Pioneer MVH-AV190 Operation Manual
Pioneer MVH-AV190 Operation Manual

Pioneer MVH-AV190 Operation Manual

Rds av receiver
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 MVH-AV290BT MVH-AV190 RDS AV RECEIVER Operation Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Switching visibility ..........8 Setting the slideshow interval ......15 Selecting a shortcut ........23 Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. ■ Entering the PIN code for Bluetooth wireless Removing a shortcut ........23 Please read through these instructions so you iPod ........16 ■...
  • Page 3: Precaution

     LIGHT GREEN LEAD AT POWER CONNECTOR product as an aid to keep an eye on trailers, or backing into a nearest authorised Pioneer Service Station. Do not use this IS DESIGNED TO DETECT PARKED STATUS tight parking spot. product in this condition because doing so may result in a AND MUST BE CONNECTED TO THE POWER fire, electric shock, or other failure.
  • Page 4: Handling The Usb Connector

    RDS-TMC service can also be used in the area where there is 2 Press the RESET button with a pen tip or other a station that broadcasts the RDS-TMC signal. pointed implement.  The Pioneer CarStereo-Pass is for use only in Germany.
  • Page 5: Basic Operation

    Basic operation 1 Pull out the plug from the USB port of the USB Checking part names and cable. functions 2 Plug a USB storage device into the USB cable. 1 USB cable 2 USB storage device Check that no data is being accessed before pulling out the USB storage device.
  • Page 6: How To Use The Screens

    Basic operation How to use the screens Time and date setting screen 2016 Month/Date d/m/y m/d/y Time Format 12hour 24hour Setting menu screen Top menu screen System 6/10 Radio Current source Phone menu screen AV source icons Bluetooth Radio iPod Rear View Phone Book Audio...
  • Page 7: Supported Av Source

    Basic operation Registration and connection of Supported AV source Using the common touch panel keys Bluetooth device You can play or use the following sources with this product.  : Returns to the previous screen.  Radio  : Closes the screen. The following sources can be played back or used by connecting AV290BT an auxiliary device.
  • Page 8: Connecting A Registered Bluetooth Device Manually

    Registration and connection of Bluetooth device  Switching visibility on page 8 2 Touch [Bluetooth Memory Clear]. Switching visibility 3 Touch [Clear]. Connecting to a Bluetooth device This function sets whether or not to make this product visible to The confirmation screen appears. the other device.
  • Page 9: Hands-Free Phoning

    Hands-free phoning Displaying the Phone menu AV290BT 2 Touch 3 Touch the item to switch the history list. screen Bluetooth telephone The following items are available:  : Received call list connected indicator 1 Press .  : Dialled call list The device number of the ...
  • Page 10: Changing The Phone Settings

    Hands-free phoning Phone book transfers Changing the phone settings Notes for hands-free phoning  If there are more than 1 000 phone book entries on your mobile phone, not all entries may download completely. General notes  Depending on the phone, this product may not display the Answering a call automatically ...
  • Page 11: Setup For Ipod

    Setup for iPod Radio iPod / iPhone with a 30-pin connector AV290BT Displays the preset channel list. Select an item on the list ("1" to "6") When using an iPod with this product, configure the settings of to switch to the preset channel. this product according to the device to be connected.
  • Page 12: Starting Procedure

    Radio 3 Touch the item you want to set. Starting procedure Setting the Auto PI search  Off (default): Turns the seek tuning setting off. When you switch to the broadcast station containing RDS data, 1 Press .  Level1 to Level4: searches for the same PI (Programme Identification) code broad- Sets the level of sensitivity for FM to Level1 to Level4 (for 2 Touch [Radio].
  • Page 13: Compressed Audio Files

    Compressed audio files Starting procedure Displays the artwork when the file Plays files in random order. with the artwork is being played. : Does not play files in random order. The artwork file type needs to be JPEG, 1 Press . and the file size should be less than 99 KB.
  • Page 14: Compressed Video Files

    Compressed video files Starting procedure Hides the touch panel keys. 6/10 To display again the keys,  Compressed audio files on page 13 touch anywhere on the screen. Selecting files from the file Stop name list 6/10 Abcdefghi Abcdefghi You can select files to view using the file name list. Full 1 Touch 9999’99”...
  • Page 15: Still Image Files

