LG BD300-P Owner's Manual

LG BD300-P Owner's Manual

Network blu-ray disc player


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Blu-ray Disc Player
Owner's Manual
Model: BD300
Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product,
please read this instruction booklet carefully and completely.
As an E
Partner, LG
has determined that this product
or product models meet the
guidelines for
energy efficiency.
is a U.S. registered mark.


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Summary of Contents for LG BD300-P

  • Page 1 Owner’s Manual Model: BD300 Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read this instruction booklet carefully and completely. As an E ® Partner, LG NERGY has determined that this product or product models meet the ® guidelines for NERGY energy efficiency.
  • Page 2 CAUTION: The apparatus should not be exposed to water CAUTION (dripping or splashing) and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, should be placed on the apparatus. RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN CAUTION concerning the Power Cord CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK Most appliances recommend they be placed upon a OF ELECTRIC SHOCK...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction ......5-11 Operations ......24-32 General playback features .
  • Page 4 Some functions of this unit are controlled by the This product incorporates copyright protection TV’s remote control when this unit and LG TV’s with technologies that are protected by certain U.S. SIMPLINK are connected through HDMI connection.
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Introduction Cleaning Discs Fingerprints and dust on the disc can cause poor picture quality and sound distortion. Before playing, To ensure proper use of this product, please read clean the disc with a clean cloth. Wipe the disc from this owner’s manual carefully and retain for future the centre out.
  • Page 6: Playable Discs

    Playable Discs Regional Code This unit has a regional code printed on the rear of Blu-ray Disc the unit. This unit can play only BD-ROM or DVD - Discs such as movies that can be pur- discs labelled same as the rear of the unit or “ALL”. chased or rented - BD-R/RE discs that contain audio titles, Notes:...
  • Page 7: Bd-Rom Disc Features

    BD-ROM Disc Features Menu sounds When you highlight or select a menu option, sounds can be heard such as button clicks or a voice-over BD-ROM Discs can store 25 GB (single layer) or explaining the highlighted menu choice. 50 GB (dual layer) on a single sided disc - about 5 to 10 times the capacity of a DVD.
  • Page 8: Compatibility Notes

    Compatibility Notes Important Notice for TV colour system Because BD-ROM are a new format, certain disc, digital connection and other compatibility issues The colour system of this player differs according to are possible. If you experience compatibility prob- currently playing discs. lems, please contact an authorized Customer For example, when the player plays back the disc Service Centre.
  • Page 9: Using Usb Device

    Using the USB Device Using USB Devices 1. Connect a USB Device. This unit can play the movie, music and photo files 2. Press HOME on the Remote Control. contained on the USB device. 3. Select [Movie], [Music] or [Photo] option then press ENTER.
  • Page 10: Front Panel

    Front Panel a 1 1 (POWER) Button f N / X (PLAY / PAUSE) Switches the unit ON or OFF. Starts playback. Pause playback temporarily, press again to exit b Disc Tray pause mode. Insert a disc here. g x (STOP) c Display Window Stops playback.
  • Page 11: Remote Control

    Remote Control MARKER: Marks any point dur- OPEN/CLOSE (Z): Opens and closes the disc tray. ing playback. PIP*: Switches on/off Secondary TITLE/POPUP: Displays the DVD Video (Picture-in-picture) (BD- title menu or BD-ROM’s popup ROM only). menu, if available. REPEAT: Repeat a desired sec- tion.
  • Page 12: Installation And Setup

    Installation and Setup Rear Panel a AC IN connector e LAN port Connect the supplied power cord. Connect a network with an always-on broadband connection. b COMPONENT VIDEO OUT (Y P f VIDEO OUT Connect to a TV with Y Pb Pr inputs. Connect to a TV with video inputs.
  • Page 13: Hdmi Connection

    HDMI connection HDMI compatible TV HDMI If you have a HDMI TV or monitor, you can connect it to this player using a HDMI cable. 1. Connect the HDMI jack on the player to the HDMI jack on a HDMI compatible TV or monitor (H). 2.
  • Page 14: Connections To Your Tv

    Connections to Your TV Rear of TV Make one of the following connections, depending on the capabilities of your existing equipment. VIDEO AUDIO INPUT COMPONENT VIDEO INPUT INPUT Tips Depending on your TV and other equipment you wish to connect, there are various ways you could connect the player.
  • Page 15: Connecting To An Amplifier

