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Coby MP-610 Quick Setup Manual

Coby MP-610 Quick Setup Manual

Mp3 & video player with fm radio


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MP3 & Video Player with FM Radio




Summary of Contents for Coby MP-610

  • Page 1: Quick Setup Guide

    MP-610 MP3 & Video Player with FM Radio QUICK SETUP GUIDE...
  • Page 2 Thank you for choosing a COBY MP3 player! This guide will cover how to get started playing music with your COBY player. For more information about your player and its features, please consult the Instruction Manual or visit us on the web at www.coby
  • Page 3: Windows Media Player 11 (Wmp11)

    Getting Started with To start playing music, you will need to: Music files on your computer Transfer the music files to your COBY player Start music playbac k on your COBY player Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11) If y our computer does not have Windows Media Player installed, please download the latest version of Windows Media Player (WMP) from Microsoft’s website.
  • Page 4 MP3 or WMA music files on your computer, transfer them by: a) Locate your music files. b) Locate the MP3 Player under “MY Computer”. The MP3 player will be listed as a “Removable Disk” d) Transfer your existing music files (Copy and Paste or Drag and Drop) in the “Removable Disk”.
  • Page 5 2) Put an audio CD into the CD-ROM drive of your computer. If your computer has an internet connection, WMP will automatically retrieve and display the album information. Clic k the checkboxes to select which tracks to rip. To rip the entire album, check all of the boxes.
  • Page 6 3) Set the Rip Options (optional). Clic k the “Rip” button to set the Rip options. The recommended Rip s ettings are: Select “Format > mp3” Select “Bit Rate > 128 Kbps” Select “More Options” to change the directory to which WMP saves your ripped music files.
  • Page 7 4) Start ripping the CD. Clic k the “Rip” button and select “Rip” to start converting the audio CD to MP3/WMA digital music files. The ripping process will take a few minutes to complete. WMP will save the converted music files to your “My Doc uments > My Music” folder by default.
  • Page 8 Once you have MP3 or WMA digital music files on your computer, trans fer them to your COBY player in order to listen to music anywhere. Use WMP11 to transfer (sync) music from your computer to your COBY MP3 player. 1) Launch the WMP11 program.
  • Page 9 3) Browse your music library to choose songs to sync. 3a. Click “Sync” 3b. Double-click an icon to choose a view of your Music Library...
  • Page 10 4) Select songs to sync to your COBY player. 4a.Type in the Search bar to quickly find a Song 4b. Click on a track to select it for synchronization. To select multiple tracks, hold CTRL or SHIFT and click on the track 4c.
  • Page 11 5) Disconnect your COBY player from the computer. Once the sy nc process is complete, unplug your player from the USB port of the computer. Now you’re ready to listen to music on your COBY play er.
  • Page 12 Main menu, you will see the Music Browser screen. You can choose to browse your music by song name, album, artist, or genre. For more information about how to control your COBY MP3 player, please consult the Ins truc tion Manual.
  • Page 13: Converting Video

    Getting Started with Install the conversion software (MTV Converter) The MP3 player contain a folder called “ Video Converter”. Copy the Video Converter folder to your desktop. Once the Video Converter folder is on your desktop, go into the folder and Double-clic k on the process.
  • Page 14 The Conversion software screen will appear. Use this screen to add video conversion jobs to the queue. Click on the camera Icon to locate the files needed to be converted. The source file must be one of the following video types: AVI, WMV, ASF, MPG, MOV, VOB, RM, and .3GP.
  • Page 15 Start the playback k on your COBY player by entering the “MOVIES” menu, select the file and press Play. For more information about how to control your COBY MP3 player, please consult the Ins truc tion Manual. files to Your COBY Player VIDEO ……….Done!!!
  • Page 16 Now that you have transferred photo files to your COBY player, you’re ready to view the files. Disconnect the MP3 player from the computer. Turn on your COBY player (Slide the Power Button to the “ON” position. Start viewing your photo files on your COBY player by entering the “Pictures”...
  • Page 17 If you have a problem with this device, please read the troubleshooting guide on the user manual or visit us on the web at for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If these resources do not resolve the problem, please contact Technical Support.

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