Operating The Product; Control Panel; Defrosting - Beko BLSD3577 Instructions For Use Manual

Built-in cooler
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Operating the product

Control Panel

1. On/Off Indicator
Press the On/Off button for 3 seconds
to turn off or turn on the fridge. When
the fridge is off, the symbol ( ) is lit. All
the other symbols are turned off.
2. Fridge temperature setting button
Press this button ( ) to set the
temperature of the fridge to 8, 7, 6, 5,
4, 3, 2, 8... respectively. Press this
button to set the fridge temperature to
the desired value.
3. Quick fridge function
The button ( ) has two functions. To
activate or deactivate the quick cool
function, press it briefly. Quick Cool
indicator will turn off and the product
return to its normal settings.
Use the quick cooling function when you
want to quickly cool the food placed in the
fridge. If you want to cool large amounts
of fresh food, activate this function before
putting the food into the product.
If you do not cancel it, quick cooling will
cancel itself automatically after 1 hour
at the most or when the fridge reaches
the required temperature.
is not recalled when power restores
after a power failure.
4. Alarm Off
When the fridge door is opened for 1
minute a sound alarm turns on. The
alarm can be turned off by pressing
the "Alarm Off" ( ) button. If you close
the door and then open again "Door
open alarm" will be activated again
after 1 minute later. In the case of
sensor failure, the warning icon will lit
( ). If the button „Alarm off" is
pressed, the warning will be "cleaned".
5. Vacation Function
In order to activate vacation function,
press this button (
and the vacation mode indicator (
be activated. When the vacation function
is activated, "- -" is displayed on the fridge
temperature indicator and no active
cooling is performed in the fridge. It is not
suitable to keep the food in the fridge in
this function.
To cancel this function press Vacation
function button again.


The appliance defrosts automatically.
The defrosting water runs to the drain
tube via a collection container at the back
of the appliance (1) (see diagram). During
defrosting water droplets may form at the
back of the fridge where concealed
evaporator is located. Some droplets may
remain on the liner and refreeze when
defrosting is completed. Do not use
pointed or sharp edged objects such as
knives, forks to remove the droplets which
have frozen. If at any time the defrost
water does not drain from the collection
This function
channel, check to ensure that no food
particles have blocked the drain tube. The
drain tube can be cleared by pushing the
special plastic plunger provided down the
drain tube (2).
) for 3 seconds,
) will


Table of Contents

Table of Contents