Maintenance; Operation Tips - LG ACHH Series Installation Manual

Air-cooled inverter scroll chiller
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Plate type heat exchanger maintenance
Before entering the usage season, check the following items. (Period: 1 time per year)
1) Perform water quality inspection to see if it is within the standard condition.
2) Perform strainer cleaning.
3) Check if the flow amount is adequate.
4) Check if operation environment is adequate. (Pressure, flow amount, water outlet temperature, etc.)
Daily inspection management
Water quality management
To prevent corrosion or scale accumulation in the plate type heat exchanger, you have to take a special
caution for water quality management.
Flow amount management
If the flwo amount is insufficient, freeze and burst may occur in the plate type heat exchanger.
Brine concentration management
If Brine(antifreeze) is used in the heat source water, use the designated type and concentration.

Operation Tips

• Do not cool excessively indoors. This may be harmful for your health and may consume more
• Block sunlight with blinds or curtains while you are operating the air conditioner.
• Keep doors or windows closed tightly while you are operating the air conditioner.
• Adjust the direction of the air flow vertically or horizontally to circulate indoor air.
• Speed up the fan to cool or warm indoor air quickly, in a short period of time.
• Open windows regularly for ventilation as the indoor air quality may deteriorate if the air
conditioner is used for many hours.
• Clean the air filter once every 2 weeks. Dust and impurities collected in the air filter may block the
air flow or weaken the cooling / dehumidifying functions.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents