Troubleshooting; General Error - LG ACHH Series Installation Manual

Air-cooled inverter scroll chiller
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General error

If the product stopped from the safety device, identify and resolve the root cause before
Before introducing the special warning, this introduces the general issues and how to
troubleshoot the issues.
When the chiller is not operating, check the power, refrigerant, configuration and alarm setting of
the chiller.
Check the voltage connected to the terminal block inside the power panel to check the power.
If there is no power, check whether the power circuit breaker is down.
If the power is properly connected, check the cycle pressure of the chiller to check whether it is
within the normal range.
If the pressure exceeds the normal range, check for leakage by using the soap bubble.
Before starting the chiller, return to the default setting.
Lastly check the alarm setting. Alarm can be checked through the HMI device.
If the alarm is turned on, follow the troubleshooting method for specific alarm.
Check power of the device
Incorrect or inaccurate device
Device does
not start.
Alarm is on
Entering delay time
Potential cause
Potential solution
Check over-current protection device
Check if fuse is disconnected
Resume power to device
Check device configuration
Check if wiring is incorrect
Check alarm condition
Check for separate alarm troubleshooting
process and resolve the issue
Follow the direction
Check the HMI input channel to check the
alarm condition input
Check whether compressor entered start delay


Table of Contents

Table of Contents