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Frequently Asked Questions - Philips CD4401B User Manual

Philips cd4401b: user guide
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Frequently asked
In this chapter you will find the most frequently
asked questions and answers about your phone.
The handset does not switch on!
Charge the battery: Put the handset on
charger. After a few moments the phone will
switch on.
Check the charger connections
Use only the SUPPLIED
The phone does not work at all.
Make sure that the adaptor and the phone
cord are connected properly
Check that the batteries are fully charged
and installed properly
This phone does not work during power
Communication is lost during a call!
Charge the battery
Move closer to the base station
Poor audio quality
Move closer to the base station
Move the base station at least one metre
away from any electrical appliances
No dialling tone
Check the connections. Reset the phone:
unplug and plug back in the mains.
Charge the batteries for at least 24 hours
Move closer to the base station
Use the line cable provided
Connect the line adaptor (when needed) to
the line cord
is blinking.
Move closer to the base station
Check battery level
Register the handset to the base station

Frequently asked questions

appears soon after the batteries
are charged.
Replace the batteries with new ones (use
only RECHARGEABLE batteries)
Caller ID does not work properly.
Check with your local phone company that
the CID service is subscribed to
Let the phone ring at least once before
The Call Waiting call cannot be answered.
Check with your local phone company and
select the correct recall duration
The handset LCD displays nothing.
Try again by disconnecting and connecting
the base station power supply and follow
the procedure to register a handset (see
Section 5.7.6)
Make sure the two supplied rechargeable
batteries have been inserted properly into
the battery compartment
Remove and place back the handset
Make sure the supplied batteries are
charged up
The handset displays UNREGISTERED
Follow the procedures to register the
handset to a base
Handset does not ring!
Increase the volume
Make sure that the adaptor and the phone
cord are connected properly
Move the handset closer to the base unit
Make sure the handset ringer is turned on



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