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Frequently Asked Questions (usb) - Philips DVP5980K/75 User Manual

Philips dvd player with hdmi and usb dvp5980k hdmi 1080p.
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Frequently Asked Questions (USB)

Why does it take so long to display the
contents on my USB device?
– This could be due to the large numbers
of fi les (>500 fi les/folders) or size of the
fi les (>1MB.)
– There could be other non-supported fi les
in the device that the system is trying to
What if un-supported devices (e.g. USB
mouse, keyboards) are plugged into
the player?
– The device may cause the player to be
unstable. Remove the unsupported
device and unplug the mains cord. Wait
for a few minutes before reconnecting
the mains cord and power on the player
What happens when I plug in a USB
– HDD is not supported as the large
storage capacity makes navigation very
diffi cult. Transfer the music fi les (mp3)
and photos (jpg) into a fl ash drive.
Why does the system fail to detect my
USB portable music player?
– The portable music player may require
propriety software that is bundled with
our player in order to access the
contents (eg. playlist.)
Why can't some devices be playback
from USB Port on my player?
– USB Port only offer 500mA current,
could not power up HDD players which
require more current.
– Device which shows USB Mass Storage
Device might actually be USB Hub when
detect in USB analyser.
– Devices in NTFS format can't be
– Devices require drivers to be installed
will not supported by this player. They
are not UMS or MTP devices, which does
not require any driver installation or start
up disc. When in UMS or MTP mode, the
device is treated as an external HDD or
portable device.
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01-59_dvp5980K_75_eng2.indd 54
What types of fi le does the
– We support only FAT16 and FAT32, not
Why does the fi le name appear to be
different from what was displayed on my
computer (e.g. from "Good Bye. jpg" to
– The length of the fi le name is restricted
by the fi le system of the device (FAT16),
which only supports eight (8) characters.
– The computer may be able to display the
full fi le name as the operating system can
convert the fi le system.
Is simultaneous USB and Disc playback
– This is not possible due to memory
limitation. In addition, a different user
interface will be needed in order to
function and in order to be simple
enough to use.
Why can't I rotate the pictures in my
– In order to rotate the pictures in the
USB device, the picture must contain
EXIF information, stored by most digital
cameras. This EXIF information may
have been removed when you edit or
copy the picture from other devices using
editing programs.
Why can't the player play some of my
music fi les, photos or movies?
– The music fi les may not be playable
because of different formats and encoding
bit-rates. Similarly, the photos may be of
low resolution or too high resolution for
the player to support.
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2007-06-20 3:34:13 PM


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