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Kenwood CO606 Series Instruction Manual

Electric 3-in-1 can opener


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Using the Bottle Opener
When opening tall bottles, the unit should be
used towards the edge of a work top.
1. Position the bottle with the cap under the
front rim of the bottle opener.
2. Push down the bottle to remove the cap
whilst steadying the unit with one hand.
Using the Knife Sharpener
1. With the can opener sideways on, place
the knife into one of the recesses.
2. Press the lever down and gradually draw
it towards yourself. Then place the knife
in the other recess and repeat. Take care
not to allow the knife to cut into the body
of the can opener.
3. Repeat this cycle several times in order
to sharpen the knife satisfactorily.
4. The grinding wheel may jam if too much
pressure is applied on the knife. Lift the
knife slightly to release the wheel.
NOTE: Knives without a serrated edge, preferably carbon steel are
most suitable for sharpening.
1. Disconnect the appliance by switching off
and removing the plug from the power
2. Lift the lever fully and withdraw the
assembly from the can opener.
3. Wash the lever in hot sudsy water and
dry thoroughly. Dishwashing is not
4. Replace the lever in the body
5. Wipe over the body with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.
If the cord of this appliance is damaged it must, for safety reasons, be
replaced by Kenwood or an authorised Kenwood repairer.
If you need help with:
using your can opener or servicing or repairs (in or out of guarantee)
call Kenwood on 023 9239 2333. Have your model number ready, it is
on the underside of your can opener.
Contact local repairer from advertisement in GOLDEN PAGES.
Contact the dealer from whom you purchased your appliance.
Important – UK only
The wires in the cord are coloured as follows:
Blue = Neutral, Brown = Live.
The appliance must be protected by a 3A approved (BS1362) fuse.
For non-rewireable plugs the fuse cover MUST be refitted when
replacing the fuse. If the fuse cover is lost then the plug must not be
used until a replacement can be obtained. The correct fuse cover is
identified by colour and a replacement may be obtained from your
Kenwood Authorised Repairer (see Service).
If a non-rewireable plug is cut off it must be DESTROYED
IMMEDIATELY. An electric shock hazard may arise if an unwanted
non-rewireable pug is inadvertently inserted into a 13A socket outlet.
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CO606 series



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