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Trouble Shooting - Samsung Z-99Q Owner's Instructions Manual

Video-cd cd player
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5/13/03 13:49


Tray is not ejected.
The unit does not play
Tray is ejected.
Video or audio is muted, or tray
is ejected after 2-5 seconds.
Picture appears late when
SELECT(PLAY/PAUSE) button is pressed.
Does not have video although
disc is turned.
Picture shakes vertically.
Picture quality of a particular disc
is poor and picture shakes
SKIP or SEARCH takes too
much time.
TIME SEARCH searches
different time.
After pressing the SELECT(PLAY/PAUSE)
button, there is a long delay before
picture appears on screen.
The disc rotates well, but you do not
have picture on the screen, You can see
the picture on screen, but the quality is
poor and the picture shakes.
No sound
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–Check if the power is turned on.
–Check if a disc is loaded.
–Check if a disc is contaminated or damaged.
Remove disc, clean it and insert again.
–Check if a disc is seated properly.
–Check for condensation in unit.
–Removed disc, leave the unit with the power turned
on for 1-2 hours. The unit will operate only after the
condensation is cleared.
–Repeated pressing of PLAY/STOP/OPEN caused disc
drive motor to over heat, and protection circuit
activated until motor cools down.
–Check if TV power is turned on.
–Check if connection is secure.
–Check if the unit is bypassed.
–Picture may shakes momentarily during transition
from dark to bright.
–Check if disc is damaged or deformed.
–Check if disc is contaminated.
–Some discs may require longer time to read encoded
–Check disc.
–Check if disc is contaminated or deformed.
–When picture shakes disc may be contaminated or
deformed causing malfunction. Clean disc
–If the PLAY/STOP/OPEN/DISC CHANGE operations are repeated within short
period of time, the Disc Drive Motor overheats. The disc will not rotate until
the motor cools down. This is a normal condition. Wait a few minutes for
the motor to cool down.
–Check if the TV power is turn ON.
–Check if the connection is good.
–Check if the disc is in good condition.
–Check if disc is loaded upside down.
–Insert disc with label side up.
–Check if disc is severely deformed. Clean the disc



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