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  • Page 1 User Guide...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Essentials Basic Gestures System Navigation Phone Clone Lock and Unlock Your Screen Get Familiar with the Home Screen Notification and Status Icons Shortcut Switches Home Screen Widgets Set Your Wallpaper Screenshots&Screen Recording View and Clear Notifications Adjust Sound Settings Enter Text Split-screen Mode and Floating Window Power On and Off or Restart Your Device...
  • Page 3 Contents Wi-Fi Bluetooth Mobile Data More Connections Home Screen&Wallpaper Display&Brightness Sounds&Vibration Notifications Biometrics&Password Apps Battery Storage Security Privacy Accessibility Features System&Updates About Phone...
  • Page 4: Basic Gestures

    Essentials Basic Gestures Basic Gestures More Gestures Access Home screen editing mode Pinch two fingers together on the home screen. Display the shortcut panel on the lock screen Swipe up from the bottom of the lock screen. Display the search bar Swipe down on the home screen.
  • Page 5: Phone Clone

    Clone Data from an Android Device On your new device, open Phone Clone . Alternatively, go to Settings > System & updates > Phone Clone, touch This is the new phone, then touch Huawei or Other Android.
  • Page 6: Lock And Unlock Your Screen

    Essentials Follow the onscreen instructions to download and install Phone Clone on your old device. On your old device, open Phone Clone and touch This is the old phone. Follow the onscreen instructions to connect your old device with your new device by scanning a code or connecting manually.
  • Page 7: Get Familiar With The Home Screen

    Essentials Get Familiar with the Home Screen Get Familiar with the Home Screen From the home screen, you can: Check the status of your device and notifications from the status bar at the top of the • screen. Swipe left or right to view apps and widgets displayed on the home screen. •...
  • Page 8 Essentials Notification and Status Icons Network status icons may vary according to your region or network service provider. Supported functions vary according to the device model. Some of the following icons may not be applicable to your device. 5G network connected 4G network connected 3G network connected 2G network connected...
  • Page 9: Shortcut Switches

    Essentials More notifications Vibrate only NFC enabled Do Not Disturb mode enabled Data syncing Data sync failed Performance mode enabled New emails Event reminders Digital balance enabled Shortcut Switches Shortcut Switches Turn on a Shortcut Switch Swipe down from the status bar to open the notification panel, then swipe down on it again to show all shortcuts.
  • Page 10: Set Your Wallpaper

    Essentials Move or Delete a Widget Touch and hold a widget on your home screen until your device vibrates, then drag it to the desired position or touch Remove. Set Your Wallpaper Set Your Wallpaper Use a Preset Wallpaper Go to Settings >...
  • Page 11 Essentials After you take a screenshot, a thumbnail will display in the lower left corner of the screen. Then you can: Swipe down on the thumbnail to take a scrolling screenshot. • Swipe up on the thumbnail to select a sharing mode and share the screenshot with your •...
  • Page 12: View And Clear Notifications

    Essentials To stop the recording, touch the timer at the top of the screen. The recording will be saved to Gallery. Record Your Voice During Screen Recording You can enable the microphone to record your voice while recording the screen. After starting a screen recording, touch the microphone icon and ensure that it is displayed as .
  • Page 13: Enter Text

    Essentials Use a Shortcut to Switch Between Ring, Vibrating, or Mute Mode Swipe down from the status bar to open the notification panel, then swipe down on it again to show all shortcuts. Touch the Sound, Silent, or Vibration icon to switch between different modes.
  • Page 14: Power On And Off Or Restart Your Device

    Essentials Adjust the Size of the Split-screen Panes Drag in the middle of the split screen line to the desired position on the screen. This feature can only be used when your device is in the portrait orientation. Switch the Split-screen Panes If the home screen is displayed in either of the split-screen panes, you won't be able to switch the panes.
  • Page 15 Batteries have a limited number of charge cycles. When the battery life becomes noticeably • shorter, go to an authorised Huawei Customer Service Centre to replace the battery. Do not cover your device or charger during charging. •...
  • Page 16: Camera And Gallery

