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Chicago Pneumatic Auto Feed Drills & Tappers User Manual

Auto feed drills & tappers.
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Auto Feed Drills & Tappers
Auto Feed Drills & Tappers


   Summary of Contents for Chicago Pneumatic Auto Feed Drills & Tappers

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    Auto Feed Drills & Tappers Auto Feed Drills & Tappers Chicago Pneumatic...

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    AFD Features Desoutter Auto Feed Drill and Tapper Features Integral belt tensioner on AFDE and AFTE models Heavy duty belts and pulleys on AFDE and AFTE models. Modular Control Block Options A1 - Full Feature Block Pneumatic signal ports for stop, start and...

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    Common components in differing models reducing inventory Multiple spindle head options Drill and tapping options for all models Model Codes No Load Speed The free output speed of the drill or tapper with no drilling or tapping load applied. — — 2850 2850 —...

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    What is an AFD? Drilling Pneumatic Drive The Desoutter range of Auto Feed Drills and Tappers are fixture mounted tools combining linear feed and rotation for machining and tapping operations. There are 3 basic model types: AFD/AFT – Pneumatic Feed and Drive AFDE –...

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    1.00 AFDE620 1.47 AFDE700/ AFDE710 electric drive Heavy duty drill unit Base mounted with cross key location Compact design Capacity up to 20mm (3/4”) in mild steel Hydraulic feed option available upon request to provide up to 7400N (1660 lbf) of thrust...

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    Tapping Electric Drive — AFDE tappers AFDE200 AFDE400/410 AFDE600/610 Tapping Pneumatic Drive — AFDE / AFT tappers AFD205/215 AFD415 Comprehensive range of tapping tools Tapping gearboxes feature push-pull drive which automatically reverses when the tool returns (except AFDE700) Capacity up to 22mm (3/4”) in aluminium, 16mm (5/8”) in mild steel tapping electric drive with pneumatic feed –...

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    Tapping Leadscrew Light duty high speed leadscrew tappers Features 0.18kW (0.24HP) brake motor Supplied fitted with proximity switches for depth, datum and ‘no hole’ sensing, PNP or NPN Quick release interchangeable leadscrew and nut assembly Capacity up to 6mm (1/4”) in aluminium, 3mm (1/8”) in mild steel depending on thread form High power brake motors with options of 0.38kW (0.50HP) or 0.75kW (1.00HP)

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    Control Blocks and Interfaces Control Blocks Full Feature Control Block Part No. 436313 Electrical Interfaces (not included with control blocks) Part No. 438223 Comprises : 2 x M8 Proximity Switches PNP (NO) 2 x Plug-in Cables 2 x Solenoid Valves (NC) Part No.

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    75mm (3”) stroke dwell control Used to dwell drill at bottom of stroke. Can be used to spot face, blind hole polish, friction weld plastic components and spin rivet. For use with Full Feature Control Block. Dwell Control Unit Complete —...

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    Accepts tooling to DIN 6327 28m diameter, 85mm (3.25”) deep Preset tooling spindle to T.M. Smith standard 373333 ” diameter, 3.3”(84mm) deep ER32 collet output spindle (see collets) 362463 Maximum drill depth 48mm (1.89”) 373343 Drive adaptor for multi-heads or angle head...

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    10mm (3/8”) Key Adjustable Chuck 13mm (1/2”) Key Adjustable Chuck tapping chucks Tapping Chucks with flexible Collet (included) Spare or replacement Collets drill bit/ cutter adaptor Morse Taper Adaptor Ø 10mm Shank Cutter Adaptor multiple spindle heads Fixed and adjustable spindle multi-heads...

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    Guards Silencers Miscellaneous Accessories Multiple Spindle Heads How to order Examples: AFDE200-2850-A1 + K32 + 174183 AFD415-3400-A6 + B24 + 107552 AFDE610-900-A1 + B24 + 107672 AFD60-2100 + 52362 AFDE70-950-A1-T35 + MSD300 chuck guards FEATURES TOOL TYPES AFD205/215, AFDE200, AFTE270 To prevent the user inadvertently touching AFD415, AFDE400/410, AFTE470/480 rotating parts...

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    The adaptors are available with the ER32 style collect holder (maximum collet 20mm) or a 32mm ‘U’ drill holder. Both are supplied with DIN2080 ISO30 male tapers to fit the T34 output and include a support pillar mounted to the front of the AFDE to take the torque reaction.

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    Multiple Spindle Heads SIZE COLLET TYPE 52582 52582 52582 52582 52582 60002 39442 52582 60022 39452 52592 60032 39462 52592 60042 39472 52592 60052 39482 52592 60062 39492 52592 60072 27852 52602 60082 39502 52602 60092 27862 52602 60102 39522 52602 60122 27872...

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    Auto Feed Drill and Tapper Applications Application Hydraulic cylinder Drilling and tapping Ø6mm holes in alloy steel Tool Type 4 AFD41-1250-A1-B2 with skip feed control unit 1 AFTE47-830-A6-B24 with tapping chuck and control box 1 R12104X 4 station rotary table...

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    9472 9472 9482 9482 — — — — 32562 32562 Chicago Pneumatic Sales, A Division of Atlas Copco (India) Ltd. Chemtex House, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai-400 076. Websites : Right Angle Clamp Part No. Part No. 61802 61822 76332...

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