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Haier HRF-349NAA User Manual

Household refrigerator
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  Summary of Contents for Haier HRF-349NAA

  • Page 2: Primary Features

    (6) Holiday mode The appliance keeps operation but consumes the least energy while ensuring that no unwanted odor in refrigerator and remaining food in good condition. (7) Fresh food basket The basket is designed for storage of fresh vegetables in an extended period.
  • Page 3: Parts And Features

    Warning: Do not use electrical appliances indide the food storage compartments, unless they are of the type recommended by the manufacturer. Technical data in this manual may vary from that of the refrigerator you have just purchased due to technical improvement.
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions This refrigerator requires a 220-240V /50Hz supply Failure in operation and damage to the control panel, thermostat or the compressor will occur if voltage is outside the range 187-242V unless a regulator with a capacity of over 750W or higher is installed.
  • Page 5 Safety precautions Never store inflammable, explosive or corrosive materials in the appliance. Acid Spray Mousse Do not install the appliance near gasoline or other inflammable articles. Do not swing on or apply excessive pressure to the appliance door. This appliance should only be used for household purpose and cannot be used for storage of blood, pharmaceuticals and microbiological products.
  • Page 6 Safety precautions Do not touch inside surface of freezer compartment in operation, especially with wet hands as hands may freeze onto the surface. Disassembly, renovation or cooling system maintenance of appliance must be authorized. Unplug the appliance in the event of a power interruption or during cleaning.
  • Page 7 Location The appliance should be placed on a flat and solid surface. If the appliance is placed on a plinth, flat, strong and fire-resistant materials must be used. The front black foot of the appliance can be adjusted clockwise or anti-clockwise to lift or lower the appliance if it is placed on an uneven surface.
  • Page 8 Preparation Unpacking Remove all packing materials. Check attached accessories and materials. Check if all accessories specified in the Packing List are available. Contact the local distributor if shortage is found. Ensure that the appliance is properly located. (See section “Location”) Clean the appliance before using.
  • Page 9: Operation

    Operation Connection to power supply When the appliance is connected to a power supply, the Fuzzy mode is set, icon of the mode goes on, and temperature in wide temp and freezer zones are displayed, default time is 12:00 and icon of freezer coruscates. Setting of operation mode Regardless of irrespective fluctuations in ambient temperature, selection of the Fuzzy Operation Mode...
  • Page 10: Control Panel

    Functions Control panel A. Refrigerator/(pressed for 3 seconds in lock-on mode) Refrigerator ON/OFF B. Wide temp zone / (pressed for 3 seconds in lock-on mode) wide temp zone ON/OFF/ pressed for 3 seconds, 007 super freeze mode ON/OFF C. Freezer / (pressed for 3 seconds in lock-on mode) super freeze D.
  • Page 11: Fuzzy Mode

    Press button A, E icon of current temperature value coruscates. Every press of button A will result in increase of refrigerator temperature by 1°C in a cycle from 2°C to 10°C. The current temperature icon will not coruscate and icon E will again display refrigerator average temperature screen 5 seconds later after last press of the button.
  • Page 12: Super Freeze

    Functions Wide temp zone adjusting The wide temp zone can be adjusted between -3°C and -18°C. If button B is pressed, icon F of current temperature will blink. Every press of button B will result in decrease of current temperature by 1 degree until -18°C. The cycle starts from -3°C. 5 seconds later after the latest press of any button, the indication of current temperature will cease blinking and icon F will display fridge average temperature.
  • Page 13 In lock-on mode (icon K appears), hold button A pressed for 3 seconds, icon E disappears and operation of refrigerator ceases; If button A is again held pressed for 3 seconds in lock-on mode, icon E will appear and operation of refrigerator will be resumed.
  • Page 14: Time Setup

    When lock-on mode is set (icon K appears), hold button D pressed for 3 seconds and icon J appears and the refrigerator, wide-temp zone and freezer will approach to the temperature of 17°C, -7°C and -18°C, respectively. The holiday mode can be manually inactivated by holding button D pressed for 3 seconds in lock on mode, then icon J will disappear.
  • Page 15: Over Temperature Alarm