    Camera and Gallery Launch Camera Launch Camera There are multiple ways to open the Camera app. From the Home Screen From the home screen, open Camera. Take Photos Take Photos Open Camera. You can then: Focus: Touch where you want to focus. •...
  • Page 17: Take Panoramic Photos

    Camera and Gallery Return to the viewfinder and touch the shutter button. Your device will take a photo when the countdown ends. Use Audio Control to Take Photos You can use your voice to take photos without having to touch the shutter button. Open Camera.
  • Page 18: Adjust Camera Settings

    Camera and Gallery Adjust Camera Settings Adjust Camera Settings You can adjust the camera settings to take photos and videos more quickly. The following features may not be available in some camera modes. Enable Location Tag Enable Location tag to tag your location in photos and videos. Swipe up on a photo or video in Gallery to view its shooting location.
  • Page 19 Camera and Gallery Rename Photos In Gallery, touch the photo thumbnail you want to rename. Go to > Rename and enter a new name. Touch OK. Share Photos and Videos There are several ways to share photos and videos from Gallery. Open Gallery.
  • Page 20 Camera and Gallery Add Photos and Videos to Favorites Open a photo or video, then touch The item will appear in both its original album and the My favourites album.
  • Page 21: Apps

    Apps Apps Apps Uninstall an App You can uninstall an app using either of the following methods: Touch and hold the app icon you want to uninstall until your device vibrates, touch • Uninstall, then follow the onscreen instructions to uninstall the app. Go to Settings >...
  • Page 22 Apps Share Contacts On the Contacts screen, select the contact you want to share, then go to > Share contact. Select a sharing method, then follow the onscreen instructions to share the contact. Export Contacts On the Contacts screen, go to >...
  • Page 23: Phone

    Apps Edit a Contact Group On the Groups screen, select the group you want to edit and touch to add a new contact. Touch for Remove members, Group ringtone, Delete group, or Rename. Send Group Messages or Emails On the Groups screen, open a group, then touch to send a message or touch send an email.
  • Page 24 Apps Make a Call Dial a Number or Select a Contact to Call Use either of the following methods to make a call: Open Phone, enter part of a phone number, the first letter of a contact's name, or the •...
  • Page 25 Apps Manage Call Logs You can merge the call logs of the same contact or number for a tidier and more concise interface, or delete call logs as required. Merge Call Logs Go to Phone > > Settings > Merge call log. Select By contact and your device will automatically merge the call logs of the same number or contact.
  • Page 26 Apps Manage Incoming Calls You can use the call waiting feature to answer incoming calls when you are already engaged in a previous call. If you cannot answer a call because your device is faulty or the network signal is poor, you can also set call forwarding to forward calls to another number or device. Answer or Reject an Incoming Call If you receive a call when the screen is locked: Drag...
  • Page 27 Apps Disable Call Forwarding On the Phone screen, go to > Settings, and touch Call forwarding under the SIM card you wish to disable call forwarding on. Select the forwarding mode that you wish to disable and disable it. This feature may vary depending on your carrier. Filter and Block Spam Calls Set different block rules to block sales, fraud, and other kinds of spam calls.
  • Page 28: Messaging

    Apps Once the message is sent, your device will bring up the emergency call screen, from which you can quickly call an emergency service or one of your emergency contacts. Make Emergency Calls In the event of an emergency, you can make emergency calls directly from the lock screen of your device even if there is no signal.
  • Page 29 Apps To send a group message to those not included in your contacts list, touch anywhere blank in the recipient box and enter the recipients' phone number. Touch the return key in the keyboard when you finish entering each of the phone numbers. After finishing editing, touch to send the message.
  • Page 30: Calendar

    Apps Block Spam Messages Go to Messaging > > Blocked > and set block rules. You can also go to Optimiser > Blocked > to set block rules. Block Messages from Specific Numbers Go to Messaging > > Blocked > >...
  • Page 31 Apps Search for Events On the Calendar screen, touch Enter keywords of your event in the search box, such as the title and location. Share an Event On the Calendar screen, touch an event on the calendar or under the schedule. Touch and follow the onscreen instructions to share the event using whichever method you prefer.
  • Page 32: Clock

