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Microwave combi-oven
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The temperature and cooking times in the tables are guidelines only. They depend on the recipes and
the quality and quantity of the ingredients used.
Your oven may cook differently to the oven you had before. The tables below show recommended
heating functions and settings for cooking time for specific types of the food.
If you cannot find the settings for a special recipe, look for the similar one.


Do not place the food directly on the turntable. Always use the microwave suitable cookware.
Place the cookware in the middle of the turntable.
Make sure that the food and cookware placed on the turntable is at the room temperature. Contact
with too hot or too cold items can break the turntable.
Turn or stir the food halfway through the defrosting and cooking time.
Stir liquid dishes from time to time.
Stir the food before serving.
Cover the food for cooking and reheating.
Put the spoon to the bottle or glass when heating drinks to ensure better heat distribution.
Put the food into the oven without packaging. The packaged ready meals can be put into the oven only
when the packaging is microwave safe (check information on the packaging).
Microwave cooking
Cook food covered. If you want to keep a crust
cook food without a cover.
Do not overcook the dishes by setting the power
and time too high. The food can dry out, burn or
cause fire.
Do not use the oven to cook eggs or snails in
their shells, because they can burst. Pierce the
yolk of fried egg before reheating it.
Pierce food with skin or peel several times before
Cut vegetables into similar-sized pieces.
After you turn off the oven, take the food out and
let it stand for a few minutes.
For the microwave use only suitable cookware and
materials. Use below table as a reference.
Let's cook!
Put the frozen, unwrapped food on a small up-
turned plate with a container below it, or on a
defrosting rack or plastic sieve so that the de-
frosting liquid can leak out.
Remove defrosted pieces subsequently.
To cook fruit and vegetables without defrosting
them first, you can use a higher microwave pow-
Check the cookware / material specification before
Microwave defrosting


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