    Connecting to an Amplifier Notes: You must select a digital audio output and a Make one of the following connections, depending maximum sampling frequency that your Amplifier on the capabilities of your existing equipment. (or AV receiver) accepts using [SPDIF], [HDMI] and [Sampling Freq.] options on the setup menu Note: (see page 20).
  • Page 16: Internet Connection

    Internet connection • Our company is not responsible for any trouble in your internet connection. • The features of BD-ROM discs made available This player can be connected to a local area net- through the Internet Connection feature are not work (LAN) via the LAN port on the rear panel.
  • Page 17: Resolution Setting

    Resolution Setting 5. Use v / V to select the desired resolution then press ENTER to confirm your selection. The player provides several output resolutions for HDMI OUT and COMPONENT VIDEO OUT jacks. Available resolution according to You can change the resolution using [Setup] menu connection and media format or pressing the RESOLUTION button in stop mode.
  • Page 18 Video output according to the Resolution setting • When the copy unprotected media is playing back Video Output HDMI OUT COMPONENT VIDEO OUT VIDEO OUT Resolution Setting HDMI connected HDMI disconnected 576i 576p 576i 576i 576p 576p 576i 576p 576i 720p 720p 720p...
  • Page 19: Initial Settings

    Initial Settings TV Aspect Ratio [4:3 Letter Box] – Select when a standard 4:3 By using the Setup menu, you can make various TV is connected. Displays theatrical images with adjustments to items such as picture and sound. masking bars above and below the picture. You can also set a language for the subtitles and the Setup menu, amongst other things.
  • Page 20: [Language] Menu

    [PCM Stereo] – Select if you connect this unit’s [LANGUAGE] Menu HDMI OUT or DIGITAL AUDIO OUT jack to a device with two-channel digital stereo decoder. [PCM Multi-Ch] (HDMI only) – Select if you connect this unit’s HDMI OUT jack to a device with multi-channel digital decoder.
  • Page 21: [Lock] Menu (Parental Control)

    [LOCK] Menu (Parental Control) Rating The [LOCK] settings affect only BD and DVD play- Blocks playback of rated disc based on their con- back. tent. (Not all discs are rated.) 1. Select [Rating] on the [LOCK] menu then press B. 2.
  • Page 22: [Network] Menu

    [NETWORK] Menu BD-LIVE connection The [NETWORK] settings are needed to use the BD You can restrict Internet access when BD-Live func- Live feature. tions are used. Some BD-ROM discs may enable you to access [Permitted] – Internet access is permitted for all special BD-ROM sites, if you connect the player to BD-Live contents.
  • Page 23: [Others] Menu

    [OTHERS] Menu DivX Registration Code We provide you the DivX ® VOD (Video On Demand) registration code that allows you to rent and pur- chase videos using the DivX ® VOD service. For more information, visit www.divx.com/vod. 1. Select [DivX Reg. Code] option then press B. 2.
  • Page 24: Operations

    Operations General playback features 1. Load your chosen disc in the tray, with the playback side down. 2. Start playback using the HOME menu (see page 9). Buttons Operations Discs OPEN / CLOSE (Z) Opens or closes the disc tray. All Discs x (STOP) Stops the playback.
  • Page 25 General playback features (Continued) Buttons Operations Discs TITLE/POPUP If the current DVD or BD-ROM disc has a menu, the Title AVCHD menu or Popup menu appears on the screen. Depending on the disc, the menu may not be available. DISC MENU The menu appears on the screen.
  • Page 26: If A Disc Menu Screen Is Displayed

    If a disc menu screen is displayed Marker Search AVCHD DivX AVCHD To enter a Marker The menu screen may be displayed after first loading You can start playback from up to nine memorized a disc which contains a menu. points.
  • Page 27: Displaying Disc Information On-Screen

    Displaying Disc Information On-Screen AVCHD DivX You can display various information about the disc loaded on-screen. 1. Press DISPLAY to show various playback infor- mation. The items displayed differ depending on the disc type or playing status. 2. During BD-ROM or DVD playback, you can select an item by pressing v / V and change or select the setting by pressing b / B.
  • Page 28: Enjoying Bd-Live™ Or Bonus View™ In Bd-Video

