Installation Disposing Of The Packaging; Disposing Of Your Old Refrigerator; Placing And Installation; Transportation Instructions - Beko BLSD3577 Instructions For Use Manual

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Disposing of the packaging
The packing materials may be
dangerous for children. Keep the
packing materials out of the reach
of children or dispose of them by
classifying them in accordance
with the waste instructions. Do not
dispose of them along with the normal
household waste.
The packing of your refrigerator is
produced from recyclable materials.
Disposing of your old
Dispose of your old refrigerator without
giving any harm to the environment.
• You may consult your authorised
dealer or waste collection center of
your municipality about the disposal of
your refrigerator.
Before disposing of your refrigerator,
cut off the electric plug and, if there are
any locks on the door, make them
inoperable in order to protect children
against any danger.

Placing and Installation

1. Install your refrigerator to a place that
allows ease of use.
2. Keep your refrigerator away from heat
sources, humid places and direct
3. There must be appropriate air
ventilation around your refrigerator in
order to achieve an efficient operation.
4. Place your refrigerator on an even
floor surface to prevent jolts.
5. Do not keep your refrigerator in
ambient temperatures under 10°C.
WARNING: Do not locate extension
sockets or charging transformers/
power supplies or Lithium-Iron battery
operated products adjacent to the
compressor as they could overheat.

Transportation instructions

1. The appliance should be transported
only in a vertical upright position. The
packing as supplied must be intact
during transportation.
2. If during the course of transport the
appliance has to be transported
horizontally, it must only be laid on its
right hand side when standing in the
front of the appliance. After bringing
it to upright position, it must not be
operated for at least 4 hours to allow the
system to settle.
3. Failure to comply with the above
instructions could result in damage
occurring to the appliance. The
manufacturer will not be held responsible
if these instructions are disregarded.
4. The appliance must be protected
against rain, moisture and other
atmospheric influences.
5. When positioning your appliance take
care not to damage your flooring, pipes,
wall coverings etc. Do not move the
appliance by pulling by the door or handle.
6. Empty any water in the drain
tray before moving. See section
'Defrosting' and 'Maintenance and
cleaning' for further information.
7. Make sure that the defrost water pipe
at the back of the product is fixed to the
plastic evaporating pan on the top of the
compressor, to avoid defrost water
spillage on the floor.
IMPORTANT: Care must be taken while
cleaning / carrying the appliance to
avoid touching the bottom of the
condenser metal wires at the back of
the appliance as you might injure your
fingers and hands.
Do not attempt to sit or stand on top of
your appliance as it is not designed for
such use. You could injure yourself or
damage the appliance.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents