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RCA F27703 User Manual

Rca f27703: users guide.
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   Summary of Contents for RCA F27703

  • Page 1


  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Pour éviter les chocs électriques, introduire la lame la plus large de la fiche dans la borne correspondante de la prise et pousser jusqú au fond. Operate TV only on 120 volts, 60 Hz AC power (normal house power) . FCC Regulations state that unauthorized changes or modifications to this equipment may void the user’s authority to operate it.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Introduction Thank you for choosing RCA Congratulations on your purchase of an RCA TV. You have selected a high-quality, precision-engineered instrument designed to give you years of enjoyment. About This Manual To take full advantage of all the features and benefits of this unique TV, be sure to read this owner’s...

  • Page 4: First-time Operation

    TV models included in this book. The recommended stands are provided with hardware to secure the TV to the stand so that it cannot be easily pulled off or tipped over. Your RCA dealer can help you choose the appropriate stand for your TV.

  • Page 5

    The correct time will now appear on the screen whenever you change channels or press the TV or DISPLAY button. Note: If power is interrupted for an extended time, you will need to reset the clock.

  • Page 6: Front Panel Controls

    Front Panel Controls Shown here is the front panel control. You can use either the front panel controls or the remote control to operate the TV. When using the remote control, point it toward the screen. POWER Button • Press once to turn on TV.

  • Page 7: Tv On-screen Status Displays

    PARENTAL CONTROL function is activated. Details are on page 18. MUTE This display appears when the TV’s sound is muted. It is not displayed when closed captioning is turned on. Details are on page 9. Commercial Skip This display is a count-down timer that appears whenever the commercial skip function is activated.

  • Page 8: Remote Control Operation

    This may accidentally depress the buttons for a long time and discharge the batteries. • Replace the batteries when the TV fails to respond to the remote control. • If you programmed your remote to control other components, you may have to reprogram the code numbers when you change the batteries.

  • Page 9: Basic Operation Theory

    * The TV button automatically controls your TV – no additional programming is required. Details for programming the VCR1 and VCR2•LD buttons to control other brands of VCRs are on page 31.

  • Page 10: Tv Functions

    Remote Control Operation Only the buttons that are used to control the TV are described here. The rest of the buttons are used to operate VCRs (pages 30-31), a DSS (page 26), and audio equipment (page 35). ¥ LD AUDIO...

  • Page 11

    • To restore sound, press MUTE again or press VOL up. PREV CH (Previous Channel) Button • Pressing the PREV CH button causes the TV to change back to the last tuned channel. This is useful should you want to monitor two channels.

  • Page 12: Video Menu- General Instructions

    S-VIDEO connector, channel 91 lets you see the signal from the INPUT 1 jacks, and channel 92 lets you see the signal from the INPUT 2 jacks. Your TV is equipped with a custom picture memory for these input channels. When the TV is tuned to one of these channels (90, 91, 92), you can change the picture settings for that component’s signal as desired without changing...

  • Page 13: Audio Menu- General Instructions

    ). If you want to listen to the SAP channel when the asterisk appears, change the STEREO/SAP function to its SAP setting. The SAP setting will only appear in the function when SAP is available. Your TV will then reproduce the SAP audio until you change channels or return the STEREO/SAP function back to STEREO.

  • Page 14: Sound Retrieval System - Srs

    Sound Retrieval System – SRS ( Your TV includes a feature called • SRS ( )* (Sound Retrieval System) which brings dimensional realism to both stereo and mono broadcasts. When the SRS ON/OFF function is set to ON and the STEREO/SAP function...

  • Page 15: Setup Menu- General Instructions

    Press the + or – button to select the length of time you want the TV to stay on. You can program your TV to turn on and/or off at the times you choose by setting the ALARM function.

  • Page 16: Setting Closed Captioning

    Setting Closed Captioning The CAPTIONING feature lets you display the audio portion of a program as text on the TV screen. This is useful to the hearing impaired or anyone who wants to watch a program without the sound. There are four types of closed captioning transmissions available: Captions 1, Captions 2.

  • Page 17: Setting The Sleep Timer

    Then the TV will turn itself off. If you want the TV to stay on when this display appears, press the + button on the remote to add more time to the SLEEP TIMER display.