    Enjoying BD-LIVE™ or BONUS – Additional contents such as movie’s trailer, subti- tles and BD-J, etc. can be downloaded to USB VIEW™ in BD-Video device to play them. – Special video data, etc. may be played back This unit allows you to enjoy functions such as pic- while they are being downloaded to a USB ture-in-picture, secondary audio and Virtual pack- device.
  • Page 29: Playing A Divx Movie File

    Playing a DivX Movie File DivX file requirement The player can play DivX files. Before playing DivX DivX file compatibility with this player is limited as files, read “DivX file requirement” on right. follows: • Available resolution size: 720x576 (W x H) pixel. 1.
  • Page 30: Playing A Dvd Vr Format Disc

    Playing a DVD VR Format Disc MOVIE menu options This unit will play DVD-RW disc that is recorded 1. Use v / V to select a title on the [MOVIE] menu using the Video Recording (VR) format. then press ENTER. The menu options appear.
  • Page 31: Playing An Audio Cd Or Mp3/Wma Files

    Playing an Audio CD or MUSIC menu options MP3/WMA files 1. Use v / V to select a track or file on the MUSIC menu then press ENTER. The player can play Audio CDs and MP3/WMA files. The menu options appear. Before playing MP3/WMA files, read “MP3/WMA 2.
  • Page 32: Viewing A Photo File

    Viewing a Photo file Options during viewing a photo file PHOTO in full screen This unit can play a photo files. Before playing photo 1. Follow steps 1-4 as shown left (Viewing a Photo recordings, read “Photo file requirement” below. file).
  • Page 33: Reference

    Reference To programme the remote to control the TV using the manufacturer code Controlling a TV with the If your TV is listed in the table on the next page, set the appropriate manufacturer code. Supplied Universal Remote 1. While holding down TV POWER button, press Control the number buttons to select the manufacturer You can control the volume, input source, and power...
  • Page 34: Code Numbers Of Controllable Tvs

    Code numbers of controllable TVs If more than one code number is listed, try entering them one at a time until you find the one that works with your TV. BRANDS CODES BRANDS CODES BRANDS CODES ADMIRAL 137 204 ELBE 058 144 157 160 HITACHI 011 013 015 017...
  • Page 35 BRANDS CODES BRANDS CODES BRANDS CODES MERRIT PROFEX 108 136 171 SPECTRA METZ 047 092 097 098 PROFITRONIC STARLITE 108 171 100 101 108 204 QUELLE 002 010 014 019 STARLUX 207 254 025 059 060 072 STERN 088 089 137 157 MITSUBISHI 075 076 077 097 084 086 087 088...
  • Page 36: Language Codes

    Language Codes Use this list to input your desired language for the following initial settings: Disc Audio, Disc Subtitle, Disc Menu. Language Code Language Code Language Code Language Code Abkhazian 6566 Fiji 7074 Lingala 7678 Singhalese 8373 Afar 6565 Finnish 7073 Lithuanian 7684...
  • Page 37: Troubleshooting

    You can update the Player using the latest software to enhance the products operation and/or add new features. To obtain the latest software for this player (if updates have been made), please visit http://sg.lgservice.com or contact LG Electronics customer care centre.
  • Page 38: Specifications

    Specifications General Power requirements: AC 110-240 V~, 50/60 Hz Power consumption: Dimensions (W x H x D): Approx. 430 x 58 x 277 mm (16.9 x 2.3 x 10.9 inches) without foot Net Weight (Approx.): 3 kg Operating temperature: 5 °C to 35 °C Operating humidity: 5 % to 90 % Outputs...
  • Page 39: This Unit's Audio Output Specifications

    The unit’s Audio Output Specifications Jack/ SPDIF (DIGITAL AUDIO OUT) * Analogue Setting Primary Output Stereo Source Format Stereo Re-encode * Pass-Thru * Dolby Digital PCM 2ch PCM 2ch Dolby Digital Dolby Digital Plus PCM 2ch PCM 2ch Dolby Digital Dolby TrueHD PCM 2ch PCM 2ch...
  • Page 40: Open Source Software Notice

    LG Electronics at: opensource@lge.com This offer is valid for a period of three(3) years from the date of the distribution of this product by LG Electronics.

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