Honeywell Smile Operating Instructions Manual

Honeywell Smile Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating Instructions Smile Connect System
EN2H-0402GE51 R0316


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  • Page 1 Honeywell                                                     Operating Instructions Smile Connect System   EN2H-0402GE51 R0316...
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  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Menu Settings .............................. 23     10.1 Editing the User Profile ........................23     10.2 Adapting the Design of the Smile App .................... 26     10.3 Working on Rooms and Room Groups ................... 28     10.3.1 Editing Rooms ......................... 29  ...
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  • Page 5: Security

    Security General Information The Smile Connect System serves to control all of the components of the heating system. The Smile Connect System can be operated via Smartphone and Tablet. The devices are not suitable for children and shall not be used as toys.
  • Page 6: Components

    The Smile Connect System can be connected to the heat source / the boiler via a 0-10V interface. The Smile Connect System supports gas and oil heating with heat pumps, pellet-fed installations, and solar heating.
  • Page 7: Smile Connect

      Smile Connect The Smile Connect unit is the system's control center. It can communicate with the Smile controller managing the heat generators. It transmits the heat demand to the Smile controller. The Smile Connect communicates via Smile Bus with the SDC controller.
  • Page 8: System Requirements

    If supply circuits are controlled via a room sensor at the variable input VE or via the Bus remote operation tool SDW10 or SDW30, then these supply circuits cannot be controlled via Smile App. In order to control the supply circuits via Smile App, the room sensors or the remote controls have to be removed.
  • Page 9 4. Make sure that the device is connected to the home network. View the WLAN settings of your Apple iOS device and/or Android device and check if the WLAN is online and connected to the correct network. 5. Start the Smile App. EN2H-0402GE51 R0316...
  • Page 10: Operation

    Operation System architecture The Smile App provides the room and hot water (WW) set point. Based on these set points, the Smile Connect calculates the flow or WW set point and transmits the values to the controller. Each room group / each heating circuit must be configured using the Smile Connect.
  • Page 11: System Log-On / Log-Off

    Demo mode The demo mode is available on the left side of the start screen. Using the demo mode, you can obtain information about the options offered by the Smile system. To do so, please tap the Demo mode button.
  • Page 12 Login via direct entry of the Smile Connect IP address In rare cases, it could happen that no Smile Connect can be found. In this case, you can log into the system by entering the IP address of the Smile Connect.
  • Page 13: User Roles And Access Rights

    The Smile system is equipped with a user-authorization system to exclude unauthorized access to the system. Each user has to log on to the Smile system with a valid user name and password. Different access rights for the individual users can be set up via different user roles.
  • Page 14: Picture Rights

    System Log‐on / Log‐off 7.1.2 Picture Rights The profile and room pictures included in the system have different rights assigned. • The "Expert" cannot see or create the stored Profile and room pictures A neutral placeholder will show up each time. • The "Owner" can create an appropriate room picture for each room. •...
  • Page 15 System Log‐on / Log‐off Icon Operating Mode / Quick Action Time program: automatic operation Heating (Comfort Hi) Time program: automatic operation Heating (Comfort Lo) Time program: automatic operation Setback temperature Desired temperature, manually adjusted Economy Reduction of room temperature for an adjustable period. Only the installer can make the temperature adjustment in the menu "Expert".
  • Page 16: Room Temperature Adjustment

    (also see chapter "Menu Settings" on page 23"). Weather Display The Smile system shows the weather data of the plant location in the title line of the Home screen. Exiting the Home Screen Tap on the button to return to the start screen.
  • Page 17: Operating Modes And Quick Actions

    Operating Modes and Quick Actions 4. Stop wiping as soon as you have adjusted the desired temperature. After a few seconds, the display in the room picture vanishes and the updated temperature will appear below the room picture. Operating Modes and Quick Actions Operating Modes of the Time Program Comfort and Desired Temperature The time program controls the heating and setback operation automatically.
  • Page 18 Operating Modes and Quick Actions Actions are assigned to particular rooms. By tapping on the action icon, you apply the action to the dedicated rooms. The input dialog of the selected action will open. In this dialog, the rooms can be assigned and the valid time of the action can be set in hours or days.
  • Page 19 In contrast to the "Economy (setback temperature)" action, the temperature of the "Holidays" action will be controlled towards the antifreeze protection temperature. Hot water production (applicable only when hot water connection via the Smile Bus system is available) will be deactivated for the run time of the action. Legionella protection remains active.
  • Page 20: Applying An Action

