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Setting The Temperature Control; Freezer Optional Features - Electrolux WFC25M4BW2 Owner's Manual


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Setting the
Temperature Control
Cold Control
Freezer Optional
Power Defrost Plunger - Chest Freezers
Power Defrost - Upright Freezers
Defrost Drain
Cool Down Period
For safe food storage, allow 4 hours for the freezer to cool down completely. The
freezer will run continuously for the first several hours. Foods that are already
frozen may be placed in the freezer after the first few hours of operation. Unfrozen
foods should NOT be loaded into the freezer until the freezer has operated for 4
When loading the freezer, freeze only 3 pounds of fresh food per cubic foot of
freezer space at one time. Distribute packages to be frozen evenly throughout the
freezer. It is not necessary to turn the control knob to a colder setting while freezing
Temperature Control
The temperature control is located inside the freezer on upright models, and on the
left outside wall on chest models. The temperature is factory preset to provide
satisfactory food storage temperatures. However, the temperature control is
adjustable to provide a range of temperatures for your personal satisfaction. If a
colder temperature is desired, turn the temperature control knob to coldest and allow
several hours for temperatures to stabilize between adjustments.
NOTE: Your freezer may have some, or all of the features listed below.
Become familiar with these features, and their use and care.
Power On Light
The Power On Light indicates that the freezer is properly connected to electrical
power. The light glows even when the temperature control is turned to OFF. If the
light goes out, refer to "Freezer does not run" in the Avoid Service Checklist.
Juice Can Rack
(upright models)
The Juice Can Rack on the freezer door is specially ridged to store juice cans and
prevent them from rolling out of the shelf.
Security Lock with Pop-Out Key
This security lock fastens the door snugly, ensuring stored food is secure. To lock or
unlock the freezer, push the key into the lock and turn. The key pops out of the lock
after it has been turned.
Power Defrost
The Power Defrost feature will defrost freezer in a fraction of the time usually
required. To defrost, remove all food, and follow these steps.
1. Pull out Power Defrost Plunger. Leave door open while defrosting. (Closing
freezer door will push in plunger and power defrost will be turned off.)
2. Push Power Defrost Plunger in to restart freezer after defrosting is completed.
Defrost Drain
The Defrost drain provides a method of draining water during defrosting and cleaning.
See "Defrosting" in Care and Cleaning Section.
Interior Light
The light comes on automatically when the door is opened. To replace the light bulb,
turn the temperature control to OFF and unplug the electrical cord. Replace the old
bulb with a bulb of the same wattage.
Slide-Out Basket
(upright models)
The slide-out basket at the bottom of the freezer provides separate storage space for
items that are difficult to store on freezer shelves. To remove the basket, pull out and
lift up.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents