Sony ICD-PX440 - IC Recorder Quick Start Guide

Sony ICD-PX440 - IC Recorder Quick Start Guide

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Sony ICD-PX440 - IC Recorder Quick Start Guide

Check the supplied items

  • IC Recorder (1)
  • Stereo headphones (1)
  • Carrying pouch (1)
  • LR03 (size AAA) alkaline battery (2)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Help Guide (HTML file stored in the built-in memory so it can easily be copied to your computer.)

Optional accessories

  • USB AC adaptor AC-UD10

warning Note
Depending on the country or region, some of the models or optional accessories are not available.

Parts and controls

Parts and controls

  1. Operation indicator
  2. Built-in microphones (stereo) (L)
  3. Built-in microphones (stereo) (R)
  4. Display window
  5. REC/PAUSE (record/pause) button
  6. STOP button
  7. Control button ( (review/fast backward), (cue/fast forward))
  8. (play/enter) button*
  9. MENU button
  10. T-MARK (track mark) button
  11. FOLDER button
  12. Speaker
  13. Strap hole (A strap is not supplied.)
  14. USB connector compartment
  15. (headphones) jack
  16. (microphone) (PLUG IN POWER) jack* 1
  17. ERASE button
  18. VOL –/+ (volume –/+) button* 1
  19. A-B (repeat A-B) button
  20. M2 ™ /microSD memory card slot (The card slot is in the cover.)* 2
  21. USB slide lever
  22. HOLD•POWER ON/OFF switch
  23. DPC (SPEED CTRL) switch
  24. Battery compartment

*1 These buttons and the jack have a tactile dot. Use it as a reference point for operations, or to identify each terminal.
* 2 In this Quick Start Guide, M2 ™ and microSD cards are generally referred to as a "memory card." The M2 ™ /microSD card slot is referred to as the "memory card slot."

Let's try out your new IC recorder

  1. Power on.
    Let's try out your new IC recorder - Power on

    1. Slide and lift the battery compartment lid, then insert LR03 (size AAA) alkaline batteries with the correct polarity.

    2. Turn the power on.
      To turn the power on
      Slide and hold the HOLD•POWER ON/OFF switch in the direction of "POWER ON/OFF" until the window display appears.
      To prevent unintentional operations (HOLD)
      Slide the HOLD•POWER ON/OFF switch in the direction of "HOLD." ¼
      To release the IC recorder from the HOLD status, slide the HOLD•POWER ON/OFF switch towards the center.

  2. Set the date and time.
    When you insert batteries for the first time, or when you re-insert batteries or replace batteries with new ones, the " animation appears, and then the year section begins to flash in the clock setting display window.

    1. Press or to set the year (the last two digits of the year), and then press (play/enter). Repeat this procedure to set month, day, hour, and minute in sequence.
      When you set the minute and press (play/enter), the clock reflects the setting.

      You can set the clock setting later. For details, refer to the Help Guide of the IC recorder.

  3. Select the menu language.

    1. Press MENU.

    2. Press , press or to select , and then press (play/enter).

    3. Press or to select " (Language)," and then press (play/enter).

    4. Press or to select the language that you want to use in the display window, and then press (play/enter).
      You can select the following languages: * (Chinese), English
      * Default setting

    5. Press STOP.

  4. Record.

    Before you start using the IC recorder, make sure that you slide the Operation HOLD•POWER ON/OFF switch towards the center to release the HOLD status.

    1. Place the IC recorder so that the built-in microphones face the direction of the source to be recorded.

    2. Press REC/PAUSE.
      Recording starts and the operation indicator lights in red.
      You can pause recording by pressing REC/PAUSE. Press REC/PAUSE again to restart recording.

    3. Press STOP to stop recording.
      The " ... " animation appears and the recording stops.

  5. Listen.

    If you do not select a file, the file just recorded or played back most recently Operation will be played back.
    For details of selecting a file, refer to the Help Guide of the IC recorder.

    1. Press (play/enter).
      Playback starts and the operation indicator lights in green.

    2. Adjust the volume by pressing VOL –/+.

    3. Press STOP to stop playback.

  6. Erase.

    warning Once a file is erased, you cannot restore it.

