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Kenwood SIRIUS KTC-H2A1 Instruction Manual

Portable sirius tuner
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Car Docking Kits (available separately). Use this manual to familiarize yourself with all of Here features and capabilities. For the latest information about this and other Kenwood products, visit the Kenwood USA Corporation Web site at: Table of contents Removing Here Congratulations ...2...
  • Page 3 Take the following precautions to keep the unit in proper working order: If the problem persists, consult your Kenwood dealer. • Be sure the unit is connected to a 12V DC power FCC Warning supply with a negative ground connection.
  • Page 4: Installation In A Vehicle

    Here Anywhere’s front panel. mounting surface. Use the provided screws to securely attach the base to the surface. • Kenwood strongly recommends that you mount Here Anywhere in a • If using screws, be sure that you do not location where the base can be damage wiring or other systems on the other side of the mounting surface.
  • Page 5 Installation in a vehicle (continued) Note: If you’re using the Kenwood CX-SR10 SIRIUS antenna, you’ll need to remove the plastic housings from the antenna connectors before connecting it to the cradle—we recommend labeling the wires with their respective colors. (See pg. 9, figure 16 of the CX-SR10 Installation Manual for details).
  • Page 6: Mounting The Antenna

    9. Plug the antenna into the back of the cradle (see pg. 7, Step 6). 10. Plug the cigarette lighter adapter into the cigarette lighter. • KENWOOD RECOMMENDS UNPLUGGING THE CIGA- RETTE LIGHTER ADAPTER AFTER YOU TURN THE VEHI- CLE’S IGNITION OFF. (In some vehicles, the cigarette...
  • Page 7 Finding a location for the antenna (continued) The second best antenna location is on an outside wall map must be visible to the antenna • Use an appropriate wall, depending on where you live (refer to • Place the antenna midway between the left and right window the map on page 13).
  • Page 8: Front Panel Controls And Features

    Front-panel controls and features U p / D o w n / L e f t / R i g h t Arrow B B uttons: Navigates through display screens Display: Shows informa- tion about streams, cate- gories, artists, songs and setup information Remote C C ontrol R R eceiver: Receives signals from...
  • Page 9: Activating Your Sirius Subscription

    Subscription” link. 3. Press the power button to turn Here Anywhere on. After displaying the Kenwood and SIRIUS logos, the • You can also call SIRIUS toll-free at 1-888-539- display will read “Acquiring Signal”. Once the SIRIUS SIRIUS (7474). The operator will instruct you.
  • Page 10: Selecting Music

    4. If you decide not to select another stream, press the POWER button on the front panel to exit the mode. The display will revert to the Normal Operation screen for the active stream. • You can switch to the previously-selected stream by holding the SELECT button for at least 1 second. Holding the SELECT button for 1 second again switches back to the original stream.
  • Page 11: Setting And Using Stream Presets

    • After you make your selection, the display will revert to the Normal Operation screen Note: In the Stream List, Artist List and Song List modes, if you don’t want to make a selection, press the POWER button on the front panel to exit the mode and return to the Normal Operation screen for the active stream. Setting/using stream presets Setting stream presets You can store up to 24 of your favorite streams as presets, for...
  • Page 12: Saving And Recalling Music Information

    Saving/recalling music information Saving music information You can store the name of the currently-playing song and artist (and composer, if the data is available) into memory for recall later. Press the MEM button to save the data. The screen will display the following message (above): •...
  • Page 13: Setup Mode

    Press the DISPLAY button to cycle the display between the two modes. Adjusting the display brightness Hold the DISPLAY button down for over 1 second to enter the Display Brightness mode (right): 1. Use the up & down arrow buttons to select the desired brightness level (high/medium/low) 2.
  • Page 14 Timer Functions Here Anywhere has three Timer functions. The Alarm turns Here specified stream, Auto Shut-Off automatically turns it off at a specified time, and the Sleep Timer lets you listen to Here Anywhere for a specified period of time before it automatically shuts off.
  • Page 15 15, 30 or 60 minutes). This is especially useful if your vehicle’s cigarette lighter remains powered after the ignition has been turned off. 1. While in the Setup Mode, press the left or right arrow button until the Auto Shutoff Setup screen appears (below). 2.
  • Page 16 To lock a stream, in Step 3 above, instead of momentarily pressing the SELECT button, hold the button for more than 1 second. A “–” and a padlock will be displayed next to the stream number. Lock Code Setup If you have locked any streams in the Channel Lock mode, you will need to enter a 4-digit lock code to unlock them.
  • Page 17 Text Flow Type You can set how the scrolling text flows across Here Anywhere’s screen. 1. While in the Setup Mode, press the left or right arrow button until the Text Flow Type screen appears (right): 2. Use the up & down arrow buttons to select the type of text flow.
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting Guide

    5 – 10 seconds, replace it in the dock and turn the power back on. If the problem persists, consult your Kenwood dealer. Move antenna to window with a non-metallic screen ”(D) x 1 ”(H)