  • Page 18: Setting The Alarm

    When the alarm time is reached, the set will turn on at whatever volume you left it when you last turned it off. So if you want the TV to come on loudly at the ON TIME, be sure the TV is playing loudly when you turn off the TV for the last time.

  • Page 19: Labeling Channels

    64 names. After 64 names or labels have been entered, the TV will display this message to let you know no more channels can be labeled: CHAN LABEL: FULL. Listed below are the letters and characters from which you’ll be able...

  • Page 20: Parental Control

    OFF. This can only be done with the remote control–it can not be changed with the buttons on the front of the TV. Therefore, after you turn on PARENTAL CTRL, you simply hide the remote control so that your children can not watch the locked channels.

  • Page 21: Channel Memory (autoprogramming Channels)

    (with remote) If you have a video device connected to the S-VIDEO or INPUT jacks on the back of the TV, you can view its signal either by directly selecting channel 90 (for S-VIDEO connector), channel 91 (for INPUT 1 jacks), or channel 92 (for...

  • Page 22: Setting Up Vcr Channels

    VCR 1 CHAN: OFF again. Notes about Entering Channel Number: • Enter channel 91 if VCR is connected to the TV’s audio and video INPUT 1 jacks. • Enter channel 92 if VCR is connected to the TV’s audio and video INPUT 2 jacks.

  • Page 23: Setting Up Cable Box Channel

    TV’s CABLE/ANTENNA connector (as shown on page 25), you will no longer have to remember to select channel 2, 3, or 4 on the TV to see what’s coming from the cable box. By entering the cable box’s...

  • Page 24: Tips To Read Before Connecting Components

    “multiple adapter” to get enough outlets for all your components. The power cords on your RCA components are “polarized” (one blade is wider than the other). Be sure the extension cord or multiple adapter is also polarized. The plug should fit in the outlet only one way.

  • Page 25: Monitor Panel

    • If you place the speakers on each side of the TV, put switch in EXT position. If the left side of the switch is labeled EXT, the internal audio from the TV’s speakers will be muted.

  • Page 26: Home Antenna Connections

    Home Antenna Connections Follow one of the steps below to connect an indoor or outdoor antenna to your TV (only if you do not have a cable-TV system). If the antenna cable coming from your home antenna is a 75-ohm round coaxial cable that carries only VHF (channels 2-13),...

  • Page 27: Cable-tv Connections

    Cable-TV Connections Follow one of these steps to connect a cable-TV system to your TV instead of a home antenna. Since cable-TV systems vary, you may wish to consult your local cable-TV company for additional information. Follow this diagram if your cable company does not require a converter/decoder box (no scrambled channels):...

  • Page 28: Programming Remote To Control Cable Box

    If your cable box has its own remote to change channels, you will probably be able to program the TV’s remote to control both the TV and the cable box. To program the remote, press and hold the DSS•CABLE button, then the two- digit code number for your brand of cable box.

  • Page 29: Cable-tv Operation

    Your new TV is designed to receive up to 181 channels in the U.S.A. including 125 non-scrambled cable channels (see chart below). To use this TV on a cable- TV system, confirm that the cable-TV system is properly connected to your TV.

  • Page 30: Standard Vcr

    TV programs or VCR tapes and not be concerned about the position of the VCR’s TV/VCR switch. Note: When connected this way, the audio/video connections from the VCR to the TV are required in order for you to watch tapes being played by the VCR. Simplified Method...

  • Page 31: S-vhs (super Vhs) Vcr

    TV. The S-Vide cable carries only video. Note: Remember to also connect the video cable if you plan to use Optional accessories are available from most RCA dealers and electronics supply stores. Back of VCR VIDEO...

  • Page 32: Remote Buttons That Control Rca Vcrs

    The digital remote control that came packed with your TV controls your TV and up to two compatible RCA VCRs. To control a compatible RCA VCR, first press the VCR1 or VCR2•LD button to put the remote in the “VCR mode”. The buttons shown below will then control the VCR.

  • Page 33: Controlling Other Brands Of Vcrs

    Controlling Other Brands of VCRs The digital remote control that came packed with your TV controls your TV and up to two compatible VCRs, including most other brands. To program the remote, press and hold VCR1 (or VCR2•LD) and the two-digit code number for your brand of VCR.

