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Care And Maintenance - Bosch Evolution SHE45M05UC Use And Care Manual

Bosch evolution she45m05uc: user guide
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Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Tasks
Certain areas of your dishwasher require occasional maintenance. the maintenance tasks
are easy to do and will ensure continued superior performance from your dishwasher.
these tasks are:
• Winterizing Your Dishwasher
• Wiping up spills and splash-out
• Clean the stainless steel inner Door and tub
• Check/Clean the spray arm nozzles
• Check/Clean the filter system
• Clean the exterior Door panel
• Clean the Door Gasket
Winterizing Your Dishwasher
if your dishwasher will be unused for an extended period of time in a location that
experiences freezing temperatures (e.g., in a holiday home or through a vacation period),
have your dishwasher winterized by an authorized service center.
To avoid dishwasher damage, do not allow water to remain in your dishwasher sys-
tems through extended periods of freezing temperatures. Freezing temperatures can
damage your dishwasher.
Wiping Up Spills and Splash-out
Water may occasionally splash out of your dishwasher, especially if you interrupt a cycle or
do not allow wet areas to remain around or under the dishwasher.
Check/Clean the Stainless Steel Inner Door and Tub
Clean the outer edges of the inside door panel regularly to remove debris that might collect
there from normal loading.
if spots begin to appear on the stainless steel tub or inner door, make sure the rinse agent
reservoir is full.
Check/Clean the Spray Arm Nozzles
occasionally check the spray arms to ensure that the spray arm nozzles (holes) are
unobstructed. You must remove the spray arms to check them for obstruction.
To remove the top spray arm:
1. remove the empty top rack from the dishwasher.
2. turn the rack upside-down. the top spray arm is held in position by a locking nut as
shown in figure 25a. turn the locking nut counter-clockwise 1/8 turn and remove it,
as shown in figure 25B to release the spray arm.
3. remove the spray arm as shown in figure 26.
4. look for obstruction in the spray nozzles.
To reinstall the top spray arm:
1. return the top spray arm to its installed position.
2. return the locking nut to its installed position and turn it 1/8 turn clockwise.

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Table of Contents

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