Huawei Y6II Compact User Manual
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Y6II Compact User Guide...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents   Foreword ....................1   First-­class  functions .................. 2   Easy  Key ........................2   Safe ..........................2   New  camera  modes ..................... 3   Launching  the  camera  from  gallery ................3   Thumb  mode ........................ 4   Getting  started .................... 6  ...
  • Page 3 Messaging  and  email ................32   Sending  a  text  message .................... 32   Replying  to  a  message ....................32   Managing  messages ....................32   Adding  an  email  account ................... 33   Sending  an  email ....................... 34   Checking  your  emails ....................34  ...
  • Page 4 Phone  settings ..................57   Turning  on  location  services ..................57   Modifying  tone  settings ....................57   Modifying  display  settings ..................58   Changing  the  lock  screen  style ................. 58   Turning  aeroplane  mode  on  or  off ................59  ...
  • Page 5: Foreword

    Foreword   Please  read  this  guide  carefully  before  you  start  using  the  phone.   All  pictures  and  illustrations  in  this  document  are  for  your  reference  only.  The  actual   product  may  vary.   Features  in  this  guide  are  for  your  reference  only.  Some  features  may  not  be  supported   by  all  phones.
  • Page 6: First-­Class  Functions

    First-­class  functions   Easy  Key   The  Easy  key  is  a  multi-­functional  key  on  the  left  side  of  your  phone.  Different  gestures   you  perform  with  the  Easy  key  will  launch  different  functions.  It's  completely   customizable  so  you  can  define  what  each  gesture  does.   To  customize  the  Easy  key,  go  to  ...
  • Page 7: New  Camera  Modes

    New  camera  modes   Front  flash   The  front  flash  compensates  for  dark  scenes  and  backlit  objects  to  achieve  better   lighting  conditions.   O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .   1.   T ouch     to  switch  to  the  front  camera.   2.
  • Page 8: Thumb  Mode

    Thumb  mode   Thumb  mode  makes  it  easier  to  use  phones  with  large  screens  and  quickly  share  QR   contact  cards  with  friends.   One-­hand  layout   O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .   1.   U nder  All,  touch  One-­hand  UI  >  One-­hand  layout.   2.
  • Page 9 Moving  the  screen  down   On  the  contacts,  dialer,  messaging,  or  email  screen,  if  you  can't  reach  items  near  the  top   of  the  screen,  touch  the  upper  half  of  the  screen  and  drag  down  and  release  (after  1   second)  to  shift  the  entire  interface  down  closer  to  your  thumb.
  • Page 10: Getting  Started

    Getting  started   Your  phone  at  a  glance     Headset  jack   Power  key           Front  camera   Volume  key         Front  flash     Earpiece         Easy  key  ...
  • Page 11: Navigation  Bar

    Navigation  bar   Touch  to  return  to  the  previous  screen  or  exit  the  application  you     are  running.   Touch  to  display  the  list  of  recently  used  applications.     Touch  to  return  to  the  home  screen.      ...
  • Page 12: Dual-­Card  Settings

    Unlocking  the  screen   When  the  screen  is  off,  press  the  power  button  to  turn  it  on.  Slide  your  finger  in  any   direction  to  unlock  the  screen.     Dual-­card  settings   Enabling  or  disabling  a  SIM  card   You  can  install  two  SIM  cards  on  your  phone  and  use  one  or  both  of  them  at  the  same  ...
  • Page 13: Connecting  To  A  Wi-­Fi  Network

    O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .   1.   U nder  All,  touch  Dual  card  management.   2.   T ouch  Card  1  or  Card  2  next  to  Default  mobile  data  /  Default  calls/messages.   3.     This  function  may  not  be  supported  by  some  service  providers.   Connecting  to  a  Wi-­Fi  network  ...
  • Page 14 Touch  and  hold:  Touch  and  leave  your  finger  on  the   screen  for  2  seconds  or  more.  For  example,  touch  and   hold  a  blank  area  on  the  home  screen  to  enter  editing   mode.     Swipe:  Move  your  finger  vertically  or  horizontally  across   the  screen.
  • Page 15: Motion  Control