    Apps Clock Alarm You can set alarms to play a sound or vibrate at specific times. Set an Alarm Go to Clock > Alarm, touch , and set a time. Select a sound for the alarm. The sound will play when you select it. You can press the Volume buttons to adjust its volume.
  • Page 33: Notepad

    Apps Stopwatch Go to Clock > Stopwatch, and touch to start the stopwatch. To stop it, touch View the Time in Cities Worldwide Use Clock to see the local time in different time zones around the world. Go to Clock > World clock, touch , and enter the name of a city or select one from the list of cities.
  • Page 34: Recorder

    Apps To restore a deleted Notepad item, touch All notes or All to-dos, select the item you want to restore in Recently deleted, then touch Recorder Recorder In the Tools folder, open Recorder, and touch to start a recording. During a recording, you can touch to add a tag.
  • Page 35 Apps Add a Personal Email Account Open Email on your device and select from the available mailbox providers or touch Other. Enter the email address and password, touch Sign in, and follow the onscreen instructions to configure the server settings. The system will automatically connect to the server and check the server settings.
  • Page 36 Apps View and Manage Emails Receive, view and manage your emails in the inbox. View an Email Open Email, then swipe down on the Inbox screen to refresh the email list. If you have multiple email accounts, touch Inbox and select the email account you want to view.
  • Page 37: Calculator

    Apps Change Account Name and Signature On the Inbox screen, go to > Settings and select an account. You can then set or change the Account name, Signature, and Default account. Log Out of an Email Account On the Inbox screen, go to >...
  • Page 38: Quickly Access Frequently Used App Features

    Apps Copy, Delete, or Clear Numbers Copy a calculation result: Touch and hold the calculation result, touch Copy, then paste the • result somewhere else, such as in a note or message. Delete the last digit: Touch • Clear the display: Touch .
  • Page 39 Apps On the Cleanup screen, touch Duplicate files, then select unwanted files to delete them. Filter and Block Spam Calls Set different block rules to block sales, fraud, and other kinds of spam calls. Filter Spam Calls Go to Phone > >...
  • Page 40: Phone Clone

    Phone Clone . Alternatively, go to Settings > System & updates > Phone Clone, touch This is the new phone, then touch Huawei or Other Android. Follow the onscreen instructions to download and install Phone Clone on your old device.
  • Page 41 Apps On your old device, select the data you want to clone, then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the data cloning. Phone Clone is only available on devices running iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Page 42: Wi-Fi

    Settings Wi-Fi Connect to a Wi-Fi Network Connecting to the Internet over Wi-Fi is an effective way to save mobile data. You can also enable Wi-Fi security monitoring to avoid risky hotspots and ensure safe Internet access. Connect to a Wi-Fi Network Be extra careful when connecting to a free public Wi-Fi hotspot to avoid security risks and economic loss resulting from the leakage of your personal data.
  • Page 43: Mobile Data

    Settings Touch Device name, enter a name, then touch OK. Pair with a Bluetooth Device Enable Bluetooth on the target device and set it to discoverable. For detailed instructions, refer to the device's user guide. From your device, access the Bluetooth settings screen, and enable Bluetooth to have your device automatically search for nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • Page 44: More Connections

    Settings More Connections You can enable or disable NFC as follows: Swipe down from the status bar to open the notification panel, then swipe down further to • show all shortcut switches. Touch to enable or disable NFC. Touch and hold the switch to enter the NFC settings screen.
  • Page 45: Home Screen&Wallpaper

    Settings If the VPN server does not have a DNS address, touch Show advanced options and enter the DNS domain, DNS server address, and forwarding route. Touch Save. Touch the VPN you have just set up, enter your VPN user name and password, then touch Connect.
  • Page 46: Display&Brightness

