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Electricity Schematic Diagram; Important Safety Instructions - Haier AEB-3190ET Instructions For Use Manual

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Electricity schematic diagram

Primary interlock switch
~240V 50Hz
High transformer
AK Rectifier
Fan relay
Door switch
Microwave relay
(Second interlock switch)
Digital programmer circuit


1 - No one except a professional technicians can decompose the microwave oven. Electric shock
danger may occur!
2 - Do not put any metal objects into the interlock hole at the front of the cavity. This may cause
microwave leakage!
3 - Do not add excessive force to opposite direction on the door. This may deform the door
and cause microwave leakage.
4 - Do not cook food that are vacuum packaged or packed into a enclosed container. For the food
with skin, remember to puncture it before cooking.
5 - Do not cook eggs with shell. It may cause bursting.
6 - Remove any grease remaining in the cavity . Otherwise it may cause smoking or fire while heating.
7 - Do not use the microwave oven for purposes other than cooking.
8 - Be sure to earth the microwave oven reliably during installation and usage.
9 - Reserve enough space for the rotation of the tray. Try to give at least 5cm space from the top
of the microwave .cavity for heat circulation.
10 - Do not put the microwave oven in a humid or high-temperatured environment.
11 - Do not touch the upper part of the shell and the outer screen of the door . It may cause scalding.
12 - Do not run the microwave oven without load. It may damage the microwave oven.
13 - Do not use metal containers to cook in the microwave oven. It may cause igniting and unexpected
14 - After cooking for a long period of time, the cavity may still be under high temperature. It is
suggested to wait for the cavity to cool down for some time before the next usage.
15 - Before usage, please check if the cooking utensils are microwave oven safe.
16 - When cooking food with plastic or paper package, be sure to check if it is suitable and safe.
17 - If there's smoking during cooking with microwave oven, please keep the oven door closed and pull
off the power plug.
18 - If you heat beverages or liquids, be sure to watch out for bursting.
19 - For those drinks or food prepared for children, be sure to stir or shake it evenly and check the
temperature before feeding.
20 - During maintenance, be sure to switch off the power supply . To decompose the shell of the oven,
be sure to have it done by a professional technicians. The inner components are electrified, and may
cause electric shock.
21 - Children should only use the microwave oven under the instructions an of adult. Adults should teach
their children the general knowledge of usage and dangers of operating the microwave oven.
22 - The door seal and all of the relative parts should only be cleaned with light soap water. Perhaps
once a week to keep the cavity clean.
23 - If the power cord is damaged, only the sellers or a professional technicians is authorized to repair it.
This is to avoid any electric shock.
24 - If you use cooking utensils that are not recommended for microwave ovens, try to keep an eye out
and stop the microwave oven if necessary.
25 - If the door , door frame or door seal is damaged, do not use the oven. Make sure it is repaired by
the qualified technicians.
26 - Small amounts of food require shorter cooking or heating time. Try not to use more time then required,
as it may overheat or burn.



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