    Motion  control   Motion  control  lets  you  control  your  phone  using  simple  motions  and  gestures.  For   example,  mute  the  phone  by  turning  it  over  or  raise  the  phone  to  your  ear  to  answer  and   make  calls  quickly.   O n  the  home  screen,  touch  ...
  • Page 16: Status  Icons

    Status  icons   Status  icons  may  vary  according  to  your  region  or  network  operator.   Signal  strength   No  signal       Enhanced  Data  Rates  for  GSM   GPRS  network  connected   Evolution  (EDGE)  network       connected   3G  network  connected  ...
  • Page 17: Navigation  Bar  Settings

    Navigation  bar  settings   O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .   1.   U nder  All,  touch  Navigation  bar.   2.   S elect  one  of  the  virtual  navigation  bars  to  customize  your  navigation  bar.  If  you  select   3.
  • Page 18 Auto-­rotate  screen   If  you  rotate  your  phone  when  browsing  a  web  page  or  viewing  a  photo,  your  screen   automatically  changes  between  landscape  and  portrait  views.   A dditionally,  this  feature   allows  you  to  enjoy  tilt  sensor-­based  applications,  such  as  racing  games.     S wipe  down  from  the  status  bar  to  open  the  notification  panel.
  • Page 19   Hiding  application  icons:  Place  two  fingers  on  the  home  screen  and  pinch  out.     Touch   ,  select  the  application  icons  you  want  to  hide,  and  then  touch  OK.   Applications  will  not  appear  on  the  home  screen  after  they  have  been  hidden.   Managing  home  screens  ...
  • Page 20: Notification

    Notification   Notification  panel   Swipe  down  from  the  status  bar  to  open  the  notification  panel.  Swipe  left  or  right  to   switch  between  the  notifications  and  shortcuts  tabs.     Touch  to  view  the  notification  details  and  swipe  left  or  right  across  a    ...
  • Page 21: Personalising  Your  Phone

    Viewing  recently  used  applications   Touch     to  display  the  list  of  recently  used  applications.  You  can  then:     Touch  an  application's  thumbnail  to  open  it.     Flick  left  or  right  to  display  recently  used  applications.    ...
  • Page 22 Y ou  can:   2.   Select  a  theme.     Touch     and  customize  the  theme  style,  wallpaper,  and  more.     T ouch   .   3.   Changing  the  wallpaper   T ouch  and  hold  a  blank  area  on  the  home  screen  to  enter  editing  mode.   1.
  • Page 23: Texting

    Texting   Your  phone  comes  with  multiple  text  input  methods.  You  can  quickly  enter  text  using     the  onscreen  keyboard.  Touch  a  text  box  to  bring  up  the  onscreen  keyboard.Touch  a   text  box  to  bring  up  the  onscreen  keyboard.   To  hide  the  onscreen  keyboard,  touch  ...
  • Page 24 Paste  text:  Touch  and  hold  where  you  want  to  insert  the  text,  drag     to  move  the     insertion  point  and  touch  Paste  to  paste  the  text  you  copied  or  cut.         20  ...
  • Page 25: Calls  And  Contacts

    Calls  and  contacts   Making  a  call   Smart  dialling   Smart  dialling  lets  you  quickly  find  contacts  by  entering  parts  of  their  names  or  numbers.   O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .   1.   U nder  Dialler,  enter  the  initials  or  first  few  letters  of  a  contact's  name  or  part  of  the   2.
  • Page 26 U nderDialler,,  enter  your  local  emergency  number  and  then  touch   .   2.     For  some  phone  models,  you  can  make  an  emergency  call  even  on  the   lock  screen.  On  the  lock  screen,  touch  Emergency  call,  enter  your  local   emergency  number,  and  then  touch  ...
  • Page 27: Answering  Or  Rejecting  A  Call