    Settings App Drawer You can put your apps in a drawer and display only frequently used apps on your home screen to streamline your home screen. Enable App Drawer Go to Settings > Home screen & wallpaper > Home screen style, and select Drawer. Once enabled, you can swipe up on the home screen to access all of your apps in the drawer.
  • Page 47: Sounds&Vibration

    Settings Enable or Disable Eye Comfort Mode Swipe down from the status bar to open the notification panel, then swipe down on it • again to show all shortcuts. Touch to enable or disable Eye Comfort. Touch and hold to access the Eye Comfort settings screen. Go to Settings >...
  • Page 48: Notifications

    Settings Enable Scheduled. Your device will enter Do not disturb mode at the specified time on Saturdays and Sundays by default. Touch Scheduled to set the start time and repeat cycle. You can also touch Add to set multiple start times. Set a Ringtone for Incoming Calls You can set your favorite music or a video as the ringtone for incoming calls.
  • Page 49: Biometrics&Password

    Settings Change the Badge Display Mode On the App icon badges screen, touch Badge display mode, and select Numbers or Dots according to your preference. More Notification Settings Go to Settings > Notifications > More notification settings and enable Wake screen. Your device will automatically turn on the screen when it receives a notification.
  • Page 50: Apps

    Settings Go to Settings > Biometrics & password and touch Lock screen password. Enter a password containing 6 digits. Alternatively, touch Change unlock method and select a password type, then follow the onscreen instructions to input a new password. Change the Lock Screen Password On the Biometrics &...
  • Page 51: Storage

    Settings Enable Performance Mode Performance mode adjusts power settings to deliver maximum performance. This will cause the battery to drain more quickly, especially when graphic-intensive apps are used. When the battery level is sufficient, go to Settings > Battery (or Optimiser >...
  • Page 52: Security

    Settings When the scan is complete, touch Clean up after each item and delete any files you don't need. Clean Up Duplicate Files Optimiser can identify duplicate files on your device. On the Cleanup screen, touch Duplicate files, then select unwanted files to delete them. Security App Lock Go to...
  • Page 53: Privacy

    Settings When using three-key navigation, touch to access the recent tasks screen, and touch • on an app preview. To unpin, touch and hold Privacy Permission Management Apps may require certain permissions, such as the Location permissions, in order to provide you with corresponding services.
  • Page 54: Accessibility Features

    Settings Increase the Accuracy of Location Services You can improve the positioning accuracy of your device by allowing apps and services to scan for nearby Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices. Go to Settings > Location > Advanced settings, then enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning.
  • Page 55: System&Updates

    Settings Scheduled Power On/Off Use the Scheduled power on/off feature to power your device on and off at set times, to save power and prevent interruptions while resting. Go to Settings > Accessibility features > Scheduled power on/off, and enable Scheduled power on/off.
  • Page 56 Phone Clone . Alternatively, go to Settings > System & updates > Phone Clone, touch This is the new phone, then touch Huawei or Other Android. Follow the onscreen instructions to download and install Phone Clone on your old device.
  • Page 57 Settings After the backup is complete, you can find your data backup in the Huawei folder in Files > Categories > Memory card. You can go to the Memory card backup screen and enable Auto-backup. Your device will then automatically back up your data every seven days when it is being charged, the screen is turned off, and the battery level is at least 75%.
  • Page 58 Settings Reset All Settings This operation will reset all network settings, fingerprints, face recognition data, and the lock screen password of your device. It will not delete any data from your device. Go to Settings > System & updates > Reset, touch Reset all settings, then follow the onscreen instructions to reset all settings.
  • Page 59: About Phone

    35%. Connect your device to a charger if necessary. To disable automatic updates, touch on the Software update screen, then disable Auto- download over Wi-Fi. About Phone Legal Disclaimer Copyright © Huawei 2020. All rights reserved.
  • Page 60 All statements, information, and recommendations in this guide do not constitute a warranty of any kind, express or implied. Please visit for recent updated hotline and email address in your country or region. Model:...

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