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Cisco SE2800 Quick Start Manual

2800 series integrated services routers.
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Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Routers Quick Start Guide
Cisco 90-Day Limited Hardware Warranty Terms
Documents, Equipment, and Tools
Install Chassis
Connect Cables
Power Up the Router
Interface Numbering
Perform Initial Configuration
Where to Go Next
Obtaining Documentation
Documentation Feedback
Cisco Product Security Overview
Obtaining Technical Assistance
Obtaining Additional Publications and Information
Quick Start Guide


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  • Page 1 Quick Start Guide Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Routers Quick Start Guide INCLUDING LICENSE AND WARRANTY Cisco 90-Day Limited Hardware Warranty Terms Overview Documents, Equipment, and Tools Install Chassis Connect Cables Power Up the Router Interface Numbering Perform Initial Configuration...
  • Page 2: Cisco 90-day Limited Hardware Warranty Terms

    Replacement, Repair, or Refund Policy for Hardware Cisco or its service center will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship a replacement part within ten (10) working days after receipt of a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) request. Actual delivery times can vary, depending on the customer location.
  • Page 3 Maintenance contract number Overview The Cisco 2800 series integrated services routers include the Cisco 2801, Cisco 2811, Cisco 2821, and Cisco 2851 routers. These routers differ as follows: • Cisco 2801 routers support 2 HWIC/WIC/VIC/VWIC slots capable of supporting double-wide HWICs, 1 WIC/VWIC/VIC slot, 1 VWIC/VIC (voice only) slot, 2 advanced integration modules (AIM), 2 packet voice data modules (PVDMs), 2 Fast Ethernet connections, and 16 ports of IP phone power output.
  • Page 4 You may need your product serial number when calling the Technical Assistance Center (TAC). Figure 1 shows the serial number location for the Cisco 2801 router. The label is located on the rear of the chassis, at the bottom edge, near the lower left corner.
  • Page 5: Documents, Equipment, And Tools

    All the documents referenced in this quick start guide are available on See the “Where to Go Next” section on page 36. To view or print an online document in its original page format, click the PDF icon.
  • Page 6: Install Chassis

    For safety information you must know before working on your Cisco router, see the Cisco 2800 and Cisco 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information document that accompanied this device.
  • Page 7: Warning Definition

    Warning Definition Warning IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS This warning symbol means danger. You are in a situation that could cause bodily injury. Before you work on any equipment, be aware of the hazards involved with electrical circuitry and be familiar with standard practices for preventing accidents.
  • Page 8 Avvertenza IMPORTANTI ISTRUZIONI SULLA SICUREZZA Questo simbolo di avvertenza indica un pericolo. La situazione potrebbe causare infortuni alle persone. Prima di intervenire su qualsiasi apparecchiatura, occorre essere al corrente dei pericoli relativi ai circuiti elettrici e conoscere le procedure standard per la prevenzione di incidenti. Per le traduzioni delle avvertenze riportate in questo documento, vedere le avvertenze di sicurezza che accompagnano questo dispositivo.
  • Page 9 Aviso INSTRUÇÕES IMPORTANTES DE SEGURANÇA Este símbolo de aviso significa perigo. Você se encontra em uma situação em que há risco de lesões corporais. Antes de trabalhar com qualquer equipamento, esteja ciente dos riscos que envolvem os circuitos elétricos e familiarize-se com as práticas padrão de prevenção de acidentes. Use o número da declaração fornecido ao final de cada aviso para localizar sua tradução nos avisos de segurança traduzidos que acompanham o dispositivo.
  • Page 10 Advarsel VIGTIGE SIKKERHEDSANVISNINGER Dette advarselssymbol betyder fare. Du befinder dig i en situation med risiko for legemesbeskadigelse. Før du begynder arbejde på udstyr, skal du være opmærksom på de involverede risici, der er ved elektriske kredsløb, og du skal sætte dig ind i standardprocedurer til undgåelse af ulykker. Brug erklæringsnummeret efter hver advarsel for at finde oversættelsen i de oversatte advarsler, der fulgte med denne enhed.
  • Page 11 Warning Before working on a system that has an on/off switch, turn OFF the power and unplug the power cord. Statement 1 Warning Read the installation instructions before connecting the system to the power source. Statement 1004 Warning This unit is intended for installation in restricted access areas. A restricted access area can be accessed only through the use of a special tool, lock and key, or other means of security.
  • Page 12: Installing The Router

