Sony VCL-HGE08B - Wide End Conversion Lens Manual

Sony VCL-HGE08B - Wide End Conversion Lens Manual

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Sony VCL-HGE08B - Wide End Conversion Lens Manual

This conversion lens is designed for use with a Sony digital video camera recorder (referred to below as "camera") which has a 30 mm or 37 mm diameter filter by attaching the supplied adaptor ring to the camera.

Do not directly look at the sun through this conversion lens. Doing so might harm your eyes or cause loss of eyesight.

Caution on detaching the MC protector

To remove the MC protector or other accessory attached to the conversion lens from an adaptor ring, put a soft cloth over the MC protector and slowly unscrew it. (See illustration D)
Detaching the MC Protector

To avoid injury, be careful not to drop the conversion lens.

Careless handling may cause injury.

Attaching the conversion lens

  1. Attach the adaptor ring to the camera. (See illustration A)
    Attaching the Conversion Lens - Step 1
    The diameter size is marked on the supplied adaptor ring. Attach the adaptor ring which has the same diameter as your camera.
  2. Push in the conversion lens until it clicks into place. (See illustration B)
    Attaching the Conversion Lens - Step 2

Notes on use

  • If you use any of the camera models below, set the shooting setting of the camera to [WIDE CONVERSION] and set the FACE DETECTION function of the camera to [OFF]. If you use any other camera model that has a FACE DETECTION function, set the shooting setting of the camera to [WIDE CONVERSION]. Also refer to the operating instructions of the camera.
    HDR-SR12/ SR11/ SR10/ CX12/ CX11/ UX20/ UX19/ UX10
    DCR-SR220/ SR210/ DVD910/ DVD510
    *The above camera models may not be available in all countries/regions.
  • When using the zoom function of the camera, set it to the wide angle position. If you slide the zoom lever to T (telephoto), the image may be out of focus.
  • Using a filter when the conversion lens is attached is not recommended.
  • Detach the conversion lens when transporting.
  • Be careful not to hit the conversion lens while attaching it.
  • When not using the conversion lens, always store it in the supplied carrying case. The carrying case can be attached to the grip belt of the camera. (See illustration C)
    Using the Carrying Case
  • To prevent the conversion lens from falling from the carrying case, always close the carrying case fastener firmly.
  • Do not keep the conversion lens in a very humid place for a long period of time or mold may develop.
  • When using the camera's SCENE SELECTION function or PROGRAM AE function, automatic focus does not work in some modes. Adjust the focus manually in this case.
  • If you set [INTELLIGENT AUTO] of the camera to [ON], the image may be out of focus, depending on your camera. Set [INTELLIGENT AUTO] to [OFF] in this case.
  • You cannot focus when the focus switch is set to infinity mode.
  • Do not hold the camera only by the attached conversion lens.
  • Keeping the adaptor ring detached from the camera is recommended when not in use.

Restrictions on use

Depending on your camera, the following may happen when attaching the conversion lens:

  • The built-in flash may be disabled automatically. It is not recommended to use the conversion lens with a camera that cannot be disabled automatically, because a shadow of the conversion lens may appear in the image. Set the flash to be disabled before use.
  • You may be unable to use functions such as NightShot, NightShot plus, Hologram AF, NightFraming and Infra-red remote control.


Condensation may appear on the conversion lens if it is taken directly from a cold place to a warm place. To prevent this, place the conversion lens in a plastic bag or something similar before taking it to a warm place. When the air temperature inside the bag reaches the surrounding temperature, take the conversion lens out.

Cleaning the conversion lens

Remove any dust from the surface of the conversion lens with a blower brush or soft brush. Wipe off fingerprints or other smears with a soft cloth slightly moistened with a mild detergent solution.


Magnification: 0.8

Lens structure: 1 group, 1 element

Maximum diameter: Approx. ø 60 mm (2 3/8 in.)
Total length: Approx. 16.5 mm (21/32 in.)

Mass: Approx. 38 g (1.4 oz.)

Included items: Wide end conversion lens (1), Adaptor ring (30 mm/37 mm) (1 for each), Carrying case (1), Set of printed documentation

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

©2010 Sony Corporation Printed in China

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