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Rca reb1200 flash adapter: quick start
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Features & Functions
Other Features on Your eBook
The jacks for the Ethernet, modem and power connections are located on the top of your
eBook. The stylus is also located here.
Ethernet connection
Plug in your Ethernet line here.
The battery and flash memory card are located on the bottom of your eBook. Your battery
will provide three to five hours of use when fully charged. Simply connect your power
adapter to recharge the battery.
Your eBook's storage is provided by a flash memory card. You can increase the storage by
purchasing and installing a larger memory card.
Your battery is located here. If you
need to take it out, push the tab to
the right and open it.
Modem connection
Plug in your phoneline
cord here.
The stylus is like a pen that can
be used to select items
on-screen. To use, simply push
in on the device and pull out.
Power connection
Plug in your power adapter here.
Compact Flash Memory Card
Here you can insert a new flash card. To remove
a card, press in on the small tab and pull out the
card. If you have trouble pressing the tab in all
the way, use the stylus to push it in.
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