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Kenwood KRK-13 Application Note

Dual control head
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Version: 1.3
Last Update: 16 April 2014
Application Note
Dual Control Head
For TK-5720/5820, NX-700(H)/800(H)/900/901


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  • Page 1 Application Note KRK-13 Dual Control Head For TK-5720/5820, NX-700(H)/800(H)/900/901 Version: 1.3 Last Update: 16 April 2014...
  • Page 2: Supplied Accessories

    SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES KRK-13 (Dual Control Head) consists of three parts. These are the KUT-KRK-12 (Dual Mobile Head Adapter), the KUT-KRK-13 (Dual Control Head Kit) and the KMC-35 (Standard dynamic mobile microphone).
  • Page 3 Installing the KRK-13 (Dual Control Head) to the Transceiver 2-1. Remove the Display Unit from the transceiver Step 1: Lift the two tabs of the panel on the bottom of transceiver with a flat-head screwdriver ① and remove the panel from the chassis ② as shown in Figure 2-1-1.
  • Page 4 Rear panel into the connector (CN901) of the Display unit included with the KRK-13.⑨. Note: The terminal side of the flat cable must face down towards the PCB when inserting the flat cable into the connector.
  • Page 5 Fig. 2-4 2-5. Connect the Y cable to the Dual Mobile Head Adapter and the transceiver Step21: Plug the female end of the Y cable to the male end of the Dual Mobile Head Adapter.㉗ Step22: Plug the other female connector into the male connector on the back of the transceiver.㉘...
  • Page 6 The basic mobile feature operations are presented in the models user Instruction Manual. However, when the KRK-13 Dual Head interface is installed, the user must be made aware of and trained on the information presented in 3-2. Important Operational Notes for KRK-13 Dual Head Configured Mobiles •...
  • Page 7 Clone Mode e. Com port Number 0 3) If the KRK-13 D.C. supply line losses power then both heads will become inoperable until power is restored to Head 2 and the RF deck power is cycled off, then on again.
  • Page 8 be made aware that since Head 2 does not have an audible reference for volume adjustment that the LCD indicator should be checked and set to a comfortable low setting prior to radio usage. Head 2 should not be used with a headset as the operator could inadvertently be subjected to extremely loud audio.
  • Page 9 20) The Fixed Volume PF key function is only available in Head 1 21) Only compatible NEXEDGE NX-700/800/900/901 mobiles with firmware version K2.00.00 or higher can be configured with a KRK-13 Dual Head interface. 22) Only compatible P25 TK-5720/5820 mobiles with firmware version K1.00.00 or higher...