    Functions Caution: In fuzzy or super freeze mode, the holiday mode cannot be activated. Over temperature alarm If appliance door is not properly closed or a large quantity of hot food is loaded, temperature in appliance may exceed the set point, icon G will coruscate. Contact authorized after-sales agent if icon G keeps coruscating a while later.
  • Page 16: Storage Areas

    Although the temperature in most areas in the refrigeration compartment can be regulated between 2°C and 10°C, extended periods of food storage is not recommended. Refrigerator should only be used for short- term storage. Storage areas As cold air circulates inside the refrigerator, temperature differences exist inside the storage compartments.
  • Page 17 Precautions How to use vegetable basket * The vegetable basket is designed for holding Chinese onion, garlic bolt, turnip, carrot and asparagus. * Over the baffle, cans, seasoning, beverage and small bottles can be stored. * Remove the baffle if Chinese onions or garlic bolts or alike are to be placed.
  • Page 18 Caution: Vegetables and fruits should be stored on the upper areas in the refrigerator when ambient temperature is between 0-10°C and the temperature in the lower area of the refrigerator compartment is around 0°C. Frozen food can be placed in the cold compartment before serving, as this will conserve energy.
  • Page 19 About wide-temp zone The appliance has a wide temp zone (-3°C~-18°C). When temperature is set at -18°C, the zone can be used as freezer compartment. When temperature is set between -3°C and -7°C, the zone has the following advantages: * Defrosting free: Food in storage in the wide temp zone can be prepared for cooking without manual or microwave defrosting * Nutritional value preservation: Nutritional values of food in storage in the wide temp zone can be better preserved.
  • Page 20: Making Ice Cubes

    About freezer Long-term storage of food As the freezer storage temperature is very low, fresh food can be stored in the freezer compartment for a long time. Food requiring long-term storage can be stored in the freezer. Follow the instructions on the package for storage period.
  • Page 21 Precautions Hot food should not be stored in the freezer until it has cooled down to room temperature. The outside of any food packing should be dried before storage in the freezer, and any packing materials should be odor-free, airtight, non-poisonous and nontoxic. Only remove the required amount of food from the freezer compartment.
  • Page 22: Refrigerator Defrosting

    Frost formed on the back wall will melt and flow via the drainpipe to the evaporating recipient over the compressor on the back of the refrigerator, where the heat generated by the compressor will evaporate the water. It is normal for frost and water droplets to form on the back wall of the refrigerator.
  • Page 23 Cleaning The appliance should be cleaned regularly to prevent the unwanted odor. * Disconnect the power before cleaning the appliance. * Clean the appliance with a soft cloth or sponge with mild detergent. Caution: Do not use a hard brush, steel brush, detergent, gasoline or other solvents, hot water, acid or alkali.
  • Page 24: Out Of Service

    Out of service Power interruption Even in summer, food can be stored in the appliance for a few hours after a power interruption. * Don't put additional food into the appliance during a power interruption and try to open the door as less frequently as possible. * If prior notice of a power interruption is given, make some ice and put it in a container in the top of the refrigeration...
  • Page 25: Moving The Appliance

    * Remove the vulnerable food from appliance if the vacation is short. Remove all the food in the refrigerator, set up the Holiday mode and close the doors of the appliance. * If the vacation is long, take out the food from the appliance and disconnect the power.
  • Page 26: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting A slight sound may be heard when the appliance is first started due to the operation of the compressor and motor. The sound will be lower and lower gradually a short period later. Flowing refrigerant and compressor may produce a slight sound when the compressor starts or ceases operation.
  • Page 27 Energy efficiency specified in the technical parameters complies with government standards and is measured under the following conditions: ambient temperature 25°C, refrigerator compartment temperature 5°C, freezer compartment temperature -18°C and 24h continuous operation with doors closed. Actual power consumption may exceed this value if more food in storage, ambient temperature higher and the door more frequently opened.
  • Page 28: After-Sales Service

    After-sales service In the event that the appliance does not work properly, please check out and solve problems according to the following methods. If problems persist, contact the after-sales service center. Information of model, accessory list and serial number of the appliance is required. (See the rating plate on the back of the appliance.) Please determine the cause of the problem before making any repair.
  • Page 29: Limited Warranty

    * Lower temperature value is set (see the section “Operation”) * Poor ventilation Thick frost on the back of refrigerator * Temperature is not properly set. See section “Operation” * Door is not tightly closed. * Door is frequently opened.

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