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Kenmore PlasmaWave 85150 Use & Care Manual page 9

True hepa air cleaner
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Filter Replacement
• There are two separate filters:
True HEPA Filter and Carbon Pre-Filter_
• The CHECK FILTER indicator will signal
when to replace the True HEPA Filter_The
replacement period will vary depending on
the hours of usage, air quality, and location
of the unit. However, in most cases of
normal use the filter will need to be
replaced annually
- Change the True HEPA Filter when
the CHECK FILTER indicator is on.
- For best performance, change the
Carbon Pre-Fitter every three months.
This filter should be disposed of when
Carbon Pre-Fitter
1. Turn off the air cleaner and unplug the
electrical cord.
2. Remove the front panel by pulling gently
from the lower portion of the panel. Do
not force, the panel should remove easily.
3o Remove the Carbon Pre-Filter and
plastic frame by gently pulling out from
the bottom and down from the top°
4. Remove the Carbon Pre-Filter from the
plastic frame and dispose of iL
5o Remove a replacement Carbon Pre-
Filter from the resealable plastic bag
and reseal to maintain the freshness of
the remaining filter_
6. Install the Carbon Pre_Fitter onto the
plastic frame by pushing against six
"hook and loop" squares on the back of
the frame. (Diago 6A)
7o Install the plastic frame by inseding tabs
up into the air cleaner and gently pushing
in at the bottom tab until the frame fits
into place snuggly.
8o Replace the front panel by hooking the
panel on the top of the unit. Swing the
panel in by pushing gently on each side
of the unit and then lock it into place,
9o Plug in air cleaner and press POWER
button until short "beep" sounds
AUTION: Do not wash and reuse the
True HEPA Filter or the Carbon Pre-Filter
as they will not work effectively,


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