    • The "Shower" action is available only if the heat generator is connected via the Smile Bus. Warm-Up Boost Action The "Warm-up boost" action provides a fast achievement of the comfort temperature in the dedicated rooms. When activated, the comfort temperature plus a fixed temporary temperature increase will heat up the rooms as quick as possible.
  • Page 21 Operating Modes and Quick Actions Example: If the Party and Holidays actions are executed simultaneously, then the heat is generated (Party) first, and only then is the temperature reduced (Economy). If also the Holiday time expires during the Party time execution, then the system will switch back to the particular automatic operation.
  • Page 22 Operating Modes and Quick Actions 4. Tap on this button if you do not want to apply this action to all rooms. Tap on the rooms in the Edit Quick Action Economy dialog window for those rooms which you want to exclude from the action. The rooms excluded from the action are marked with a gray frame.
  • Page 23: Menu Settings

    Menu Settings 6. Set the duration of the action by sliding the red point. The selected time period appears above. 7. Tap on the Activate button. On the Home screen, the icon of the selected action is marked in red color for the defined time period.
  • Page 24 Menu Settings Figure 5: The "My Profile" area Changing a Profile Picture 1. Tap on the user's picture. 2. Then tap on the source, Camera (generate a photo), or Gallery (picture selection of data volume) from which you want to assign the new picture to the user. Changing the password 1.
  • Page 25 Menu Settings 2. Enter the current password into Old password. 3. Enter the new password in New password and in Repeat (a minimum of 5 digits, in upper case and lower case letters). 4. Tap on the Save button. Editing the User Profile 1.
  • Page 26: Adapting The Design Of The Smile App

    From the gallery, you can select a background picture or directly generate a picture via the device's camera (device-dependent). Alternatively, you can also select one of the four Smile System standard background pictures provided. 1. Tap on the Background picture icon in order to change the App's background picture.
  • Page 27 Menu Settings 2. Tap on Camera, Gallery or Smile Standard, and then select the source. Sound 1. Tap on the Sound icon to switch the acoustical feedback for the temperature scroll field on or off. 2. Tap on the check box on the right side to switch on the sound (checkmark) or switch off (no checkmark).
  • Page 28: Working On Rooms And Room Groups

    Menu Settings 10.3 Working on Rooms and Room Groups In the "Rooms" area, you can • change the names of the rooms • assign or change pictures of the rooms • assign rooms to particular users • establish and change room groups 1.
  • Page 29: Editing Rooms

    The change has no effect on the standard name provided by the Setup wizard of Smile Connect. The standard name can be changed only via professional mode (Settings / System / Expert) of the Smile Connect or by a repeated cycle of the setup wizard.
  • Page 30 Menu Settings The changed room name appears in the Rooms – RoomGroups dialog window. Assigning Users 1. In the "Rooms" area, tap on the room. The Room Settings dialog window will appear. Users not authorized to control this room are displayed with a red frame. Users not authorized to control this room are shown with a gray frame.
  • Page 31 Menu Settings Note Pictures can be edited only by users with the role of "Owner". Deleting Rooms Rooms can be deleted only via the setup wizard. The delete procedure always affects the selected room and all following rooms that have already been created. If several rooms have been created, then it is not possible to delete a single room in- between these created rooms.
  • Page 32: Creating Room Groups

    Menu Settings 10.4 Creating Room Groups It is recommended that you create room groups. You can easily create room groups for floors or other meaningful groupings. Adding and Editing Room Groups 1. In the "Rooms" area, tap on the icon. A menu appears that specifies the rooms and room groups.
  • Page 33 Menu Settings 6. To add a room group, tap on the Add button in the Rooms – Roomgroups dialog window. The New room group dialog window will appear. 7. Insert the name. 8. Tap on the OK button. The room group is generated and added to the room group list. 9.
  • Page 34: Managing Users