  • Page 34: Camcorder

    Camcorder Connections S-VHS or Standard VHS Camcorder (This connection allows you to play back tapes in the camcorder and watch them on the TV.) AV OUT Jack (Audio/Video Out) An S-VHS or standard camcorder can be connected directly to your TV. If you have an S-VHS camcorder, connect the S-VIDEO cable to the S-VIDEO connector on your TV.

  • Page 35: Computers And Other Equipment

    COMPUTER #AH069G) OR TV GAME Your TV can also be used as a display device for many video games and home computers. If your game or computer has a normal NTSC (American Standard) VIDEO output, it can be connected directly to either the INPUT 1 or INPUT 2 jacks on the TV as shown here.

  • Page 36: Audio Amplifier

    TV as shown here. Note: If the stereo amplifier is part of a system that has its own remote, you may choose to connect it to the TV as shown below using the SELECT OUT jacks.

  • Page 37: Programming Remote To Control Audio Equipment

    Programming Remote to Control Audio Equipment The digital remote control that came packed with your TV is also capable of controlling a compatible audio component. To program the remote press and hold the AUDIO button and then enter the two-digit code number for your brand of audio equipment.

  • Page 38: Speaker Connections

    Caution: Do not connect external speakers to more than one audio source at a time. You can connect a set of speakers to either the TV or the Amplifier but not to both at the same time. If you connect the same speakers to both the TV and the amplifier, you will damage your equipment.

  • Page 39: Reference Section Optional Accessories And Order Form

    Accessory Order Form Remote Control (225839) This is the remote that came packed with your TV. You can use the order form to order it direct by mail if desired. Simple Touch Remote Control ™ (206800) This is an optional remote that can be used to turn your set on/off, change channels, and adjust volume.

  • Page 40

    Accessory Order Form Charge your order on your VISA or MasterCard by filling in below USE YOUR CREDIT CARD IMPORTANT: Copy complete account number from your VISA card My card expires: IMPORTANT: Copy complete account number from your MasterCard Copy Number My card above your expires:...

  • Page 41

    VCR or TV. Ends push on for a quick connection. Audio/Video Cables Audio/Video Cable Shielded cable for connecting AUDIO and VIDEO jacks. Has an RCA-type phono plug on each end. Slip-on End Screw-on End Stereo Audio Cable Double gold-tipped cable generally used for connecting stereo audio components.

  • Page 42: Trouble Checks

    Before you call or take your unit to an Authorized RCA TV Servicenter, look below for the type of trouble you are experiencing. Then perform the simple checks and adjustments listed for that trouble.

  • Page 43

    Checks and Adjustments • Channel may not be in Channel Memory. Try pressing number buttons. • If using VCR, check to make sure TV/VCR switch on VCR is in correct position. • To select cable channels 100 thru 128, press number button 1 until 1-- appears.

  • Page 44: Cleaning And Care

    Be sure to apply cleaner to a cloth. Do not put cleaner directly on the screen. Do not use strong cleaners, polishes, or chemically- treated cloths to clean the screen or cabinet. Never place drinks or vases with water on top of your TV. ® ® or Glass Plus...

  • Page 45: Limited Warranty

    What we will do: • Pay any Authorized RCA Television Servicenter the labor charges to repair your television. • Pay any Authorized RCA Television Servicenter for the new or, at our option, rebuilt replacement parts and picture tube required to repair your television.

  • Page 46: Index (alphabetical Subject Reference)

    STOP Button...30 Theory, Remote Control ...6 Time Display ...5 TINT Adjustment ...10 TREBLE Function ...11 Trouble Checks...40-42 TV Button ...2,4,5,8,13 TV Mode...8 VCR 1 CHAN Function ...13,20 VCR 2 CHAN Function ...13,20 VCR Channel Setup...20 VCR Connections ...28,29 VCR Mode...30 VCR1 Button ...7,20,30...

  • Page 48

    At Thomson, on-going efforts to maintain our valuable natural resources will continue to be a priority. If your TV needs service, please contact your dealer or the nearest Servicenter from the yellow pages. Please do not send any products to the Indianapolis address listed in this manual or on the carton.

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