    1. Press ERASE.
      "" is displayed and the file to be erased is played back for confirmation.

    2. Select "" using or , and then press (play/enter).
      " ... " is displayed while the selected file is being erased.

Utilizing Your Computer

Installing the help guide on your computer
By installing the help guide on your computer from the built-in memory of the IC recorder, you can search for detailed operations and possible solutions when a problem occurs.

  1. Slide the USB slide lever on the back of the IC recorder, and insert the USB connector into the USB port of a running computer.
  2. In Windows: Click [Computer] (or [My Computer]), then double-click [IC RECORDER] → [FOR WINDOWS].
    In Mac: Double-click [IC RECORDER] on the desktop.
  3. Install the help guide.
    In Windows: Double-click [Help_Guide_Installer] (or [Help_Guide_Installer.exe]). In Mac: Double-click []. (v10.5.8 or higher) Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to proceed with installation.
  4. After the installation completes, double-click the [Help_Guide_icdp44_cn.htm] icon in the desktop for Windows (or in Finder for Mac).
    The help guide is displayed.
    You can also view the help guide on the following Sony IC Recorder customer support home page:

Copying files from the IC recorder to your computer

You can copy the files and folders from the IC recorder to your computer to store them.

  1. Connect the IC recorder to your computer.
  2. Copy files or folders you want to transfer to your computer.
    Drag and drop the files or folders you want to copy from "IC RECORDER" or "MEMORY CARD" to the local disk on your computer.
    To copy a file or folder (Drag and drop)
    1. Click and hold,
    2. drag,
    3. and then drop.
  3. Disconnect the IC recorder from your computer.

Installing Sound Organizer
Install Sound Organizer on your computer.

warning Note
Sound Organizer is compatible with the Windows PC only. It is not compatible with Mac.

When installing Sound Organizer, log in to an account with administrator privileges.

  1. Access the following Sony Service web site from your computer:
  2. On the above web site, enter "Sound Organizer" in the search box to locate the Sound Organizer download page.
  3. Follow the procedures instructed on the download page to download and then install the Sound Organizer.

Additional features

Details of these additional features for recording, playback, and editing are included in the help guide.

  • Scene Selection
  • (Recording Filter)
  • (Noise Cut)
  • T-MARK (Track mark)
  • DPC (Digital Pitch Control)
  • A-B Repeat
  • VOR (Voice Operated Recording)
  • (Easy Search)
  • Divide
  • Sound Organizer editing software


On power
Operate the IC recorder on 3.0 V or 2.4 V. Use two LR03 (size AAA) alkaline batteries or NH-AAA rechargeable batteries.

On safety
Do not operate the IC recorder while driving, cycling or operating any motorized vehicle.

On handling

  • Do not leave the IC recorder in a location near heat sources, or in a place subject to direct sunlight, excessive dust or mechanical shock.
  • Should any solid object or liquid fall into the IC recorder, remove the battery and have the IC recorder checked by qualified personnel before operating it any further.

If you have any questions or problems concerning your IC recorder, please consult your nearest Sony dealer.

Do not expose the batteries (battery pack or batteries installed) to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like for a long time.

Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type. Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions.

Capacity (User available capacity*1*2)
4 GB (approx. 3.60 GB = 3,865,470,566 Byte)
*1 A small amount of the built-in memory is used for file management and therefore not available for user storage.
*2 When the built-in memory is formatted with the IC recorder.

Dimensions (w/h/d) (not incl. projecting parts and controls) (JEITA)*3
Approx. 37.2 mm × 113.2 mm × 19.3 mm

Mass (JEITA)*3
Approx. 75 g including two LR03 (size AAA) alkaline batteries
*3 Measured value by the standard of JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association)

For the customers in China
USB AC adaptor: AC-UD10

Documents / Resources


Download manual

Here you can download full pdf version of manual, it may contain additional safety instructions, warranty information, FCC rules, etc.

Download Sony ICD-PX440 - IC Recorder Quick Start Guide


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