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A Note to You ................2
Dryer Safety ..................3
Using Your Dryer ..........8
Loading ......................10
setting ........................10
Fluff Air cycle ............13
rack ............................14
Troubleshooting ..........18
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Warranty ......................24
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Summary of Contents for Whirlpool LER56000

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Cycle descriptions ..11 Fluff Air cycle ....13 Using the drying rack ......14 Caring for Your Dryer ..15 Troubleshooting ..18 Assistance or Service ....20 Warranty ......24 1 - 800 - 253 - 1301 Call us with questions or comments. 3406080...
  • Page 2: A Note To You

    ® The Whirlpool Brand is committed to designing quality products that consistently perform for you to make your life easier. To ensure that you enjoy years of trouble-free operation, we developed this Use and Care Guide. It is full of valuable information about how to operate and maintain your appliance properly and safely. Please read it carefully.
  • Page 3: Dryer Safety

    RYER AFETY Your safety and the safety of others is very important. We have provided many important safety messages in this manual and on your appliance. Always read and obey all safety messages. This is the safety alert symbol. This symbol alerts you to hazards that can kill or hurt you and others. All safety messages will be preceded by the safety alert symbol and the word “DANGER”...
  • Page 4 DRYER SAFETY IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons when using the dryer, follow basic precautions, including the following: • Read all instructions before using • Do not repair or replace any part of the the dryer.
  • Page 5: Parts And Features

    ARTS AND EATURES The drawings in this book may vary from your dryer model. They are designed to show the different features of all models covered by this book. Your model may not include all features. Temperature selector* (p. 8) Start button (p.
  • Page 6 HECKING Your dryer must be properly installed and vented to achieve maximum drying efficiency and shorten drying times. Use the minimum recommended installation clearances (found in your Installation Instructions) to avoid blocking the flow of combustion and ventilation air. Install your dryer in a well-ventilated room where the temperature is always above 45ºF.
  • Page 7: Checking Your Vent

    CHECKING YOUR VENT ENTING CONT Use the straightest path possible when routing Clean exhaust vent periodically, depending on use, the exhaust vent. Use but at least every 2 the fewest number of years, or when installing elbows and turns. Allow your dryer in a new room when using location.
  • Page 8 SING RYER TARTING YOUR DRYER wWARNING wWARNING Fire Hazard Explosion Hazard No washer can completely remove oil. Keep flammable materials and vapors, Do not dry anything that has ever had any such as gasoline, away from dryer. type of oil on it (including cooking oils). Do not dry anything that has ever had Items containing foam, rubber, or plastic anything flammable on it (even after...
  • Page 9: Using Your Dryer

    USING YOUR DRYER (OPTIONAL STEP) Some dryers have an On/Off (OPTIONAL STEP) If your dryer has a Cycle Signal (End of Cycle Signal) selector, set the FINISH GUARD ® selector or an Off/30 min. or 90 min. FINISH GUARD ® Plus selector.
  • Page 10: Starting Your Dryer

    USING YOUR DRYER TARTING YOUR DRYER ( CONT Stopping and restarting your dryer NOTE: The Cycle Control knob should point to an Off area when the dryer is not in use. You can stop your dryer anytime during a cycle. To restart your dryer: To stop your dryer: Close the door, select a new cycle and tempera-...
  • Page 11: Cycle Descriptions

    USING YOUR DRYER YCLE DESCRIPTIONS Automatic cycle(s) Timed cycle(s) Use an Automatic cycle to dry most loads. Use a Timed drying cycle to complete drying if Depending on your some items are damp model, the Automatic after the Automatic cycle uses either the cycle.
  • Page 12 USING YOUR DRYER YCLE DESCRIPTIONS ( CONT Damp Dry feature Delicates feature (on some models) (on some models) Use the Damp Dry feature in the Timed cycle to When you have small loads or loads of lightweight items to dry, you may dry items to damp level or to dry items that do want to use the...
  • Page 13: Fluff Air Cycle

    USING YOUR DRYER YCLE DESCRIPTIONS ( CONT FINISH GUARD ® (FINISH GUARD ® Plus) feature • A signal will sound every few minutes while FINISH GUARD (FINISH GUARD Plus) is running if (on some models) the Cycle Signal (End of Cycle Signal) feature is When you are unable to remove a load from the set to On.
  • Page 14: Using The Drying Rack

    USING YOUR DRYER SING THE DRYING RACK ( ON SOME MODELS ) To order a drying rack, call 1-800-253-1301, from Close the door. anywhere in the U.S.A. You will hear a recording. Follow the instructions to place an order. The drying rack lets you dry items without tumbling them.
  • Page 15: Caring For Your Dryer

    ARING FOR RYER LEANING THE LINT SCREEN Every load cleaning As needed cleaning The lint screen is located under a lid on top of the Laundry detergents and fabric softeners can cause dryer. Clean it before starting each load. A screen a residue buildup on the lint screen.
  • Page 16 CARING FOR YOUR DRYER LEANING THE DRYER INTERIOR Garments which contain unstable dyes, such as wWARNING denim blue jeans or brightly colored cotton items, may discolor the dryer interior. These stains are not harmful to your dryer and will not stain future loads of clothes.
  • Page 17 CARING FOR YOUR DRYER HANGING THE DRUM LIGHT The dryer light automatically turns on inside the wWARNING dryer drum when you open the door. Your dryer’s drum light may be one of two types, as shown. ire Hazard Replace light bulb cover before operating dryer.
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting

    ROUBLESHOOTING OMMON DRYING PROBLEMS PROBLEM CAUSE SOLUTION • Lint screen is clogged with lint. • Clean lint screen. Not drying satisfactorily • Restricted air movement. • Run dryer for 5-10 minutes. Hold hand under Exhaust vent or outside outside exhaust hood to check air movement. If you exhaust hood is clogged with do not feel air moving, clean exhaust system of lint lint.
  • Page 19 TROUBLESHOOTING OMMON DRYING PROBLEMS (CONT.) PROBLEM CAUSE SOLUTION Lint in load • Lint screen is clogged. • Clean lint screen. Check for air movement. • Sort lint givers from lint takers and sort by color. • Improper sorting. • Load is too big or heavy. •...
  • Page 20: Assistance Or Service

    United States. information will help us better respond to your request. To locate the designated Whirlpool service company in your area, you can also look in your telephone Our consultants provide assistance with: directory Yellow Pages.
  • Page 21: Warranty

    FULL ONE-YEAR WARRANTY ® replacement parts and repair labor to correct defects in materials FROM DATE OF PURCHASE or workmanship. Service must be provided by a designated Whirlpool service company. WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION WILL NOT PAY FOR A. Service calls to: 1.

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