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Mounting Base Screws - Panasonic AW-VF64N Operating Instructions Manual

4" crt viewfinder


Table of Contents
How to install
Mount the mounting base that is
supplied to the viewfinder onto the top of
the interface bracket using the 2 screws
(Mount the base securely so that it is not
Slide the viewfinder from the back into
the mounting base on the top of the
interface bracket, and push it into place
completely until it stops.
Turn the shoe fixing screw
tighten the viewfinder securely.
Connect the EVF connector
viewfinder to the EVF connector 2 on
the interface bracket.
 Before connecting the connector,
make sure that the power to all the
equipment has been turned off.
 For details on the connections of
each device, refer to the operating
instructions of the convertible camera,
studio SDI card (AW-PB506A) and
studio card (AW-PB305A).
, and
from the
- 8 -
Mounting base
2 screws


Table of Contents

Table of Contents