    Before working on a system that has an on/off switch, turn OFF the power and unplug the power cord. Statement 1 You can set any Cisco 2800 series router on a desktop or install it in a rack. A Cisco 2811 router can also be mounted on a wall or other flat surface.
  • Page 13 Rack-Mounting the Router Cisco 2811, Cisco 2821, and Cisco 2851 routers can be installed in 19- and 23-inch (48.26-cm and 58.42-cm) racks. Cisco 2801 routers can be installed only in 19-inch racks, and cannot be center mounted. Use the standard brackets for mounting the chassis in a 19-inch rack;...
  • Page 14 Attach the second bracket to the opposite side of the chassis. Use a number 2 Phillips screwdriver to install the bracket screws. Caution Your chassis installation must allow unrestricted airflow for chassis cooling. Figure 7 Bracket Installation for Front Mounting AUX / COM PAC T FLA SH...
  • Page 15 On rack-mount brackets for Cisco 2821 and Cisco 2851 routers, you can attach the cable management bracket to either the upper or the lower threaded hole. See Figure 10 and Figure 11 for cable management bracket attachment locations.
  • Page 16 Either edge may go up. Attach to either side of the chassis. Wall-Mounting the Router—Cisco 2811 Routers Only You can mount a Cisco 2811 router on a wall. Cisco 2801, Cisco 2821, and Cisco 2851 routers are not designed for wall-mounting. Warning This unit is intended to be mounted on a wall.
  • Page 17: Grounding The Chassis

    Caution hazard. Installing the Router on a Desktop If you install your Cisco 2800 series router on a desktop, observe the following precautions: For Cisco 2801 routers, attach the four rubber feet to the bottom of the chassis. Note Caution Your chassis installation must allow unrestricted airflow for chassis cooling.
  • Page 18 PV DM 1 PV DM 0 AIM 1 AIM 0 Ground lug Figure 15 Chassis Ground Connection Using Ring Terminal on Cisco 2811 Chassis EN M0 A= AC T A= FD X S= SP EE A= LIN K FE 0/1...
  • Page 19: Connect Cables

    PVD M2 PVD M1 PVD M0 AIM 1 AIM 0 Ground lug Figure 17 Chassis Ground Connection Using Ring Terminal on Cisco 2821 or Cisco 2851 Chassis A= ACT S= SPE A= FDX FE 0/1 A= LIN K FE 0/0...
  • Page 20: Power Connections

    • Connecting the Router to AC Power, page 20 • Connecting the Router to DC Power, page 21 • Connecting the Router to Backup Power, page 26 Cisco 2801 routers are not designed to connect to DC power. Note Warning Read the installation instructions before connecting the system to the power source.
  • Page 21: Connecting The Router To Dc Power

    Note The DC-input power supply does not apply to Cisco 2801 router. A Cisco 2800 series integrated services router with a DC-input power supply requires copper wire for the power connections. Table 1 and Table 2 summarize the wiring requirements.
  • Page 22 Do not overtorque the terminal block screws. The recommended torque is 8.0 ± 0.5 in-lb (0.90 ± 0.05 N-m). Caution Figure 18 DC Power Connections for Cisco 2800 Series Routers (Typical) -DC, input A Return, input A Return, input A...
  • Page 23 From DC power source Plastic covers Figure 20 DC Wire Routing and Attachment for Cisco 2821 and Cisco 2851 Routers C O N S O A U X Cable tie 2 4 - 6 0 V - - - 1 2 A...
  • Page 24 A input and one source to the B input. Both sources must be the same polarity (with respect to ground) and voltage (within 0.25 volts). Do not connect –DC grounded and +DC grounded dual sources to Cisco 2811, Cisco 2821, and Cisco 2851 series integrated services routers.
  • Page 25 When source A and source B are wired with common negative terminals, as in Figure 22, discharging does not occur Note and there is no restriction requiring that source A and source B voltages be equal. Figure 23 Connecting Source A and Source B with Common Positive Terminals Va voltage = Vb voltage (greater than 0.25 V) Va voltage = Vb voltage (within 0.25 V) In Figure 24, source A and source B are wired with opposite polarity grounds.
  • Page 26 The RPS is not supported on Cisco 2801 routers. Note WAN, LAN, and Voice Connections The connections and cables listed in Table 3 are described in detail in the Cisco 2800 series hardware installation documents at the following URL: Note One or two Ethernet cables are typically provided with the router.
  • Page 27 Table 3 summarizes some typical WAN, LAN, and voice connections for the Cisco 2800 series routers. Table 3 WAN, LAN, and Voice Connections Port or Connection Port Type, Color Connection Cable Ethernet RJ-45, yellow Ethernet hub or Ethernet switch Category 5 or later Ethernet...
  • Page 28: Power Up The Router