    Answering  or  rejecting  a  call   When  a  call  comes  in,  you  can  press  the  volume  button  to  mute  the  ringtone.       Drag     right  to  answer  the  call.     Drag     left  to  reject  the  call.    ...
  • Page 28: What  You  Can  Do  During  A  Call

    What  you  can  do  during  a  call     Touch     to  place  the  current  call  on  hold,  then  touch       again  to  resume  the  call.   Touch     to  start  a  three-­way  call.  Make  sure  you  have   subscribed  to  this  service  before  using  three-­way  calling.
  • Page 29: Answering  A  Third-­Party  Call

    Answering  a  third-­party  call   Before  you  answer  a  third-­party  call,  make  sure  that  you  have  turned  on  call  waiting.   I f  a  call  comes  in  when  you  are  already  in  another  call,  touch     to  answer  the  new   1.
  • Page 30: Turning  On  Pocket  Mode

    Deleting  call  records   O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .   1.   U nder  Dialler,  you  can:     2.   Touch  and  hold  a  contact  name  or  phone  number  and  then  touch  Delete  entry  >    ...
  • Page 31: Managing  Contacts

    U nder  Dialler,  touch     >  Settings.     2.   T ouch  Additional  settings.  If  your  phone  supports  dual  cards,  select  a  SIM  card,  and   3.   then  Additional  settings.     T ouch  Call  waiting  to  enable  this  function.     4.
  • Page 32: Importing  Or  Exporting  Contacts

    Importing  or  exporting  contacts   Your  phone  supports  contact  files  in  .vcf  format  only.  This  is  a  standard  contact  file   format.  Contact  names,  addresses,  phone  numbers  and  other  information  can  be  saved   as  .vcf  files.     Importing  contacts  from  a  storage  device  ...
  • Page 33 S elect  Import  via  Wi-­Fi  Direct  and  then  touch  Next.  Your  phone  then  prompts  you  to   3.   turn  on  Wi-­Fi  and  scans  for  Wi-­Fi  Direct  devices.   T ouch  the  Wi-­Fi  Direct  device  from  which  you  want  to  import  contacts.   4.
  • Page 34: Adding  A  Contact  To  Your  Favorites

    Adding  a  contact  to  your  favorites   O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .   1.   T ouch  the  contact  you  want  to  add  to  your  favorites,  and  then  touch  Favourites.   2.     When  viewing  contact  details,  you  can  also  touch  to  add  the  contact  to  your   favorites.
  • Page 35 T ouch     to  send  a  message  or  touch     to  send  an  email.   3.   Deleting  a  contact  group     O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .   1.   T ouch  Groups.     2.
  • Page 36: Messaging  And  Email

    Messaging  and  email   Sending  a  text  message   O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .   1.   I n  the  list  of  message  threads,  touch   .   2.   T ouch  the  recipient  text  box  and  enter  the  contact  name  or  phone  number.  You  can   3.
  • Page 37: Adding  An  Email  Account

    Add  a  message  to  your  favorites   You  can  add  important  messages  to  your  favorites  to  avoid  deleting  them  by  mistake.   Deleting  a  thread  does  not  remove  your  favorites  messages  in  it.   O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .
  • Page 38: Sending  An  Email

    F ollow  the  onscreen  prompts  to  configure  the  email  settings.  The  system  then   4.   automatically  connects  to  the  server  and  checks  server  settings.     When  the  email  account  has  been  set  up,  the  Inbox  screen  is  displayed.      ...
  • Page 39: Setting  Up  An  Account

    T ouch  the  email  you  want  to  read.  You  can  then:   3.   Touch     to  reply.     Touch     to  reply  to  all.     Touch     to  forward  it.     Touch    ...
  • Page 40 Touch  an  email  account  to  modify  your  signature,  set  how  often  the  inbox  is  refreshed     and  set  the  notification  tone  for  new  emails.     36  ...
  • Page 41: Camera  And  Gallery

