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Cisco 2800 Series Quick Start Manual page 2

Cabling and setup
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Verify the PC Setup
Figure 1
your customer service representative.
Figure 1
Verify the PC Setup
Before you begin, verify that each computer that will be connected to the router has a network interface
card (NIC) installed and that Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) has been loaded
and configured. For more information on how to configure TCP/IP, refer to the PC Configuration
Instructions to Establish Cisco Router-to-PC Communications, which is available on the Cisco
Documentation CD-ROM, and refer to information available the Microsoft web site.
Verify the PC Setup
shows the items included with the router. If any of the items is missing or damaged, contact
Items Included with the Router
Yellow Ethernet cable
Orange ISDN S/T cable
(Cisco 801 and Cisco 803)
Red ISDN U cable
(Cisco 802 and Cisco 804)
RJ-45-to-RJ-11 adapter cable
(for use with red ISDN U cable)
Desktop power supply
Black power cord
Product documentation
Cisco 800
Fast Step CD-ROM
Light blue console cable
DB-9-to-RJ-45 adapter
(for use with light blue console cable)
DB-25-to-RJ-45 adapter
(for use with light blue console cable)



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