    Caution Checklist for Power-Up You are ready to power up the Cisco 2800 series integrated services router after the following steps are completed: • Chassis is securely mounted and grounded. (See the “Install Chassis” section on page 6.) • Power and interface cables are connected. (See the “Connect Cables” section on page 19.) •...
  • Page 29 Power-Up Procedure To power up your Cisco 2800 series router and verify that it goes through its initialization and self-test, perform this procedure. When the procedure is finished, the Cisco 2800 series router is ready to configure. To view the boot sequence, you must have a console connection to the Cisco 2800 series router before it powers up.
  • Page 30: Interface Numbering

    On the Cisco 2801 router, the numbering format for slots is interface type 0/slot/port. “0” indicates slots that are built into the chassis of a router. On the Cisco 2801 router, all slots begin with “0,” because all slots are built into the chassis.
  • Page 31 1. A VWIC in slots 1, 2, and 3 can operate in both data and voice mode; in slot 0, a VWIC can operate only in voice mode. Note On the Cisco 2801 router, the numbering format for configuring an asynchronous interface is 0/slot/port To configure the line associated with an asynchronous interface, simply use the interface number to specify the asynchronous line.
  • Page 32: Perform Initial Configuration

    3. Interface card slot numbers for double (HWIC-D) slots are 1 and 3 only. 4. Specify the line number in the Cisco IOS CLI by using the interface number for the associated asynchronous serial interface. 5. “1” is the network module slot number in all Cisco 2800 series routers.
  • Page 33: Initial Configuration Using The Setup Command Facility

    The setup command facility prompts you for basic information about your router and network, and it creates an initial configuration file. After the configuration file is created, you can use the CLI or Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM) to perform additional configuration.
  • Page 34 Configure SNMP Network Management? [yes]: Community string [public]: A summary of the available interfaces appears: The interface numbering that appears is dependent on the type of Cisco modular router platform and on the Note installed interface modules and cards. Current interface summary...
  • Page 35 If these messages do not appear, SDM and a default configuration file were installed on the router at the factory. To use SDM to configure the router, see the “Initial Configuration Using Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM)” section on page 32.
  • Page 36: Where To Go Next

    • To verify that you configured the correct hostname and password, enter the show configuration command. When you complete and verify the initial configuration, your Cisco router is ready to configure for specific functions. See the “Where to Go Next” section on page 36 for information about locating documentation for advanced configuration procedures.
  • Page 37: Obtaining Documentation

    HTML. With the DVD, you have access to the same documentation that is found on the Cisco website without being connected to the Internet. Certain products also have .pdf versions of the documentation available.
  • Page 38: Documentation Feedback

    Reporting Security Problems in Cisco Products Cisco is committed to delivering secure products. We test our products internally before we release them, and we strive to correct all vulnerabilities quickly. If you think that you might have identified a vulnerability in a Cisco product, contact PSIRT: •...
  • Page 39: Obtaining Technical Assistance

    For S1 or S2 service requests or if you do not have Internet access, contact the Cisco TAC by telephone. (S1 or S2 service requests are those in which your production network is down or severely degraded.) Cisco engineers are assigned immediately to S1 and S2 service requests to help keep your business operations running smoothly.
  • Page 40: Obtaining Additional Publications And Information

    • Cisco Press publishes a wide range of general networking, training and certification titles. Both new and experienced users will benefit from these publications. For current Cisco Press titles and other information, go to Cisco Press at this URL: •...
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