    Still image files p Touching a folder on the list shows its contents. You can play Hides the touch panel keys. 6/10 a file on the list by touching it. To display again the keys, Setting the slideshow interval touch anywhere on the screen. Rotates the displayed JPEG or BMP files can be viewed as a slideshow on this product.
  • Page 16: Connecting Your Ipod

    iPod AV290BT Video source screen Sets a shuffle play. iPod : Plays randomly songs or Audio source screen 1 videos within the selected list. iPod Abcdefghi 6/10 : Plays album randomly. Abcdefghi Audio source screen 2 iPod 99999/99999 Abcdefghi 6/10 Full Abcdefghi 9999’99”...
  • Page 17: Starting Procedure

    iPod Bluetooth audio player CAUTION AV290BT p By pressing the button, you can also skip files forwards or backwards. For safety reasons, video images cannot be viewed while your p By pressing and hold the button, you can also vehicle is in motion. To view video images, stop in a safe place Playback screen 1 perform fast reverse or fast forwards.
  • Page 18: Starting Procedure

    AUX source System settings 4 Touch [AUX]. Displaying the “System” set- Hides the touch panel keys. The image is displayed on the screen. To display again the keys, ting screen touch anywhere on the screen. Setting the video signal 1 Press . When you connect this product to an AUX equipment, select the 2 Touch , and then...
  • Page 19: Setting The Camera For Rear View Mode

    Setting the safe mode CAUTION 4 Touch four corners of the screen along the Pioneer recommends the use of a camera which outputs You can set the safe mode that regulate operating some func- mirror reversed images, otherwise the screen image may arrows.
  • Page 20: Adjusting The Picture

    System settings placed on the right end, the dimmer available vehicle’s headlights are off (daytime) and on Setting the dimmer duration in day time is 0 hours. (nighttime). or night p When the cursor for on time setting is placed on the left end ...
  • Page 21: Audio Adjustments

    Audio adjustments Displaying the “Audio” setting Adjusting source levels Adjusting the subwoofer screen settings SLA (source level adjustment) lets you adjust the volume level of each source to prevent radical changes in volume when switch- p This function is available only when “Subwoofer” is “On”. ing between sources.
  • Page 22: Boosting The Bass

    Audio adjustments Theme menu Boosting the bass Customising the equaliser curves Selecting the theme colour A theme colour can be selected from 3 different colours. 1 Display the “Audio” setting screen. You can adjust the currently selected equaliser curve setting as desired.
  • Page 23: Favourite Menu

    Favourite menu Common operations Registering your favourite menu items in shortcuts allows you to A 4:3 picture is enlarged in the horizontal direction only, quickly jump to the registered menu screen by a simple touch on enabling you to enjoy an image without any omissions. ...
  • Page 24: Other Functions

    You can operate this function only for the video signal input Pioneer service facility. into the AV input. 1 Display the “Video Setup” screen. Problems with the AV screen 2 Touch [Restore Settings].
  • Page 25: Error Messages

     The connection between the mobile phone and this product disappear even after the engine is switched off/on, contact  The connected USB storage device consumes more than your dealer or an authorised Pioneer Service Station for cannot be established now. maximum allowable current.
  • Page 26: Detailed Information For Playable Media

    Appendix Video files compatibility (USB) Detailed information for playa- Media compatibility chart Files may not be played back properly depending on the ble media environment in which the file was created or on the contents General of the file. This product may not operate correctly, depending on the Compatibility Maximum playback time of audio file stored on an USB application used to encode WMA files.
  • Page 27: Copyright And Trademark Notice

    (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) ARISING IN ANY WAY OUT OF THE USE OF THIS SOFTWARE, EVEN IF ADVISED  Pioneer accepts no responsibility for data lost from an OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE iOS is a trademark on which Cisco holds the trademark right in iPod, even if that data is lost while using this product.
  • Page 28: Notice Regarding Video Viewing

    Do not push the LCD screen with excessive force as this may be visible. In that case, please consult your dealer or the scratch it. nearest authorised Pioneer Service Station.  Never touch the LCD screen with anything besidess your finger when operating the touch panel functions.
  • Page 29: Specifications

    Appendix USB Class ..........MSC (Mass Storage Class) Specifications File system ..............FAT16, FAT32 MP3 decoding format ......MPEG-1 & 2 A udio Layer 3 General WMA decoding format ......Ver.7, 7.1, 8, 9 (2 ch audio) (Windows Media Player) Rated power source ............14.4 V DC AAC decoding format ....
  • Page 30 © 2016 PIONEER CORPORATION. All rights reserved. < QRB3669-A > EW...

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