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Summary of Contents for Sanyo CP14SA1G

  • Page 1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL CP14G1 CP21G1 CP14SA1G Colour Television CP21SA1G CP14SR1G CP20SR1G CATV Hyper Video Status Plug & Play 100 Programmes with Automatic Tuning...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Plug & Play ....3 Aerial Connection ....3 Front Controls .
  • Page 3: Plug & Play

    Plug & Play Aerial Connection Automatic setting up channels Connecting Outdoor Aerial Connect the cable with a plug from a UHF This TV set provides a self-automatic tuning (or VHF) aerial to the aerial socket on the and sorting system function called “Plug & cabinet back.
  • Page 4: Front Controls

    Each button listed in this section has the same function as it’s Front Controls corresponding button on the remote control. Model CP14G1 VID EO AU DIO TV /AV ME NU Video Input Jack MENU Mains ON/OFF button Audio Input Jack VOLUME TV/AV Remote Control...
  • Page 5 Front Controls Model CP14SA1G / CP21SA1G TV/ AV ME NU Video Input Jack Mains ON/OFF Audio Input Jack TV/AV button VOLUME Selector Remote Control Detector MENU CHANNEL Stand-by and Power UP/DOWN Indicator Model CP14SR1G G A M E Video Input Jack...
  • Page 6: Remote Control Transmitter

    Remote Control Transmitter SOUND MUTE TIMER TV/AV Selector The selected mode will switch TV/AV TIMER alternately between TV mode POWER ON/OFF and AV mode each time the TV/AV Selector is pressed. Digit Programme Selector -/-- RECALL / BASS COLOUR SYSTEM This button is not used.
  • Page 7: Warnings And Cautions

    Warnings and Cautions Caution Warning When the television receiver is not used for High voltages are used in the operation an extended period of time, it is advisable to of this television receiver. Do not remove disconnect the AC power cord from the AC the cabinet back from your set.
  • Page 8: General Operation

    General Operation Direct Programme Selection Power ON/OFF Example To switch on or off the TV ; Press the Mains ON/OFF button. To select programme position 8; The power of the TV is turned on or off com- pletely. If no picture appears but the Standby and Power indicator illuminates, press the Power ON/OFF button of the remote control transmitter as the TV set is in standby...
  • Page 9: Volume Control

    General Operation Volume Control Quick Picture Controls Increase or decrease the sound volume Press the PICTURE MODE button to select level by pressing the VOLUME (+ or -) buttons. the following picture modes; “PERSONAL”, ”DYNAMIC”, ”NATURAL”, “ECO” and SOUND “GAME”. Select picture modes to suit pic- ture type you are watching.
  • Page 10: Off Timer

    General Operation Press the VOLUME ( + or - ) button. OFF TIMER The set time will be increased or decreased by 10 minutes each time The OFF TIMER will switch off the TV auto- the button is pressed ; the maximum matically after 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 hour time which can be set is 24 hours.
  • Page 11: Picture Adjustment

    Picture Adjustment When “PICTURE” is not selected, select Picture Adjustment Menu “PICTURE” with the Programme UP or DOWN button. COLOUR BRIGHT CONTRAST TINT SHARPNESS FINE TUNING PICTURE PICTURE PRESET IIIIIIIIIIIIII----------- SELECT ADJUST BACK Press the VOLUME + or - button to EXIT display Picture Adjustment menu.
  • Page 12: Tuning Of The Channels

    Tuning of the Channels Up to 100 broadcast stations in your reception area can be stored in the electronic memory. There are three ways of tuning as follows; 1. Automatic Tuning (the basic way): All receivable channels are automatically tuned in and memorized in consecutive programme position.
  • Page 13: Semi-Auto Tuning And Manual Tuning

    Tuning of the Channels For example, to enter Programme Position 27, Semi-Auto Tuning and Manual Tuning press the Digit button, press the remote control button 2 followed by 7. Press the MENU button for MAIN menu It is also possible to select the Programme posi- display.
  • Page 14: Channel Copy

    Tuning of the Channels Channel Swapping Channel Copy Use this channel swapping feature to swap the This function can be utilized after Automatic channels between two stored programme Tuning. position. This feature is particularly useful after For example, to copy a TV channel on automatic tuning.
  • Page 15: Skip Channel Set And Cancel

    Tuning of the Channels Skip Channel Set and Cancel Select “MEMORY” by pressing the PROGRAMME UP or DOWN button, When there is a position you do not use, Position 4 then press the VOLUME + or - button for example, by setting the SKIP Channel function for memory.
  • Page 16: Setting Of The Private Position

    Setting of the Private Position Private position is used to restrict of pro- To view a programme on Private Position gramme positions that you do not want others to watch. Select private position (In this case Any position can be set as the Private position “15”).
  • Page 17: Connecting Other Equipment

    TV set . Tapes and discs can be played back. To watch video input picture, select AV Connecting to the Rear AV Input Jacks position by pressing the TV/AV Selector. Model CP14SA1G & CP21SA1G INPUT OUTPUT OUTPUT To video and audio outputs...
  • Page 18: Selecting The Colour System In Av Mode

    Colour system setting for AV position is automatically stored in the memory. Connecting to the Monitor Output Jacks (Model CP14SA1G & CP21SA1G only) The picture signal being displayed on the TV screen is output through the Monitor Output Jacks. Use these terminals to record TV broadcasts and for video dubbing from AV input terminals.
  • Page 19: Helpful Hints-Problems/Solutions

    Helpful Hints - Problems/Solutions Before requesting service check the following chart. Problem: Check these Conditions / Try these solutions: No picture, Check if TV is plugged in. Try a different channel, if OK, probably station trouble. no sound Adjust Brightness or Contrast control. Poor picture, sound Adjust Fine Tuning.
  • Page 20: Specifications

    Model CP14G1: 370.8 (W) x 348.6 (H) x 384.4 (D) mm Model CP21G1: 502 (W) x 461.6 (H) x 493.3 (D) mm Model CP14SA1G: 364.5 (W) x 361.7 (H) x 375.8 (D) mm Model CP21SA1G: 501 (W) x 475.5 (H) x 491.5 (D) mm...

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