    Camera  and  Gallery   Capture  screen     Touch     to  set  the  flash  mode.     Swipe  left  or  right  to  switch  the  capture  mode.     Touch     to  view  your  photos  and  videos.     Touch  ...
  • Page 42: Taking  A  Photo

    Taking  a  photo   O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .   1.   F rame  the  scene  you  want  to  capture.  Your  phone  will  automatically  determine  a  focal   2.   point.  You  can  also  touch  a  point  on  the  screen  to  focus  the  camera  on  it.   If  the  frame  turns  red,  the  camera  was  unable  to  focus.
  • Page 43 Taking  a  panorama  photo   O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .   1.   T ouch     >  Panorama  to  switch  to  panorama  mode.     2.   T ouch     to  start  shooting.     3.
  • Page 44: Shooting  A  Video

    All  focus  mode   O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .   1.   T ouch     >  All-­focus  to  switch  to  all  focus  mode.   2.   T ouch     to  take  a  photo.   3.   G o  to  gallery  and  select  the  photo  that  was  taken  using  all  focus  mode.
  • Page 45: Gallery

    Gallery   Displaying  photos  in  timeline  mode   O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .   1.   T ouch  Albums  or  Photos  at  the  top  of  your  screen  to  display  your  photos  in  list  or   2.   timeline  mode.
  • Page 46 T ouch  the  switch  next  to  the  album  to  hide  the  photos.   3.     Not  all  local  albums  on  the  phone's  internal  storage  can  be  hidden.   Deleting  a  photo   O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .
  • Page 47: Music  And  Video

    Music  and  video   Listening  to  music   O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .   1.   S elect  a  category.   2.   T ouch  the  song  you  want  to  play.     3.   Touch  the  playing  song  to  enter  the  main  playback  interface.     Creating  a  playlist  ...
  • Page 48: Setting  A  Song  As  The  Ringtone

    Setting  a  song  as  the  ringtone   Want  to  hear  your  favourite  song  whenever  you  receive  a  call?  Just  make  it  your   ringtone.   O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .   1.   S elect  a  category.   2.
  • Page 49: Network  And  Sharing

    Network  and  sharing   Turning  on  mobile  data   O n  the  home  screen,  touch     then  then  the  All  tab.   1.   U nder  Wireless  &  networks,  touch  More.   2.   T ouch  Mobile  network.     3.
  • Page 50: Sharing  Your  Phone's  Mobile  Data  Connection

    Touch  WPS  PIN  connection  and  enter  the  PIN  generated  from  your  phone  on  your     router.   Sharing  your  phone's  mobile  data  connection   Wi-­Fi  hotspot   Your  phone  can  function  as  a  Wi-­Fi  hotspot  for  other  devices  by  sharing  its  mobile  data   connection.
  • Page 51: Transferring  Data  Through  Bluetooth

    Bluetooth  tethering   You  can  share  your  phone's  mobile  data  connection  with  other  devices  using  Bluetooth.   O n  the  home  screen,  touch     then  the  All  tab.   1.   U nder  Wireless  &  networks,  touch  More.   2.
  • Page 52: Transferring  Data  Using  Wi-­Fi  Direct

    Touch  and  hold  the  file  you  want  to  send  and  then  touch  Share  >  Bluetooth  on  the   displayed  window.  Your  phone  will  automatically  search  for  and  display  available  devices.   Select  a  device  to  receive  your  file.   Receiving  a  file  using  Bluetooth   When  your  phone  receives  a  file  transfer  request,  a  File  transfer  dialogue  box  will  be  ...
  • Page 53: Transferring  Data  Between  Your  Phone  And  Computer