    You can create new users and edit existing user data. Beside this, you can send invitations for Smile Connect to other users. To each user, a user role is assigned that determines the rights of the users. The following user roles are available: •...
  • Page 35 Menu Settings Creating New Users 1. In the "User" area, tap the icon. The Create User dialog window will appear. 2. Select the user role for the new user by tapping on User. 3. Type in the personal data: first name, surname, user name, and password. 4.
  • Page 36 Menu Settings 5. Tap on Save. Editing Users and Deleting Users 1. In the "User" area, tap on user which you want to edit or delete. The Edit User dialog window will appear. A user is edited in the same way as a user is created. There are two additional buttons: the Password button for changing the password, and the User button for deleting the user.
  • Page 37 Menu Settings Inviting Users to Smile Connect With Smile Connect and the Smile App, there is the option of accessing and operating your heating system from outside the local network. 1. In the "User" area, tap on the icon. The "Invite A User To Remote" dialog window will appear.
  • Page 38 Menu Settings the system. The user's access data must be conveyed to him/her separately. The invited user must have installed the App on his/her device in order to use Smile Connect. EN2H-0402GE51 R0316  38 ...
  • Page 39: Managing Devices

    In the "Devices" area, operation units can be removed, e.g., if an operating unit is lost. 1. In the menu bar on, tap the Devices icon. On the right side, the users and devices which the users have used to log-on to Smile Connect will appear.
  • Page 40: Working With Actions

    Menu Settings 2. Tap on the Remove Control Device button. In order to use the control device again, a new Login with user name and password is necessary. 10.7 Working with Actions Rooms are assigned to the actions in the "Actions" area. 1.
  • Page 41 Menu Settings 2. Tap on the rooms, which you want to assign to the corresponding action or which you not want to assign. Assigned rooms are marked with a red frame, and unassigned rooms are marked with a gray frame. 3. Tap on the Save button. Note An enabled quick action is applied only to those rooms that are assigned to the user.
  • Page 42: Working On Time Schedules

    Menu Settings 10.8 Working on Time Schedules In the "Time schedules" area, the times for the comfort and the setback temperatures for each room can be created and set. A maximum of three time schedules per day can be created. The following default settings are pre-adjusted: •...
  • Page 43 Menu Settings Editing Time Schedules 1. In the "Time" area, tap on the room. The Room Settings for… dialog window will appear. 2. Do the changes as follows: • To change a time cycle, tap on the start or the end of the cycle time and, with your finger pressed, drag the start or the end to the desired time.
  • Page 44 Menu Settings • To move a time period, tap on the middle of the bar and, with your finger pressed, drag the bar to the desired position. The currently selected times will appear temporarily. EN2H-0402GE51 R0316  44 ...
  • Page 45 Menu Settings • To insert a time period, tap in a free area on the time scale of the desired day and drag up a new period while keeping your finger pressed. • To delete a period, pull the ends of the cycle time together. 3.
  • Page 46 Menu Settings Copying Time Schedules You can copy times schedules per room and per day. You can thus copy all of the time schedules of one room to another or to several other rooms and/or you can copy all switch points of a particular day to one or several days. 1.
  • Page 47 Menu Settings 6. Tap the check box in the listed target days to which you want to copy the time schedules of the selected day. 7. Tap on the Copy button. EN2H-0402GE51 R0316...
  • Page 48: Viewing Trends

    Menu Settings 10.9 Viewing Trends The "Trends" area shows the chronological course of the desired and the actual temperature of the selected rooms. 1. In the menu bar, tap on the Trends icon. Depending on the given system configuration, on the right side, the trend curve for rooms, hot water production, and heating generator are shown.
  • Page 49 Menu Settings       EN2H-0402GE51 R0316...
  • Page 50 Menu Settings       EN2H-0402GE51 R0316  50 ...
  • Page 51 Menu Settings       EN2H-0402GE51 R0316...
  • Page 52     Manufactured for and on behalf of the Environmental & Energy Solutions Division of Honeywell Technologies Sàrl, Rolle, Z.A. La Pièce 16, Switzerland by its Authorized Representative: Automation and Control Solutions Honeywell GmbH Böblinger Strae 17 71101 Schönaich, Germany...

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