HP Compaq NC6320 User Manual

Hp compaq nc6320: supplementary guide.
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Routine Care
User Guide

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    Routine Care User Guide...

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    SD logo is a trademark of its proprietor. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty.

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    Table of contents 1 Hardware maintenance Battery pack ... 2 Disposing of a used battery pack ... 2 TouchPad and keyboard ... 3 Display ... 3 Drives ... 4 Using Disk Defragmenter ... 4 Using Disk Cleanup ... 4 2 Regular tune-ups 3 Traveling and shipping Index ...

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  • Page 5: Hardware Maintenance

    Hardware maintenance The computer is designed for durability and long operating life. Follow the routine care guidelines described in this chapter to extend the life of the computer and maintain its peak performance. ● Carry and store the computer in a portable carrying case. CAUTION the computer, even when it is in the carrying case.

  • Page 6: Battery Pack, Disposing Of A Used Battery Pack

    Battery pack WARNING! a replacement battery provided by HP, or a compatible battery purchased from HP. CAUTION To prevent damage to a battery pack, do not expose it to high temperatures for extended periods of time. If a computer will be unused and disconnected from external power for more than 2 weeks, remove the battery pack and store it separately.

  • Page 7: Touchpad And Keyboard

    TouchPad and keyboard Dirt and grease on the TouchPad (select models only) can cause the pointer to jump around on the screen. To avoid this, clean the TouchPad with a damp cloth, and wash your hands frequently when using the computer. WARNING! a vacuum cleaner attachment to clean the keyboard.

  • Page 8: Using Disk Defragmenter, Using Disk Cleanup

    Drives Drives are fragile components that must be handled carefully. Follow the guidelines in this section to protect the drives. CAUTION To reduce the risk of damage to the computer, damage to a drive, or loss of information, observe these precautions: Before handling a drive, discharge static electricity by touching the unpainted metal surface of the drive.

  • Page 9: Regular Tune-ups

    Regular tune-ups To keep the computer hardware and software running like new, perform these simple tasks periodically. ● Install and/or update the antivirus software. Protect against current security threats to the computer by installing antivirus software. Keep the antivirus software up to date to protect against the ongoing threat of new viruses.

  • Page 10: Traveling And Shipping

    Traveling and shipping The computer is built to go with you for work and play. For best results, follow the traveling and shipping tips described here. ● To prepare the computer for traveling or shipping: Back up your information. Remove all optical discs and all external media cards, such as PC Cards, Secure Digital (SD) Memory Cards, ExpressCards, and so on.

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    uncertain of the policy that applies to the use of a particular device, ask for authorization to use it before you turn it on. ● If you are traveling internationally: ● Check the computer-related customs regulations for each country on your itinerary. ●...

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    Index battery pack disposal 2 battery pack maintenance 2 Disk Cleanup software 4 Disk Defragmenter software 4 display 3 drives 4 hard drive 4 hardware maintenance 1 keyboard 3 maintenance battery pack 2 battery pack disposal 2 Disk Cleanup 4 Disk Defragmenter 4 display 3 drives 4...

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