    Transferring  data  between  your  phone  and  computer   Connecting  in  picture  transfer  mode   The  Picture  Transfer  Protocol  (PTP)  is  an  image  transfer  protocol  that  can  be  used  to   transfer  images  between  your  phone  and  computer,  making  sharing  easier.   U se  a  USB  cable  to  connect  your  phone  to  the  computer.
  • Page 54: Applications

    Applications   Managing  applications   Downloading  applications   A  wide  selection  of  applications  are  available  from  a  variety  of  sources.  You  can:     Download  applications  from  web  pages  using  the  browser  on  your  phone.       Download  applications  using  a  computer,  and  copy  the  applications  to  your  phone.
  • Page 55: Phone  Manager

    4.   Phone  Manager   Phone  Manager  is  Huawei's  unique  system  management  application  that  lets  you  better   protect  and  manage  your  phone.  With  Phone  Manager,  you  can:   Scan  for  problems  and  clean  system  trash  to  optimize  your  system.  ...
  • Page 56: Calendar

    Power  saving   O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .   1.   T ouch  Power  saving  to  check  your  phone's  power  consumption  and  extend  your   2.   phone's  standby  time.  You  can  switch  to  different  power  saving  modes  as  required.   Harassment  filter  ...
  • Page 57: Clock

    Viewing  the  calendar   O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .   1.   O n  the  Calendar  screen,  you  can:     2.   Touch  Month,  Week  and  Day  to  switch  between  month,  week  and  day  views.    ...
  • Page 58: Weather

    Add  a  city:  Touch   ,  enter  a  city  name  or  choose  a  city  from  the  city  list  and  then     touch  the  city  you  want  to  add.     Set  your  time  zone:  Touch     to  set  your  home  time  zone  and  system  date  and    ...
  • Page 59: Note

    S elect  the  city  you  want  to  add.   3.   Deleting  a  city   O n  the  home  screen,  touch  Tools  >  Weather.   1.   T ouch   ,  touch  and  hold  the  city  you  want  to  delete  and  then  touch   .
  • Page 60 Searching  for  stations   O n  the  home  screen,  touch  Tools  >  FM  Radio.   1.   T ouch     >     to  search  for  and  save  available  stations.     2.   Your  phone  will  automatically  search  for  and  save  stations  the  first  time  you  turn  on    ...
  • Page 61: Phone  Settings

    Phone  settings   Turning  on  location  services   Before  you  use  a  map  or  navigation  application,  make  sure  you  have  turned  on  location   services.     O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .   1.   U nder  All,  touch  Location  services.     2.
  • Page 62: Modifying  Display  Settings

    Under  System,  touch  the  switches  to  enable  or  disable  the  notification  tone  or     vibration  when  you  touch  or  lock  the  screen,  dial  a  number,  and  more.   Modifying  display  settings   O n  the  home  screen,  touch   .
  • Page 63: Turning  Aeroplane  Mode  On  Or  Off

    C onnect  at  least  four  dots  to  draw  a  pattern  and  then  draw  the  pattern  again  to   4.   confirm.   S et  a  screen  unlock  PIN  as  an  alternative  method  to  unlock  your  phone  should  you   5.   forget  your  unlock  pattern.
  • Page 64: Setting  Your  Sim  Card  Pin

    Setting  your  SIM  card  PIN   A  personal  identification  number  (PIN)  is  delivered  with  your  SIM  card  to  protect  your   phone  data.  If  you  enable  the  SIM  card  lock,  you  must  enter  the  PIN  each  time  you  turn   your  phone  on.
  • Page 65: Restoring  Factory  Settings

    S elect  the  account  you  want  to  delete.   3.   T ouch     to  delete  the  account.   4.   Turning  on  data  synchronisation   O n  the  home  screen,  touch     then  the  All  tab.   1.
  • Page 66: Setting  The  Date  And  Time

