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Autotek Street Machine SM1-1000 User Manual

Autotek street machine sm1-1000: user guide
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  Summary of Contents for Autotek Street Machine SM1-1000

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    STREET MACHINE AMPLIFIERS Autotek is proud to introduce the finest high end car audio products available and would like to thank you for your continued support. The Street Machine Series has been designed to a very high level of performance, with features unavailable in any other products.
  • Page 3: General Installation Procedure

    System Design The success of any car stereo system relies on several factors, such as the system design, execution of the installation, and system setup. Please remember that any system is only as good as its weakest link. Please remember that higher power systems are not necessarily useful purely for high sound pressure levels, but also to establish a headroom capability, to reproduce musical peaks cleanly without distortion.
  • Page 4: Amplifier Feature Descriptions

    AMPLIFIER FEATURE DESCRIPTIONS STREET MACHINE AMPLIFIERS: Each model is capable of 4 & 2-Ohms stereo per channel, or 4-Ohms mono bridged operation except the mono amps which are capable of 4, 2 and 1-Ohm loads. Tri-Mode operation with any stereo pair of amplifier channels is possible, as with all bridgeable amplifiers.
  • Page 5: Sm2-400 / Sm2-1000 / Sm2-1200 / 2-Channel Amplifier Applications

    FULL RANGE STEREO This is the most basic application for the Street Machine Series 2 channel amplifiers. 1. Interconnect cable checklist: Connect the LINE INPUTS to the Radio/CD with good quality RCA cables. 2. Crossover Switch: The X-OVER switch must be in the FULL position. 3.
  • Page 6 SM2-400 / SM2-1000 / SM2-1200 / 2-CHANNEL AMPLIFIER APPLICATIONS Stereo high pass with mono low-pass in a 2 way active, or bi-amplified system In this application we will use a 2 channel amplifier for the high frequencies, and a second one for the low frequencies, or mono sub bass. Please consult the speaker specifications to determine maximum amplifier power requirements.
  • Page 7: Sm4-800 / Sm4-1000 / 4 Channel Amplifier Applications

    Here we show how to use the 4 channel amplifiers as full range 2 or 3 channel units by taking advantage of the mono bridging capability of all Autotek amplifiers. The following example shows how to create a 3 channel system by mono bridging channel pair 3 / 4.
  • Page 8: Sm1-1000.1 / Sm1-1500.1 / 1 Channel Amplifiers Applications

    2 way active, or bi-amplified system with mono bass This application shows how easily a 2 way active system can be implemented using a 4 channel amplifier. Channels 1 and 2 will be used for highs, and channels 3 and 4 for mono bass. Interconnect cable checklist: - We need to feed the same signal to both sets of channels, so must use 2 Y- adapters, one to feed the LEFT signal to channels 1 and 3, and the right signal to...
  • Page 9 SM1-1000.1 / SM1-1500.1 / A/B MONO AMPLIFIER APPLICATIONS Basic application These sub bass amplifiers can be used any of the bi-amplification systems described in this manual, replacing the 2 channel amplifiers as per the illustrations. Interconnect cable checklist: Connect the inputs to a suitable source, e.g. a head unit with good quality RCA cables.
  • Page 11: Setting Up Systems After Installation For Best Performance

    SETTING UP SYSTEMS AFTER INSTALLATION FOR BEST PERFORMANCE SM2-400 / SM2-1000 / SM2-1200 / SM4-800 / SM4-1000 General: At this point you are ready to get more specific on the settings for your amplifier. High Pass: -When in Hi Pass operation, this setting acts as a low frequency cut off for your system reproduction. The point that you set it at cuts off any frequencies from reproduction beyond this point.
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting And Diagnostics

    The key to finding the problem in a misbehaving sound system is to isolate parts of that system in a logical fashion to track down the fault. Description of the PROTECT system built into all Autotek amplifiers The diagnostic system will shut down the amplifier, until reset by turning the head unit off, and back on. This state of affairs will be indicated by the front panel PROTECT LED lighting up under the following conditions: 1 - A sort circuit on the loudspeaker leads.
  • Page 13: Product Warranty

    STREET MACHINE AMPLIFIERS Maxxsonics Limited Warranty As the manufacturer of Maxxsonics, Autotek, Crunch, MB Quart and Hifonics car audio products, Maxxsonics USA Inc. Warrants to the original consumer purchaser the amplifier to be free from defects in material and workmanship for one (1) Year from date of purchase.