LG SJ5 - Wireless Sound Bar Manual

LG SJ5 - Wireless Sound Bar Manual

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LG SJ5 - Wireless Sound Bar Manual


Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference.
To view the instructions of advanced features, visit http://www.lg.com and then download Owner's Manual.

Some of the content in this manual may differ from your unit.

Front Panel

The buttons are located on the rear.
Front Panel
Selects Function
Adjusts Volume

Rear Panel

Rear Panel

DC IN - Connect to the AC adapter
OPTICAL IN - Connect to an Optical device
PORTABLE IN - Connect to a Portable device
USB - Connect to a USB device
HDMI OUT (TV ARC) - Connect to a TV
HDMI IN - Connect to HDMI out on a device

Subwoofer Connection

Place the wireless subwoofer near the speaker and follow steps below.

  1. Connect the power cord of wireless subwoofer and sound bar to the outlet.
  2. Turn on the main unit:
    The sound bar and wireless subwoofer will be automatically connected. The subwoofer's green LED turns on.

Subwoofer Connection Manually
If the subwoofer does not make sound, try to connect manually.

  1. Press Pairing button on the rear of the wireless subwoofer.
    • The green LED on the rear of wireless subwoofer blinks quickly.
  2. Turn on the main unit.
  3. Pairing is completed.
    • The green LED on the rear of wireless subwoofer turns on.

warningKeep the sound bar and the subwoofer away from the device (ex. wireless router, microwave oven, etc.) over 1 m to prevent wireless interference.
To prevent wireless interference

TV Connection

Connect with the Sound Bar and TV using Optical () or HDMI ARC ().

  1. Optical Connection
    1. Connect the sound bar to the TV using Optical cable.
    2. Set up [External Speaker (Optical)] on your TV setting menu.
      Optical Connection
  2. HDMI(ARC) Connection
    1. Connect the sound bar to the TV using HDMI cable.
    2. Set up [External Speaker (HDMI ARC)] on your TV setting menu.
      HDMI(ARC) Connection


  • HDMI connection is unavailable if your TV does not support HDMI ARC.
  • If this unit is connected by OPTICAL and ARC at the same time, the ARC signal is a high priority.

Additional Device Connection

  1. Connect to the external device as follows.
    Additional Device Connection
  2. Set the input source by pressing F on the remote control or unit repeatedly.

Remote control

: Turns down the volume at night.
AV SYNC: Synchronizes the audio and video.
AUTO VOL: Auomatically adjusts too loud or low output volume level appropriately.
AUTO POWER: Automatically turns on by an input source.

Replacement of battery
Replacement of battery

Additional Information


Power consumption Refer to the main label.
AC adapter
  • Model: DA-38A25
  • Manufacturer: Asian Power Devices Inc.
  • Input: 100 - 240 V ~ 50 - 60 Hz 1.2 A
  • Output: 25 V 1.52 A
Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 950 mm x 55 mm x 85 mm
With foot
Bus Power Supply (USB) 5 V 500 mA
Amplifier (Total RMS Output power) 320 W RMS

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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