    T ouch  Check  for  updates.  Follow  the  onscreen  prompts  to  download  and  install  any   3.   available  updates.   Online  updates  may  incur  excessive  data  charges.  You  are  advised  to  update  over     a  Wi-­Fi  network.   Setting  the  date  and  time   O n  the  home  screen,  touch  ...
  • Page 67: Accessibility

    U nder  All,  touch  Security.   2.   T ouch  Privacy  protection  >  Let's  start.   3.   S elect  a  password  type.   4.   F ollow  the  onscreen  instructions  to  enter  the  owner  password  and  guest  password.   5.
  • Page 68: Safety  Information

    Safety  information   This  section  contains  important  information  about  the  operation  of  your  device.  It  also   contains  information  about  how  to  use  the  device  safely.  Read  this  information  carefully   before  using  your  device.   Electronic  device   Do  not  use  your  device  if  using  the  device  is  prohibited.  Do  not  use  the  device  if  doing   so  causes  danger  or  interference  with  other  electronic  devices.
  • Page 69 increases  the  risk  of  explosion  or  fire.  In  addition,  follow  the  instructions  indicated  in   text  or  symbols.   Do  not  store  or  transport  the  device  in  containers  with  flammable  liquids,  gases,  or     explosives.   Traffic  security   Observe  local  laws  and  regulations  while  using  the  device.
  • Page 70 Keep  the  device  away  from  sources  of  heat  and  fire,  such  as  a  heater,  microwave     oven,  stove,  water  heater,  radiator,  or  candle.   Do  not  place  sharp  metal  objects,  such  as  pins,  near  the  earpiece  or  speaker.  The    ...
  • Page 71 Unplug  the  charger  from  electrical  outlets  and  the  device  when  not  in  use.     Do  not  drop  or  cause  an  impact  to  the  charger.     If  the  power  cable  is  damaged  (for  example,  the  cord  is  exposed  or  broken),  or  the    ...
  • Page 72 Do  not  put  batteries  in  fire  as  they  may  explode.  Damaged  batteries  may  also     explode.   Dispose  of  used  batteries  in  accordance  with  local  regulations.  Improper  battery  use     may  lead  to  fire,  explosion,  or  other  hazards.   Do  not  allow  children  or  pets  to  bite  or  suck  the  battery.
  • Page 73 If  the  device  screen  is  broken  in  a  collision,  immediately  stop  using  the  device.  Do  not     touch  or  attempt  to  remove  the  broken  parts.  Promptly  contact  an  authorized  service   center.     Emergency  calls   The  availability  of  emergency  calls  is  subject  to  your  cellular  network  quality,  service   provider  policy,  and  local  laws  and  regulations.
  • Page 74: Personal  Information  And  Data Security

    Be  sure  to  obtain  third-­party  applications  from  a  legitimate  source.  Downloaded  third-­   party  applications  should  be  scanned  for  viruses.   Install  security  software  or  patches  released  by  Huawei  or  third-­party  application     providers.   Some  applications  require  and  transmit  location  information.   A s  a  result,  a  third-­party  ...
  • Page 75: Legal  Notice

     word  mark  and  logos  are  registered  trademarks  owned  by  Bluetooth  SIG,   Inc.  and  any  use  of  such  marks  by  Huawei  Technologies  Co.,  Ltd.  is  under  license.   Other  trademarks,  products,  services  and  company  names  mentioned  herein  may  be  the  ...
  • Page 76  service  providers  provide  content  and  services  through  network  or  transmission   tools  outside  of  the  control  of  Huawei.  To  the  greatest  extent  permitted  by  applicable  law,   it  is  explicitly  stated  that  Huawei  shall  not  compensate  or  be  liable  for  services  provided  ...
  • Page 78 Google's anti-theft mechanism requires you to enter the Google account your phone last logged in to on the startup navigation screen for identity authentication. Your phone can properly power on only after the identity authentication passes. Model: HUAWEI LYO-L21 6011991_01...

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