals, including: VCRs, TVs, stereo equipment, digital video components, antenna and cable signals. VR8140C AUDIO IN (L/R) CH 3/4 CH 3/4...

  • Page 6: Using Menus And The Remote Control

    If the main menu does not appear, make sure the TV is tuned to the same channel as the CH3/4 switch on the rear panel of the VCR. Press the TV/VCR button on the remote control to set VCR mode.

  • Page 7: Setting The Clock

    VCR Setup Setting the Clock The VCR has an internal clock which is used to turn the VCR on and off for timer recording. Press the MENU button on the remote control. and ❿ to select “CLOCK SET/ADJUST.” Press The first clock setting display appears.

  • Page 8: Vcr Functions

    When you have finished, press the MENU button twice. VCR Functions To make all of the VCR’s features available, set the VCR functions before playing or recording a tape. Record speed MAIN MENU Press the MENU button on the remote control. Press Timer recording to select VCR function setup, then press ❿.

  • Page 9: Tape Controls

    For the best picture quality when playing a cassette, the video heads must be aligned with the recorded track. This alignment is called tracking. When playing back a tape, your VCR automatically adjusts the tracking on a video tape, but occasionally a cassette may require some manual adjustment. Keep in mind that picture distortion VCR FUNCTION SETUP often occurs at the beginning of a tape.

  • Page 10: Tape Controls

    3. When an index mark is found, the VCR plays for about five seconds. 4. Press the PLAY button to view that program. If you don’t press PLAY, the VCR automatically searches for the next index, or until the end of tape is reached. 2. Go to 0:00:00 stop Use this feature when you want to search for the 0:00:00 counter position on a cassette.

  • Page 11: Using The Display Button

    Press the DISPLAY button again to remove display from the TV screen. Note: In order for display information to be accurate, set up the tape length in the VCR Function Setup first (page 11). Record file information •...

  • Page 12

    The Timer feature allows you to set the VCR to automatically record up to eight different programs. Setting a timer recording Your VCR can record on a specific day, or every day, Monday through Friday. Daily and weekly programs remain in the timer until erased. A single program is erased after the program records.

  • Page 13: Audio

    Choosing Audio (VR8140C) The VCR can record a program in stereo. It can also be set to record the Secondary Audio Program (SAP) of any broad- cast with second language audio. The VCR records the same audio on both the Hi-Fi and linear tracks on the tape.

  • Page 14: Care And Maintenance

    • Proper ventilation ensures that overheating will not damage electronic circuits. Don’t block ventilation holes. • Take care of your remote control. Keep the remote with your VCR, where it is unlikely to be lost or damaged. • Keep liquids away from your VCR, including beverages and cleaning liquids. Spilling any liquid on the VCR can damage the electronics, resulting in an electric shock or fire.

  • Page 15: Warranty

    2 3kg 5 7 bs You VCR can ece ve 68 b oadcas TV channe s o up o 125 unsc amb ed cab e channe s Check you oca cab e company o comp e e compa b y equ emen s...

  • Page 16

    SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CANADA, INC. HEADQUARTERS 7037 Financial Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5N 6R3 TEL: 1-905-542-3535 SERVICE DIVISION 7037 Financial Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5N 6R3 1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864) Printed in China AC68-01064A...

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