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Troubleshooting Guide - Expressions 38CG Owner's Manual

Wall console/underceiling duct free systems
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Refer to the Troubleshooting Guide below before contacting your local dealer.
Unit/system does not work
POWER Lamp is not lit
FILTER Lamp is lit
Unit is working, but does not
perform the required operation
Various indicator lamps behave
other than listed in previous table
Unit does not operate with the
remote control
The remote control of another
air conditioner interferes with
unit operation


• No command transmitted to unit.
• Unit did not receive transmitted command.
• Unit is not properly connected.
• Automatic circuit breaker switches to OFF.
• Fuse burned.
• Filters require cleaning.
• Desired temperature setting is higher than
room air temperature when operating in the
• Desired temperature setting is lower than
room air temperature when operating in the
• The control system is malfunctioning.
• There is no direct line of sight between the
remote control and the unit.
• Incorrect operation or malfunction.
• The operation switch on the Display Panel
is in the AUTO or OFF position.
• The remote control batteries are weak.
• The remote control is malfunctioning.
• Both remote control are transmitting on the
same wavelength.
• Press the ON/OFF button.
• Make sure that remote control is pointed at unit
during command transmission.
• Check electrical connection.
• Reset breaker.
• Replace fuse.
• Remove and clean filters.
• Move the operation switch to OFF, then REMOTE.
• Lower the desired temperature setting.
• Raise the desired temperature setting.
• Move the operation switch to OFF, then REMOTE.
• Place the remote control where there is a direct
line of sight to the unit.
• Move the operation switch to OFF, then to REMOTE.
Restart the unit. If the problem persists, call service
• Move the operation switch to the REMOTE position.
• Replace the batteries.
• Turn the unit ON and OFF using the operation switch.
• Call Service Personnel.