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Hibernation Mode - IBM ThinkPad A22m 2628 Hardware Maintenance Manual

Lenovo thinkpad a22m 2628: hardware guide
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battery becomes low has been selected in the
"Power Management Properties" window, the
computer goes into hibernation mode.)
Note for the APM operating system:
Even if you don't set the low-battery alarm, the charge
indicator notifies you when the battery is low, and then
the computer enters the power-saving mode
automatically. This default low-battery behavior is
independent of the operating system; so if you have
set the low-battery alarm, the computer may not do
what you specified. It chooses either your setting or
the default setting, whichever is appropriate.
If you are using the ACPI operating system, only the
low-battery alarm is available.
To cause the computer to return from standby mode
and resume operation, do one of the following:
v Press the Fn key.
v Open the LCD cover (only if you are using Windows
Me and you entered standby mode by closing the
LCD cover).
v Turn on the power switch.
Also, the computer automatically returns from standby
mode and resumes operation in either of the following
v The ring indicator (RI) is signaled by a serial device
or a PC Card device (Windows 2000 does not
support ring indicator (RI) resume by PC Card
v The time set on the resume timer elapses. In
Windows 98, the Scheduled Tasks setting takes
priority over the Resume on timer selection in the
"Power Management Properties" window.
Note: The computer does not accept any input
immediately after it enters standby mode. Wait a
few seconds before taking any action to reenter
operation mode.

Hibernation mode

Note for Windows NT
If you are using Windows NT in the default format,
NTFS, you cannot create a hibernation file. If you
want to use hibernation mode, you will need to
reinstall Windows NT with FAT format.
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